• Show Date: 14/04/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sue Shinkfield Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Cocker Spaniel Club Of Scotland

Breed: Spaniel (Cocker)

Critique for Cocker Spaniel Dogs judged at

The Cocker Spaniel Club of Scotland

on Sunday 14th April 2019 at Lanark Agricultural Centre

It was a pleasure to accept the appointment to judge at this, one of my favourite, breed club championship shows. My thanks to Cath, David and the rest of the committee, my very able stewards and, of course, the exhibitors.

I was pleased to find some excellent dogs; my shortlist for the CC was high quality and included some young dogs who will go on to trouble the best as they continue to develop and mature. Temperaments were very good and the merry, wagging tail was evident in the majority of dogs. I did find some variation in type in some classes whilst in other classes I was splitting hairs with placings which could change on another day. Presentation, on the whole, was excellent though there were some which would benefit from less hair flapping on front legs and hind quarters when moving- don't cover up your dogs good points!

I apologise for any mis-spelt names in my critique- I understand there were a few errors in the catalogue.

Solid Colour Puppy Dog (3,1ab)1. Flowers Kenwad Amante Dream On, well made puppy shown in full coat and with good muscletone. Clean neck and shoulder placement leading into a sturdy body. Well boned legs and tight well padded feet. Well angulated quarters and good width across his beam. Uses himself well on the move. 2.Mace Sirius Black Del Re Di Dawara Fonesse (imp Ita) handsome, well made puppy shown in gleaming coat. Moved with good drive when he settled.

Solid Colour Novice Dog (2 ) 1. Flowers K.A.Dream On 2. Williams Medan Agan OO7 (imp Fra) this puppy has a pleasing head and expression, clean neck and shoulder, well bodied and with adequate bone. He moved well when settled. I feel he will improve as he matures.

Solid Colour Post Graduate Dog ( 0 )

Solid Colour Special Open Dog (4) An interesting class with four very different dogs 1. Pollock Thurness the Illusionist I've always liked this mature, well marked black and tan dog who was well turned out in lovely coat and condition. Lovely make and shape stacked and the best mover in the class. He is well boned and stands on good tight cat-like feet. Good forechest, well bodied with good ribbing and with great width across his hind quarters . Moves as one with his handler. 2. Williams Gallinagos Gold Finger close decision with 1; golden dog shown and handled very well. Balanced in head and body, well muscled and able to drive from strong well angulated quarters. 3. Adams Pt Ch Corralet Amor Brujo ,cockery gold dog with strong sturdy body; well boned limbs, Shown and handled very well.

Parti Colour Puppy Dog ( 2,1ab ) 1. Harrison Lourisma New Statesman a puppy with much to like. His head is balanced and he has an alert, intelligent expression. He is very well made and already quite mature in body; well ribbed. Well boned limbs and tight padded feet. Well angulated quarters and good width across his beam. When settled he moves with energy and drive.A happy character. Close decision later for best puppy dog.

Parti Colour Novice Dog ( 2 )1. Platt and Clelland Charbonnel Time N' Tide, neat and compact dog just out of puppy, excels in body and bone. Tidy front assembly. Stands four square on good legs and with tight well padded feet. He moves with drive and covers ground with ease. Shown in beautiful coat and with good muscletone. 2. Pretty Joaldy Best Mate built on a slightly bigger frame than winner and not as well developed in forechest. Well turned quarters. Very well presented and handled.

Parti Colour Post Graduate Dog ( 3 ) 1. Ewan Craigdean Holby City cockery orange and white boy shown in beautiful coat and condition and such a happy character. Well made body with good ribbing, clean neck and shoulder. Good forechest and front assembly. Strong, well angulated quarters used to advantage on the move 2. Collins Cachel King of Hearts at Candyke sturdy blue, strong in body and well conditioned. Not as clean over neck and shoulder as winner. Strong quarters used well on the move. 3. Thornton and Halliburton Culburnie Rain Fortune a very well handled blue and tan, merry character.

Parti Colour Special Open Dog ( 2 ) 1. Laverty Marquell Mister Call to Snowgate, short, cobby boy with tidy front and good neck and shoulders. This dog was shown and handled very well to get the best from him stacked and on the move where he demonstrated a steady driving action. 2. Yilmaz Kalispell Kisim Kelpie mature dog with strong body, good ribbing and excellent width across his quarters. Shown in full coat and with excellent muscletone.Good driving action on the move.

Any Colour Veteran Dog ( 4,1ab ) A trio of wonderful “ elder statesmen” who are a credit to the breed . 1. Pretty Sh Ch Int Ch Bel Ch Joaldy Mandolin Wind JW, this dog wears his 9 years so well; ever the showman. He remains in great coat which has retained its silkiness and is in hard condition and carrying sufficient body. Strong quarters and desired width across his rump. He moves with the fitness of a youngster with a happy wagging tail. A dog to be justly proud of. Best Veteran in Show. 2. Carpenter Bel Lux Ch Lynwater Belgian Chocolate JW another who is carrying his age well and retaining good overall balance in profile. Shown in full coat and good condition. Merry and energetic mover. 3. Smith Craigdean Callimakokr at Luanshaya ShCM, smart, well made dog who completed a trio of sound, happy, healthy veterans. Congratulations to their sporting owners for keeping them in the peak of condition for their age.

AC Minor Puppy Dog ( 5,1ab ) 1.Thomas Claramand Countdown, absolutely delightful baby orange and white and so confident for his age. Such a pleasing head and lovely dark expressive eyes. He is very well made with a strong body and good bone.Great legs and feet. Balanced in profile and moving soundly. He clearly enjoyed himself in the ring; I was delighted to award him BPD. I look forward to seeing how he develops. 2. Collins Craigdean Killiecrankie at Candyke litter brothers second and third and really enjoying each other's company in the ring! Both very pleasing dogs well off for body and bone and showing with confidence. Felt the 2nd was just a little more together on the day than his brother. 3. Duncan Craigdean This'll Do for Me at Bartonholm

AC Puppy Dog ( 9,1ab )A mixed class, some fronts need to tighten but time is on their side. 1. Harrison L.N.Statesman. 2. Holmes Kenan Kickoff, well balanced black puppy with clean neck and shoulder leading into a short and cobby body. Head is well balanced and he has a kind dark eye. He moved well but with a tendency to fly his tail- youthful exuberance perhaps as his tailset is ok. 3.Flowers K.A.D. On

AC Junior Dog ( 6,1ab ) 1.Ewan Craigdean Willie Nelson, two very good, well balanced dogs headed this class. Winner scored in head and expression and is just a little more mature in body than second. Stands four square on well boned limbs with well padded feet. Very well presented and handled. Moved with confidence. 2. MacLean and Scotland Zheridons China Crisis another with a pleasing head and eye. Well made overall but not as settled on the move as winner.Shown in good coat and well conditioned. 3.Davidson Rancecraig A Million Dreams

AC Maiden Dog ( 3,1ab ) 1. Flowers K.A.D.On 2.Torbett and Hamilton Bartonholm Kings Landing at Kirlinjis cockery blue dog of good overall type. Well developed head, gentle expression. Shown in good coat. Happy confident mover.

AC Novice Dog ( 3 ) 1. K.A.D.On 2. B.K.L.at Kirlinjis

AC Yearling Dog ( 5,1ab )1. Kettle Lujesa Impossible Dream, I have waited for what seems an age to get my hands on this dog and he did not disappoint. Masculine without courseness; handsome and with the kindest dark eye and soft expression. Balanced in profile. He is well bodied with everything fitting together as it should; stands on well boned limbs and with tight well padded feet. Well developed forechest, correct return of upper arm, strong neck and clean shoulder .He has width and strength across his beam and uses himself well on the move, driving from strong quarters, holding a level topline and with good extension when viewed from every angle. A truly merry cocker shown and handled so well. He could not be denied his third and crowning CC today, many congratulations. Later awarded Best in Show in agreement with my co-judge. 2. Cleland Belltrees Kandyman, very smart dog with good balance in profile. Well bodied with good ribbing, well developed forechest and strong hind quarters whch he uses to advantage on the move. Beautifully presented. 3.Mason Sandlauga Soul Man, well presented dog shown in good coat and condition.

AC Undergraduate Dog (4,1ab) 1. Morris Riondel Candyman this dog is developing so well and with just a bit more maturity should have a very bright future; he was in my quality shortlist for the top awards deservedly so. I could find nothing about him to dislike. Lovely head and eye, great body and bone. Well developed forechest, good return of upper arm, clean over neck and shoulder leading into a short, strong and compact body. Stands four square on well boned legs and well padded feet. Good width across his hindquarters. Free and easy movement, driving well and covering ground. Merry character. One to watch. 2. Platt and Clelland C.Time N' Tide. 3. Nutall Carmelfair Magnifique at Rosecourt, pleasing blue with clean profile and sound in movement.

AC Graduate Dog (2 ) 1. Smith Pearkim Pokemon at Luanshya, very smart orange and white shown in full gleaming coat and excellent condition.Liked his head and gentle expression. Pleasing overall make and shape; he moved with drive and energy with an ever wagging tail. 2. Forfar Bartonholm Bacetta a well boned and well bodied dog shown in good coat and hard condition. Needs to be handled to be appreciated as he doesn't do himself any favours on the stack. Movement was steady.

AC Post Graduate Dog ( 5,1ab ) 1. Robertson Kastrian Affection, a very clear winner in this class. Such a smart confident dog shown in gleaming black jacket; truly deserved his place in my final shortlist for top awards. He has a well balanced head and gorgeous dark eyes and the softest expression. He could carry a tad more body to advantage-something easily remedied to complete the picture of a dog who has really developed well. Clean neck and shoulder and excellent forehand, correct return of upper arm. He pleases in profile and moves with style, driving from well made quarters.Well boned limbs and neat tightly padded feet. With a little more body he can trouble the best. 2.Mason Sandlauga Soul Man, placed 3rd in an earlier class but deserving his place in this class. 3. Hynd Ryallcourt Tan About Town at Scomar, sturdy, well made dog of good breed type.

AC Mid Limit Dog ( 5,1ab ) Three good dogs headed this class 1. Torbett Kirlinjis Made You Look JW ShCM, and he did make me look; he caught my attention straight away, tidy in profile stacked and moving with ease and confidence. A well balanced dog shown in gleaming blue coat and hard condition. Pleasing head, neck and shoulders, strong body and well angulated quarters. He moves with a combination of grace and energy and could not be denied a place in my shortlist. 2. Davies and Pretty Kerriglow Game of Thrones black dog of good breed type, pleasing in profile and well bodied with good ribbing. Coat of good quality though a little profuse in places. Uses himself well on the move driving from strong quarters when settled. 3. Morris Riondel Murphys Law completed a trio of good dogs. This blue dog is very well made , pleasing head and eye, strong body, good forechest and well made hindquarters. Needs to be handled to be appreciated as he didn't put all in when stacked. Moved ok when settled.

AC Limit Dog ( 4 ) 1 Ray Annilann Mister Blue Sky, mature blue dog of good overall make and shape, nothing exaggerated. Shown and handled expertly to get the best from him and presented in good coat and condition. Steady mover. 2. Holmes Kenan Kudbee attractive black with a handsome head and kind dark eye. Very well bodied, short and cobby. Uses himself well on the move. 3. Marris-Bray Helenwood Islander, sturdy dog, well made and moving steadily.

AC Open Dog ( 3,1ab ) 1. Craig Nicibec Misunderstood, such a well balanced cocker with the maturity and strength of body I like to get my hands on. His head is well balanced and he has an alert and kind expression.Stands four square on well boned legs and with well padded feet. Pleasing neck and well laid shoulders, short deep body with good ribbing. Strong well proportioned hind quarters used well on the move to show drive and energy. I was pleased to award him the RCC in strong competition today and later to agree with my Co-judge that he should be awarded Reserve Best In Show. 2. Cleland B.Kandyman.

AC Champion Class ( 1 ) Thomas Sh Ch Claramand Ziggy Ziggy JW ShCM. Well known orange and white with the most lovely head and gentle, expressive eye. He is well made all through with great body; well boned limbs and well padded feet. Good forechest, clean neck and shoulder placement. Shown in full coat and good condition. Sound and happy on the move.

Dog Challenge Certificate- Lujesa Impossible Dream

Dog Reserve Challenge Certificate- Nicibec Misunderstood

Best Puppy Dog and Best Minor Puppy - Claramand Countdown

Best in Show- Lujesa Impossible Dream

Reserve Best in Show- Nicibec Misunderstood

Best Opposite Sex in Show- Laveris Instyle

Best Puppy in Show-Fair Exchange to Manlinson

Best Veteran in Show- Sh Ch Int Ch Bel Ch Joaldy Mandolin Wind JW.

Sue Shinkfield (Notrella) Judge.