• Show Date: 31/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sue Bird Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Swedish Vallhund
Southern Counties Canine Association 31st May-2 June 2019 Swedish Vallhunds Thank you for the invitation to judge this lovely breed today, also too my two very efficient stewards. Post Graduate Dog 2-1 1st Peacock-Jackson's: Starvon Double Agent At Kirkholme; Just 2 years old & body developing well. Masculine wedge shaped head with lovely well defined mask, with moderate amount of stop, well placed ears & dark oval eyes that give that alert expression, muscular neck & on well placed shoulders with good fore-chest & clearly defined harness markings, good lay back of shoulder & front legs parallel when viewed from front, firm well muscled body & hindquarters, well bent stifle allowed steady free movement. RBD Open Dog 1 1st Etches & Perry's: Starvon Cryptic Spyda; just over 2 years old, solid male, lovely wedge head with defined mask, well defined stop & well padded ears, lovely dark oval eyes that match his dark coat, strong muscular neck on well placed shoulders. In profile had that lovely elliptical shape to his body, elbows fitted close to chest which showed up his clear harness markings, firm back & well muscled hindquarters with good bend to stifle & strong hocks, which gave him that powerful thrusting hind movement. BD & when it came to challenge thought he just had the edge, giving that steady workman type appearance in substance & movement. BOB Veteran 3-1 1st Price's: Starvon Xpress Delivery At Coningsbear ShCM; Masculine 8 year old boy who showed no sign of his age. Lovely rich red coat with dark guard hairs which accentuated his clear mask & harness markings. Broad wedge shaped head, dark eyes & mobile ears, neck of moderate length, lovely forechest & shoulders well laid back, chest deep & closely fitting elbows, firm muscular back & hindquarters, with well bent stifle, ample amount of bone with tight feet. Giving steady movement. Did consider for RBD 2nd Kennedy & Patterson's: Ch/Ir Ch Eriksfjord Chilled Bunny For Jarlalfvin; also 8 years old, not quite as solidly built as 1st, & I just preferred 1st for his more effortless movement, but this lad I thought had better length of neck, Junior Bitch 1 1st Dodd's: Tanellis Blooming Primrose; 15 month old bitch, who I judged as a puppy. She is maturing well, lovely feminine head with clearly defined mask & stop. Well placed ears & dark oval eyes, muscular neck on well placed shoulders with good forechest, elbows closely fitted to deep chest, parallel when viewed front & rear, firm back with good rear angulation & enough bone. Tight feet, very steady on move. Post Graduate Bitch 1 1st Zbilut & Yacomen: Starvon Deja Vu; litter sister to PG dog winner. So similar. Very feminine wedge shaped head with well defined stop & clear mask, dark oval eyes & well placed ears held proudly erect. Thick muscular neck on well muscled shoulders with good forechest & clearly marked harness, elbows tucked closely into chest & in profile showed her lovely elliptical body shape, well muscled hindquarters with well bent stifles, hocks firm, allowing powerful thrusting rear action. Loved her for breed type in challenge & it was her steady balanced movement that won her BB eventually. Open Bitch 1 1st Dodd's: Ch Hurstfield Renen Vixen At Tanellis; 4 year old & dam of junior bitch. Feminine wedge shaped head, well placed ears & dark oval eyes, moderate stop & lovely clear mask, strong neck on well placed shoulders, with good fore chest, legs well boned & fitting neatly into deep chest, firm muscular body & good rear angulations, parallel when viewed front & rear, her steady movement today won over her daughter in the challenge, who just didn't settle. RBB. Judge Sue Bird (Bridus)