• Show Date: 09/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Susan Rabey-Wilkinson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Saluki


..... Many thanks to the Committee, my wonderful Stewards, they really kept things flowing after the rather late start in our ring, and to the exhibitors who brought their Salukis on what started out as a rather damp and windy day. The ground in our ring was lumpy/slippery and made movement difficult and sometimes hard to assess. Hooray for the sun as the day progressed. One of the things I love about our breed, is the variety within the confines of the standard. I was pleased to see this diversity today, amongst some lovely hounds and promising youngsters. My placings were “on the day”, my view and opinion to what I was judging. Obviously, others can and will see them differently! I found most of the entry fit the standard quite well. Some hounds really were moved far too fast, it’s not a race and no dog would be able to maintain that gait to cover a long distance. Slow down a bit and give your Saluki a chance to display that lovely light, lifting trot. Probably the thing that concerns me most is the incorrect terminology currently used by some judges new to Salukis and some “ all rounders”. This would be…”Like a wider front, fore-chest, level topline, fall-away, low set ears”. Salukis can have “fill-in” as they mature….there is no mention of “Fore-chest” in the standard. It produces a “pouter Pidgeon” look, with the fore legs set too far under the body. Level topline/fall-away….The most notable problem I saw today was poor top-lines. The continued use and praising of these points will affect the whole “look” of the Saluki and that would be a great shame for this ancient breed. Moderation has always been the key, and with it the special, almost ethereal appearance quality….hard to display in the show ring. My mother always said “Salukis look like dogs from a fairy tale”. Sp.Beginners D(0) MPD (2,1)’ 1 &,BPIB Kiernan&Blecher’s Alishamar Rafael Avec Kierlander (Imp. Bel) Blk\cream, 7mo. Leggy, raw youngster, long, fine head, dk. eye, good spring of rib and depth for age. Rather narrow in front and upright in f/hand. Bit much hind angulation at this time, but strong, broad 2nd thigh. His side gait, while light, was not shown to advantage as he was being moved at too fast a speed..Very loose in front. Only a baby so has lots of time on his side. PD(0) JD(3,1), 1, Brady’s Classicus Azim For Bordercot, Dk. Grizzle, of 14mo. Very attractive head, dk.eye with kindly expression. Liked his front, well laid upper arm/ shoulder correctly sloping towards spine, neat over the top of shoulders. Ex. topline, firm with strength, h/quarters strong, moderate, broad thigh, deep bodied, tidy “tuck-up”. Presented in beautiful condition, a lovely balanced hound, moved well. 2, Skinner& Skinner’s Classicus Alron, Litter brother to 1st, grizzle of a slightly finer build all through. Lovely head, neck, rather narrow in front, reasonable depth of brisket, correct rise over loin, good h/quarters, low hocks. Very unsettled on the move. Not as mature as his brother at the moment but there is a lot more to come! PGD,(4) Apart from the winner, the top-lines in this class were not good, 1, Layton-Smith & Webber’s.Velourias Gene Vincent, Irish marked pale gold, Best top-line, and it won him his 1st, despite his handlers complete inexperience. This hound is well put together, and was able to make the most of his attributes, masculine head, decent front, spring of rib, rise over loin, neat tuck-up, well muscled h/quarters used well on the move. 2, Bloomfield’s Laquan, blk\fawn, typical head and expression, reasonable shoulder placement and depth of brisket. He gained his place on his movement. My concern is his topline, the “rise” appears to start just behind his shoulders and continues to rise over his back before falling away steeply from the loin, over the croup. Standing himself, unstacked, he made a better shape. I choose to give him the benefit of the doubt……maybe he was uncomfortable, I don’t know? 3, Postma & Smith’s Fernlark Odyssey JW . LD, (6), 1, DCC & BOB, G2, Copperthwaite’s Al Caliphs Anjal Bey, Upstanding, mature cream hound, he demonstrates the lovely light, lifting gait that is, or should be a Saluki trait. Masculine head, strong neck into neat shoulders, well placed upper arm. Broad back, gentle rise over loin. Well muscled hindquarters, moderate angulation complimenting his f\hand. An elegant, unexaggerated Saluki, presenting a balanced example of the breed. 2,& RDCC Layton- Smith’s Elviis Al Noushafarin Velourias (Imp. Aut.), Cream 2yr old, Again a very balanced type, attractive head, neck flows nicely into well set shoulders, to correct topline, powerful h/quarters, allowing him to make the best of the rough ground. Deep brisket, neat tuck-up. Giving away a bit of maturity to 1st but displayed what I was looking for. OD (2) 1, Glaister’s Ch.Vanechka Otis S Berega Turi JW, Sh.CM (Imp), Blk/cream, A moderate hound, nice head but would like a bit more strength in under-jaw, ex. top-line, fair front, decent spring of rib and depth of brisket. H/quarters of good width, broad second thigh, low hocks. He coped with the ground fairly well but seemed a bit restricted in front. 2, Goulden’s Ch. Fernlark By Design, Cream & white, 4yr.old mature boy, I judged him as a puppy when he was my best puppy. There is still a lot to like about him, however he is losing his top-line and tuck-up, spoiling his outline. Strongly built boy, masculine head, kind expression. Rather heavy over the top of the shoulders, and stands rather wide in front for me. Good deep brisket, h/quarters well made. Another that did his best on the ground. VD (1), 1 & BVIB , De Souza’s Ch, Sufeina Jebel Ali, Blk/cream, very dignified gentleman of 11yrs. Really classic type, beautiful head with such a lovely expression, correct f/hand, neat over shoulders, gentle rise over loin, long croup, well set on tail, h/quarters still strong as shown on the move. Deep bodied with tidy tuck-up. At 11yrs. still has a good top-line and presents an elegant outline. BVIB. Sp. Beginners B (1) 1 & BSBIB, Ward’s Nicolefarhi Del Borghino (Imp. It), Attractive young Blk\grizzle, pretty head, amazing exotic eyeliner! Reasonable shoulders, fair placing of upper-arm, moderate f/hand, correct topline, good depth of brisket, h/quarters are more angulated at this time in her development than I would prefer. This does show up in her hind movement as viewed moving away from me. Going around the ring her side gait is delightfully light and easy. A pretty and feminine youngster. MPB (4) 1, Hudson’s Velourias Ultra Violette, Pale gold, Irish marked 7mo. Such a pretty face, well set neck, well made shoulder assembly, liked her spring of rib and good depth for age, correct rise over loin, gentle slope to croup, moderate hind angulation, no exaggerations here, a neat and balanced puppy. Moved very well on the ground. 2,Layton-Smiths Velourias Pris Von Schmidt, Pretty silvery grizzle litter sister to 1st, a bit finer in build, same very appealing head & blackest pigment. Neck flows well into her neat shoulders, and a graceful, gentle rise over the loin. Well muscled h/quarters,used well when she settled on the move. Deep brisket, and well ribbed back. Would think they will change places often as they mature. 3, Freegard’s Mumtaz Asteria. PB(2) 1, Freegard’s Mumtaz Asteria, 9mo, pale gold, with a sweet expression, accentuated by dk.pigment. Strongly made girl, well made shoulders, moderate angulation. Firm h/quarters, low set hocks. Good depth of brisket for age, long in body and at this time her topline is a bit soft, hence her placing in previous class. 2, Rooney’s Alishamar Raven At Zeatana (Imp. Bel), A very pretty grizzle, dainty and elegant. Feminine head, fair shoulder placement, rather narrow in front at this time and loose coming toward me. H/quarters, bit over angulated at this stage of her development. Her youth, the cold wind, combined with the ground, had her movement all over the place! JB (4,2) Davies & Harrison’s Classicus Alchemy For Charrioak, Striking blk/tan, quality youngster, beautiful head and expression, graceful neck into very good shoulders, the right amount of angulation and lay back to top shoulder. Correct gentle rise over loin, into h\quarters with good length of croup, broad thighs, angulation complements her forehand. Moved well. Liked her balance of length to height. Moderate construction, but so very stylish. The one I would have taken home. 2, Ward’s Nicolefarhi Del Borghino (Imp. It) See Sp. Beginners, PGB (4,2) Two very different bitches, each appeal for different reasons. 1, Lewis & Brassington’s E-isora, a very feminine gold of 2yr.The word that first came to mind was “huntress”, she is of a type not seen much these days. Strong f/hand, moderately narrow but well filled, elbows fitting neatly, well placed shoulders, ex lay-back, broad back, firm rise over loin, bit steep in croup, h/quarters angulation very moderate and very muscular, low hocks. Movement was very light and easy. 2, Freegard’s Jazalle Athena For Mumtaz, Blk/fringed fawn, pretty bitch of a different type to one. Longer cast, her f/hand has decent planes without excess, good depth of body/brisket, neat tuck-up. Correct gentle rise over loin. Bit more h/angulation than 1st, low hocks, and moved smoothly with an easy stride. Presents a very appealing picture. LB(5) 1st Garratt, Oakey,& Owen’s Glenoak Lunah from Caryna. Blk/fawn with a real “classic” look about her, esp. nice head and expression. Best mover in this class, well set upper arm and shoulder, just the right amount of fill-in. Well sprung ribs, rise over loin, would like a little less angulation behind, however she stands up properly on her feet, attractive outline. 2, Harrison & Constantine’s Charrioak Astra Leonis Of Kalegany, Sweet little golden bitch with matching white socks in front! She has an attractive, flowing outline from the tip of her nose to the end of her tail. Balanced construction, her f/hand and h/quarters complement each other, broad back, with firm rise over loin. Tidy underline. Moving soundly. 3. Phillips’ Vidana Amira S Berega Turi Sh.CM (Imp). OB, (4) 1&BCC, Layton-Smith’s Ch. Velourias Viva Vivienne Sh.CM. Lovely example of a balanced, moderate type who is not only attractive but “fit for purpose! Pretty head, far-seeing expression, well laid back shoulder plane to spine, and moderate angle to upper-arm. Topline flows over rise over loin, good length and width of pelvis. Broad thighs, low hocks, and power in h/quarters. Neat little grizzle with a quiet elegance about her. BCC. 2,& RBCC Sanders-Parker’s Ch. Classicus Britannia JW Sh.CM, Blk/tan, mature girl, lovely feminine head, long neck smoothly into correctly made shoulders. Longer cast than one, but ,well ribbed back, deep brisket, strong hindquarters with just the right bend of stifle to match her forehand. Beautifully presented in gleaming coat. Looked well moving in the sun that finally appeared! 3, Davies & Harrison’s Charrioak Sheerzam JW                               Judge Susan Rabey-Wilkinson