• Show Date: 23/02/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sue Shinkfield Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Solid Colours Cocker Spaniel Association

Breed: Spaniel (Cocker)

Critique for Cocker Spaniel Bitches judged at

The Solid Colours Cocker Spaniel Association Championship Show

on Saturday 23rd February 2019

at The Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh

Firstly thanks to the Secretary and her Committee for their commitment and determination in resolving issues related to the venue ahead of this show- a very stressful time for all concerned. I respect the decisions taken by exhibitors and thank those who chose to attend the show;it is always an honour and a privilege to handle your dogs.

It can be a difficult time of year to keep bitches in tip top coat and some sadly lacked that conditioning that caused me to “split hairs” when judging some classes; a few were bordering on under-weight and a few were carrying a little extra which spoilt their overall balance. It's sometimes the little, but important, details that can cause a dog to be unplaced or placed down the line; details which may not be obvious to the ringside. We expect our lovely cockers to do their best for us, so to find a few with matts and knots was disappointing; thankfully the greater majority were clean and tidy and I appreciate the hard work and time spent to present them looking the best they can be on the day. Temprements were good throughout and I was delighted with the number showing the merry nature and happy wagging tails we should expect. Size varied somewhat in some classes affecting my decisions.

My final shortlist consisted of six beautiful bitches that I consider worthy of top honours.

Thank you for accepting my decisions in a sporting manner.


Special Puppy (1ab, )

Special Graduate (0 )

Special Open (2, 1ab ) 1.Young's Canyonn Classical Music JW a worthy winner; short and compact; standing on good legs and feet; tidy front; kind expression. Moved well.


Special Puppy (3,1ab) 1. RCC and BPIS Todd and Rahman's Glentully Gabrielle. This beautifully balanced puppy owns the ring and has that special “ look at me” quality both stacked and on the move. She is well constructed and sound in body and limb; stands four square on good legs and feet. Strong and well angulated quarters allowing good drive on the move. Tidy front; clean neck and shoulders; compact well ribbed body. Gorgeous head and sweet expression. Excellent presentation.Surely has a bright future ahead of her. 2.Macfarlane's Cooleela Cressida; another well made puppy of good overall type with lots to like; less mature than 1. Pleasing head and sweet gentle expression. Happy on the move.

Special Graduate (7) A good class 1. Pollok's Thurness Timeless this bitch was looking very well; gleaming black jacket; well muscled and presenting a clean tidy profile stacked and typical merry bustle on the move. Well boned limbs and neat, well padded feet;well angulated quarters with good width across her beam. 2. West's Sheigra Simply a Star JW very pretty headed bitch with lovely dark eye and expression. Good overall type showing good balance and shown in good order. Moved with enthusiasm. 3.Davies Annaside Starring Role

Special Open (3, 1ab ) 1.& BCC Darby's Sh Ch Lujesa Magic Touch at Classicway JW well known bitch that gave her all today both stacked and moving. She has a most lovely head and dark,kind eye. Clean neck and shoulder lines leading into a well ribbed body;short and cockery holding a level topline; stands on good legs and tight cat like feet. So pleased to see her hold her form right to the end of the day- well done. 2.Wright's Chazbaz Black Lace, very well presented and handled bitch built on a slightly bigger frame; moved with drive.


Special Puppy (3, 2ab) 1. William's Amaroanne Athena at Wilmerella such a happy puppy, full of life and exuberance. Deep, well ribbed body; musn't carry any more weight. Shown in lovely coat; strong,well muscled quarters allowing her to move with drive. Lovely head and expression.

Special Novice (5, 3ab ) 1. Becquet and Darby's Kyna Concepta Hewitt at Dargess; pretty headed bitch; decent body properties but a little short of coat to complete her picture today. 2.Winder's Crowmere Oh Melissa pretty bitch, well presented, moved ok.

Special Graduate (5,2ab) 1.Birkenshaw's Gilcar Rumour Has It JW, such a lot to like with this bitch. Beautifully presented and so well handled. Well bodied with good ribbing, short and deep with well rounded beam. Well boned limbs and neat, tight feet. Loved her head and sweet expression. Just wished she had put in a little more enthusiasm in the challenge 2. Hackett's Lindridge Minerva sweet blue, well balanced in profile and shown in full coat; moved ok. 3.Crowmere Oh Melissa.

Special Open (3, 2ab) 1.Sewell's Wintonia Hidden Gem at Quattrozampe pretty headed steel blue; well developed forehand and well angluated quarters. Moved with correct driving action.

Any Colour

 Veteran (5, 2ab) Well done to the three exhibitors in this class for keeping your bitches in such good condition1. Davies Annaside Moonbeam beautifully presented parti who showed her socks off to win this class. She presents a clean and tidy profile; well muscled quarters allowing great action around the ring. Shown in gleaming full coat. 2.Reed's Reemif Ice Ice Baby pleasing bitch and another not showing her years. She moved with drive at one with her handler. 3.Leslie's Ferresedge Painted Lady

Minor Puppy (13,2ab) It was a delight to judge this wonderful class of babies. The first three, all blues, displayed the attributes I'd hoped to find and all the others will have their day I'm sure. 1. Todd and Rahman's Zheridons Chinese Whispers beautiful headed blue baby who pleased for her overall breed type; well bodied and in lovely coat and condition for her age. She settled to show and moved very well which gave her the edge in this hotly contested class and in the run off against the MPD for BMPIS 2. Grice's Kyna Faith Dingle, the best I've seen from this kennel for some time and an absolute delight to go over. So exuberant on the move, her tail never stopped wagging. Both these puppies were so well balanced from every angle. 3. Yilmaz's Kyna Toyah Battersby such a pretty, happy baby; close up to 2 and certainly another one to watch as she settles to her showing.

Puppy (13, 4ab) 1. Amaroanne Athena at Wilmerella. 2 .Cooleela Cressida 3.Nicholas and Carter's Nickarlynn Voodoo Doll

Junior (14, 3ab ) Type varied in this class 1. Smith's Rayol Night Shadow, a very sound bitch to go over and possessing a lovely head and dark eye. Well made all through and standing four square on well boned legs with tight, well padded feet. Carrying correct body and shown in gleaming coat. She moved with positive drive to win this class at one with her handler. 2. Share-Jones Sharemead Bricabrac, very well made, true to type blue, shown in good order. I'd have liked her a little happier on the move . 3. Warrington's Zakova Sugar Plum.

Yearling (11,2ab) I liked all the bitches placed in this class; all pleased in various ways making some close decisions; without doubt they will exchange places. 1. West's Sheigra Stars in her Eyes JW loved her overall make and shape,well ribbed, good width across her beam, balanced head and dark expressive eyes. Shown in beautiful gleaming coat and firm condition. 2. Hilliers' Coedcernyw Calendar Girl JW this very cockery gold girl presented in gleaming coat and hard condition pleased for her overall balance. Happy nature and alert expression. Moved at one with her handler. 3. Davies Kerriglow Honesty.

Novice (4, 1ab) 1. Sharemead Bricabrac 2. Young's Canyonn Which One's Witch young black maturing nicely. Well bodied and with adequate bone. Could not match 1 for coat today. 3. Cooleela Cressida

Undergraduate (4 , 2ab) 1.Burnet's Charbonnel Stop N'Glow at Charmwen, very cockery, pretty blue coming back into coat and looking very well today. Clean and tidy front with good neck and shoulder. Strong quarters; moved soundly and happily. 2. Clarke's Withiflor Bootlace for Reedfen, black of some substance, shown in hard condition and full coat. Moved soundly and confidently.

Post Graduate (8, 1ab) 1.Whitehead's Ryallcourt Tangle JW very pleasing and attractive tri with a lovely head, good neck and shoulder, well ribbed and super body. Well angulated quarters. Moved happily with good active stride. 2. Gilmour's Chavez Royal Belief black in glorious full coat. Well boned limbs and tidy feet. Well bodied. Shown and handled very well and sound on the move. 3. West's Sheigra Super Special JW.

Special Beginners (3,1ab) 1. Withiflor Bootlace for Reedfen 2. Crowmere Oh Melissa

Limit (9,2ab) Really appreciated the qualities of these 2 bitches; very close decision indeed.1.Jones and Simmonds Shenmore She's the One. She looked impressive stacked and on the move. Short and deep in body; clean neck and shoulders. Well balanced head and expressive eyes. Correct angles all through. Moved soundly at one with her handler. 2.Amos Jones Cassom Margot Fonteyn , very well balanced bitch shown in good coat and hard condition. Well bodied. Strong quarters and good width across her beam. Moved well. 3 Smith's Jaroma Queen of My Heart

Open (6, 2ab) 1. Simonelli's Int/Gib/Lux Ch Meden Agan this bitch was shown in top form, showed her socks off to win the class and to make my final shortlist. She has a classic head and lovely soft expressive eyes. Clean and balanced in profile;well bodied; tidy front assembly and strong well angulated quarters allowing her to drive well on the move. 2. Hackett's Sh Ch Lindridge Cupcake, very cockery orange and white shown in full coat. Short and deep in body but perhaps carrying a little too much weight today.Moved well but not the drive of 1. 3. Chazbaz Black Lace

Bitch CC and BOS awarded to Darby's Sh Ch Lujesa Magic Touch at Classicway JW

RBCC,Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Show awarded to Todd and Rahman's Grandtully Gabrielle

Best Minor Puppy Bitch and Best Minor Puppy in Show awarded to Todd and Rahman's Zheridon's Chinese Whispers

Best in Show awarded to Hackett's She Ch Lindridge Diamond Geeza on the referee's decision.

Reserve Best in Show awarded to Amos-Jones Sh Ch Veratey Vincenzo at Cassom JW

Best Veteran in Show awarded to Costello's Judika Arizona

Mrs Sue Shinkfield (Notrella) judge.