• Show Date: 11/10/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sue Bird Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: Australian Shepherd





  Really nice entry & a breed I’m very fond of, saying that I felt over all there was a better depth of quality in the bitches. I am not a fan of over trimming & a few dogs had too much. But it is a beauty show.

Puppy – Dog 1 1st WEST & BRAZIER’S; DIZZY MARBLE AS HOT AS FIRE [ATC AW01372UKR]; 8 month red merle, nice head developing with lovely dark pigment, neat triangular ears & good breadth of muzzle with strong under jaw, slight arch of neck & well placed shoulders, chest just needs to drop slightly, good spring rib & well angulated hindquarters, parallel front & rear, BPD. In challenge for BP just wasn’t as free moving as bitch. Junior – Dog 2 1st COWLEY’S; SPARKAWAY TALK OF THE DEVIL JW; slightly more mature than 2nd. Lovely masculine head with nice ear set & correct bite, moderate length of neck with good lay of shoulder, well sprung ribs & depth chest, nice length to height ratio & corresponding rear angulations, lovely & steady on move. 2nd ALLAN’S; ALLMARK EBONY; very similar comments to 1st but I just preferred 1st strength of head & slightly better bone at the moment, but steady mover. Post Graduate – Dog 2 1st ALLAN, HALLMARSDOTTIR & FERGESON-BLAKELEY’S; UNDRALANDS SWEETSUGAR; just 14 months nicely balanced boy, head needs to fill out a little more, dark almond eyes & black pigmentation, good under jaw & muscular neck on well-placed shoulders, good fore chest & ribs well sprung, muscular hindquarters with well bent stifle & hocks firm, just needs time to mature. 2nd DAVIES’S; NINJA ISKANDER WARRIOR DUE REVERE SHANIZOLO (IMP FRA); 2year old just preferred 1st softer expression, good pigmentation & nice broad muzzle with strong under jaw, muscular neck with good lay of shoulder & ribs well sprung, not quite the length of back as 1st or rear muscle tone, but good bone & tight feet. Move quite steady. Limit – Dog 3-1 1st BARR’S; ALLMARK YOGI BEAR; I have judged this boy as a youngster & he has come on really well. Head in proportion to body well defined stop correct shape eye & scissor bite with strong under jaw. Moderate neck & good depth of chest, nice length of rib with strong top line, lovely strong boned legs, Hindquarters well-muscled with hocks well let down & well-padded feet, moved with good reach & drive. Presented in lovely coat & not over trimmed. RDCC 2nd BOTHWELL’S; EWBELL PURE DEAD BRILLIANT AT NORCIS SHCM ; nice head with soft expression, dark eyes, medium arch of neck & well placed shoulders, with enough bone & tight oval feet, firm back & well-muscled hindquarters, parallel front & rear, just preferred 1st stronger head & easier gait Open – Dog 6-1 A lovely class of very different males, all could have swapped & there where bits I preferred on one to another & in end it was just 1st steady & ground covering movement. 1st KIRTLEY, ERDESZ, SHAW & RAYMOND: CH/AKC CH/ASCA CH WYNDSTAR MAGIC MARKER (ATC AU00468USA) ; pleasing head, with well defined stop, dark eyes & good pigmentation, moderate length of neck going into well placed shoulders, ribs well sprung, firm level top-line & well-muscled hindquarters, parallel front & rear on move. I would prefer less trimming, but beautifully presented & handled. DCC 2nd MILLIGAN & MARLEY’S; JOTARS LIES AND DECEIT WITH ALFSDEN ; Judged him as a puppy & he is maturing well, masculine head & good strength of muzzle with strong under jaw, slightly arched neck going into well laid shoulders with good fore chest, firm topline with good rear angulation & tight feet, just decided to leave his coat at home today, but a sound & steady mover. 3rd DOUGLAS’S; IR CH TALARD LETHAL WEAPON IR JUN CH, AN CH 18; Lovely balanced male who pushed 1st & 2nd really hard, presented in well-muscled condition that showed in his ground covering movement. Veteran – Dog 2 1st SIMMONS; CH ALLMARK LICENSED TO THRILL; 9 year old masculine boy, strong head with lovely dark expressive eyes, muscular neck & good fore chest, well placed shoulders & firm back, well-muscled hindquarters allowed smooth steady movement. Presented in good coat. 2nd TURNER’S; CH/JSY CH HARMONY HILL'S HERE'S THE DEAL WITH CHAKONA (IMP USA); 12 years old, just beginning to show his age, but lovely balanced male in profile, in good coat, just not quite as sound as 1st on move. Minor Puppy – Bitch 2 1st DOUGLAS’S; TALARD KEEP YOUR POKERFACE; everything to like, nicely proportioned skull & muzzle. Correct eye shape. Strong neck on well placed shoulders with good depth of chest for one so young. Ribs well sprung with good length of back with nice rear angulation. Covered ground effortlessly. BPB & BPIB just got better the more she moved. Pastoral Puppy Group &&&& 2nd ROBERT’S; TROYA ELVIKAM OF DREAMTALE (IMP POL) NAF TAF Good head with soft feminine expression, correct shape eye & scissor bite. Nice arch to neck with good lay of shoulders adequate length of rib & nice rear angulations moved steady. Just preferred 1st more ground covering movement Puppy – Bitch 1 1st ROBERT’S; TROYA ELVIKAM OF DREAMTALE (IMP POL) NAF TAF; 2nd last class moved better here as handler a little more relaxed. Junior – Bitch 6-2 1st BLUCK’S; THORNSHAVN MY LITTLE QUEEN (IMP POL); Feminine head & expression, nicely placed ears, moderately arched neck on well-placed shoulders, good spring rib & strong loin with gently sloping croup. Good rear angulations allowing easy movement which won her the class. 2nd MILLIGAN & MARLEY’S; ALLMARK SAPPHIRE WITH ALFSDEN; not the biggest of bitches & at that in between stage with her coat. Feminine head & soft expression, good neck & shoulders, adequate length of rib with rear angulation corresponding to front, just needs time to mature, but very steady on move. 3rd GARSIDE’S; MISTYHOLLY DELTA BLUE; Post Graduate – Bitch 3 1st GLADWELL & BLUCK’S; JOTARS FOLLOW THE DREAM; liked this girl’s lovely balance both in profile & on move. Broad feminine head with soft expression, lovely eye colour & shape, well defined stop with neat triangular ears. Moderately arched neck on well-placed shoulders with good depth of chest well sprung rib & firm top-line with strong loin, good rear angulations allowing free flowing movement. 2nd COLLINS & UDEN’S; BIRKCROSS GEORGIE GIRL AT JAZDAZE; pleasing head with dark eye, correct bite moderate arch of neck, good lay of shoulder & adequate length of rib, strong top line, well-muscled hindquarters & well bent stifle, hocks well let down. Plenty of bone & tight well-padded feet, steady on the move just not quite the reach of 1st. 3rd BOTHWELL’S; DIALYNNE SOPHIA LOREN OF NORCIS; Limit – Bitch 2 1st ROBERT’S; MAGICAL LOVE ELVIKAM JW (IMP POL); feminine head with well-proportioned skull & muzzle & softest expression, correct eye shape & nice strong underjaw, moderate arch of neck & well laid shoulders with good upper arm, nice depth of chest & well sprung rib, firm top line & strong loin over loin, good rear angulation, correct bone, shown at right speed getting best out of her. In challenge really showed herself off RBCC 2nd WEST’S; LOVE STORY OF FENDER SONG FOR SHEPALIAN; judge this young lady before & maturing well. Lovely feminine head, soft expression, dark pigmentation. Good arch of neck well laid shoulders, well sprung rib well-muscled hindquarters, steady on move but just not as ground covering as 1st. Open – Bitch 8-3 Super class & I would have really liked more 1st prizes, all beautifully fit & presented in good hard condition. 1st GERONA’S; MULTI CH ALLMARK MEMPHIS BELLE; Blue Merle with lovely rich tan markings, what a super bitch she just didn’t put foot wrong & won this class easily & when you put your hands on the her she is strong & obviously has great stamina by her muscle tone. Lovely head with soft feminine expression lovely almond eyes & scissor bite with strong under jaw, moderate arch of neck on well laid shoulders with good depth of chest & well sprung rib with strong loin, well-muscled hindquarters & correct bend of stifle on well let down hocks. Moved with long reaching strides. BCC & BOB 2nd BRIDGES; IR CH TRIJEM SECRET BRIDGE TO LISKARN; Another very feminine bitch, lovely head & soft expression, good ear placement & dark almond eyes, strong muzzle, moderately arched neck on well placed shoulders with chest reaching elbow, well sprung rib & strong over loin with moderately sloping croup, lovely rear angulation & moderate bend of stifle, with good muscle-tone throughout. Very steady on move, just preferred 1st slightly more drive at the rear. 3rd CHALLENGER’S; CH LYVEDEN TEXAS ROSE JW; pushed 1st & 2nd hard, lovely in profile & very steady on move. Good Citizen Dog Scheme – Bitch 1 1st DOUGLAS’S; IR/INT CH ALLMARK NAUGHTY BUT NICE IR JUN CH, CJW15 CW18; feminine bitch, soft expression & correct shape eye, lovely reach of neck on well placed shoulders, with good fore chest & depth of chest, with well sprung ribs, firm top line with well-muscled hindquarters, good bone neat feet. Very steady on move. JUDGE; MRS SUE BIRD (BRIDUS)