• Show Date: 07/12/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Suzanne Storm Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

British Utility Breeds Association

Breed: German Spitz (Klein)


Class 121 PUPPY D Entries 0 Absentees 0 

Class 122 JUNIOR D Entries 2 Absentees 0 

1st 619 Mrs JY & Mr AM Chambers – Musique Born Legacy

White dog, with lots to like about him. Correct wedge shaped muzzle, with excellent pigmentation. Almond shaped dark eyes. Scissor bite. Neat ears, set high, on an almost flat top of head. Short coupled almost square outline. Good spring of rib. Well laid shoulders. Adequate bone, with cat like feet. Correct double coat with straight harsh top coat.

Lost it in the challenge only as he needs to mature, he is one to watch as this kennel consistently breeds good stock & I was pleased to award him Res CC.

2nd 622 Mrs BSJ, Mr. JA & Miss MJ Gepp-Cox & Cox – Manzamas Pearl Diver at Bemojo (IMP Sweden)

Another white dog, scissor bite, & good pigmentation. Larger ears than 1.   I would like more substance, & he was a bit shy on the table, dropping his tail.  

Class 123 POST GRAD D Entries 1 Absentees 0

1st 615 Miss T Beck – Nardik Wizzard

Cream/white dog, scissor bite. Prefer smaller ears, & set higher. Prefer more neck length. Correct harsh top coat. Not standing correctly at the rear. Crabbing on the move, lacking in muscle tone.

Class 124 LIMIT D Entries 4 Absentees 0

1st 640 Mrs LA Sutherland – Cyfelin Man in Black

Black dog, correct wedge-shaped muzzle, with neat triangular shaped ears set high. Scissor bite, good bone. Correct double coat. Good substance. Moved ok 

2nd 635 Miss L Rogerson – Norsregor Willhe Doo

White dog with good bone. Prefer the muzzle of 1. Prefer more neck. Scissor bite & more rounded eye than 1. Correct double coat, & good tail set.   Erratic on the move. 

Class 125 OPEN D Entries 4 Absentees 0

1st 627 MRS. J, Miss S & Miss L J Moir – Jansanleis Loud ‘N’ Proud

Caught my eye when he came into the ring. He is a Proud boy! Almost square outline. Lovely wedge-shaped head, leading to almost flat top of head. Neat ears, set high. Excellent reach of neck into well laid shoulders. High tail set. Correct double coat. Enough bone for his size. Cat like feet. Good substance & excellent muscle tone. Moved well both coming & going, holding his top line on the move. Delighted to award him the CC & BOB & Delighted to be told later that this has made him up.

2nd 620 Mrs. V Dyer – Ch. Oberitz Curiousity at Javarm

Black dog with correct wedge-shaped head. Neat ears, set high. Medium length of neck & a nice square outline. He has good bone & cat like feet. Good substance & well-muscled. Correct double coat. Preferred the mouth & movement of winner.

Class 126 VETERAN D Entries 1 Absentees 0

1st 631 Mr G & Mr. D Pearce & Francis – Ch. Longsdale’s Willie Win JW

Cream dog with correct wedge shaped muzzle, I prefer smaller ears & a less rounded eye. Good pigmentation & coat of correct double texture. High set tail. Good substance & muscle tone. Bit wide in front on the move & didn’t quite go under the measure.

Class 127 SPEC BEGINNER D Entries 1 Absentees 0

1st 628 HR & B Moore – Pommary Let Rumour Begin

Orange sable, neat ears, set high, I would prefer better eye shape. He has the correct double coat. High tail set. Nice bone, & good substance. Excellent pigmentation. Pasterns appear down at the back. Movement was not good today.


Class 128 SPEC BEGIN B Entries 2 Absentees 1

1st 638 Mrs. S Slack – Fecimus One of Us

Orange sable bitch, Scissor bite, & medium length of neck. Ears a bit large, set high. Correct double coat. Good substance & muscle tone. Movement would improve with training.

Class 129 PUPPY B Entries 0 Absentees 0

Class 130 JUNIOR B Entries 3 Absentees 0

1st 638 Mrs. S Slack – Fecimus One of Us…winner of previous class

2nd 616 Mrs. C Bennett – Cyfelin Written in the Stars

Orange sable with round eye. Scissor bite. Good reach of neck.

Slightly longer in the body than 1. Prefer smaller ears. Correct double coat, with high tail set. Good bone & spring of rib. Not moving well today.

Class 131 POST GRAD B Entries 1 Absentees 0

1st 629 Mr. J D Moxon – Chilite Cochina at Thirldene

Lemon/white bitch. Rather an apple shaped head, ears a bit large & set on the side. Prefer eyes to be more almond shape. Good pigmentation. Scissor bite. Good substance & muscle tone. Excellent double coat, & moved well coming & going.

Class 132 LIMIT B Entries 2 Absentees 0

1st 621 Mrs. S & Miss J Ferry – Longsdale’s Little Bird with Ferrybelle

Wolf sable. Well balanced short coupled bitch, with neat high set ears. Prefer a more oval eye. Scissor bite with good bone & substance. Good spring of rib, well-muscled hind quarters. Cat like feet. Not moving well today. Pushed hard for res CC.

2nd 636 Miss L Rogerson – Nosregor Girl Almighty

Black bitch, did not go under the measure. correct wedge-shaped muzzle Scissor bite, medium length of neck. Excellent bone, cat like feet. Correct Harsh straight top coat. Movement not good today. Prefer the size & movement of 1.

Class 133 OPEN B Entries 6 Absentees 0

1st 633 Mr G & Mr. D Pearce & Francis – Ch. Longsdale’s Dilemma

Caught my eye as soon as she came into the ring. Lovely wedge-shaped head, with a feminine expression. Neat correctly set ears. Scissor bite, good reach of neck into well laid-back shoulders. She ticks all the boxes. Good substance & muscle tone. Not moving all that well today, which let her down for BOB. Stunning bitch. Pleased to award her the CC

2nd 614 Ms K Andrew – Claran Court of Dreams 

A lovely feminine cream bitch. Correct wedge head. Neat well set ears. Finer in bone & body than 1. Medium length of neck. Good pigmentation. Scissor bite. Correct high tail set. Good substance & muscle tone. Would be happier if the handler slowed her down on the move. Nevertheless, a worthy reserve CC winner.

I was pleased to see her placed in the stakes class later.

Class 134 VETERAN B Entries 1 Absentees 1