• Show Date: 17/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sue Bird Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Border Collie
Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show 18th May 2019 Lovely show with good sized rings, thank you to the two stewards who kept my ring running so smoothly throughout the day. All dogs where beautifully presented, no bad mouths or dirty teeth. Border Collies Minor Puppy Dog 2 1st Green & Radcliffe's: Fayken Truth Or Dare With Arrodare; just 6 months, nicely balanced youngster, lovely head developing, dark eyes, nice reach of neck & well placed shoulders, good length of back with good rear angulation. Enough bone for age. Very steady on move. BPD & BPIB Lovely to hear he was shortlisted in Puppy Group. 2nd Well's: Bordabears Winter Suprise; Also 6 months, nice head shape & eye shape, well-muscled neck, shoulders just need to drop back a bit & just preferred 1st overall shape, but very steady mover. Junior Dog 5 1st Day's: Tobermoray Talysman By Britteb; 16 month dog, balanced throughout, head developing well with good breadth of skull, defined stop & strong muzzle with good under jaw, moderate arch of neck & well placed shoulders, good spring of rib & firm top line, with good rear angulation & well-muscled throughout which allowed free movement, which won him the class here. 2nd Kempton's: Borderbrook Spring At Last; 13 months & very similar to 1st, masculine head & moderate length of neck, shoulders well placed & good depth of chest, firm back & good rear angulations, just not quite the muscle tone yet of 1st. 3rd Durie's: Syanne Just For Me Edition: Post Grad Dog 7-2 1st Harcus's: Roseley House Of Martell; Strong head with well-defined stop, broad muzzle, dark eyes & good pigmentation, moderate length of neck & shoulders well placed, chest deep & ribs of good length, firm over loin. Well-muscled hindquarters allowed effortless movement. In good coat. 2nd Hunter's: Yonder Oaks Nataniel; Lovely head & neck, excellent fore chest & well-placed shoulders, nice length of rib & firm loin with good rear angulation, just preferred 1st more economical movement. 3rd Heggie, Thomson & Large's: Anscot Take A Chance On Me; Limit Dog 6-1 1st Schofield's: Rogansbrook Beautiful Dream JW; Broad head with well-defined stop, dark oval eyes, moderate length of neck on well-placed shoulders, well sprung ribs & good depth of chest, rear angulation corresponded to front, good muscle tone throughout & padded feet. In good coat. 2nd Walker's: Wizaland Whiskey In The Jar; Have judged this dog before & he is coming on well. Super head, nice length of neck well placed shoulders & well sprung ribs, with good rear angulation & lovely muscle tone. Did push 1st hard. 3rd Heggie's: Janbell One Step Beyond; Open Dog 8 Absolutely super class for breed type & quality, all had that effortless movement & I'm sure they could have done a day on the hills without any effort. I was spoilt for choice & in end it was just minor preferences that separated the winners. 1st Fawcett's: Sh Ch Laceway Photo Finish; Impressive male, broad masculine head, lovely dark oval eyes, broad muzzle & strong under jaw, good reach of neck on well-placed shoulders, with nice depth to chest & well sprung ribs, firm loin with well-muscled hindquarters, plenty of bone & well-padded feet. Coat of good texture & this completed the picture along with his effortless steady movement. An no hesitation in awarding him DCC & later BOB. Pleased to hear he made the shortlist in group. 2nd Green's Sh Ch Fayken I Am Legend JW; So similar to 1st & all the above applies to this male too. I did really juggle these two, one against the other, but in end I just slightly preferred 1st balance. RCC. 3rd Ritchie's: Sashdan High Hopes For Dykebar JW: Another very sound mover & lovely breed type. Veteran Dog 9-1 A class of quality veterans. 1st Hale's: Sh Ch Laceway Lone Ranger JW; 9 years old & showing no signs of age at all. Lovely masculine head, broad muzzle & well-defined stop, moderate arch to neck with well-placed shoulders, good forechest & well sprung ribs, firm top line & well-muscled hindquarters allowing effortless ground covering movement, did consider for RCC. Pleased to hear he was group 3 in Pastoral Veteran Group. Well Done. 2nd Macfarlane's: Sh CM Jupavia Seventh Heaven JW only just a veteran, fairly similar to 1st but just felt 1st had edge on movement & condition. 3rd Bell & Sloan's: Janbell Midnight Sun: Minor Puppy Bitch 4 1st Smith & Green's Fayken Final Destination; Just 6 months & very feminine bitch, lovely expression with dark oval eyes, defined stop & nice ear placement, moderately arched neck & good lay of shoulder, ribs well sprung & lovely rear angulation with enough bone for her age. Very light on move & covered ground. 2nd Green & Ratcliffe's: Fayken Hold The Dark For Arrodare; Litter sister to 1st. Again, a very feminine bitch, with lovely dark eyes & moderate stop, moderate arch to neck & lovely lay back of shoulder, with good spring of rib & with good hind angulation, just slightly taller than her sister, both super types. The winner of MPD is also a litter mate. 3rd Mitchell's: Borderbears Crazy Suprise; Puppy Bitch 2-1 1st Green & Ratcliffe's: Arrodare Beautiful Trauma; 11 months, pretty bitch, with feminine head, lovely oval dark eyes, neck of moderate arch on well-placed shoulders, ribs well sprung, well angled hindquarters & neat firm hocks. Steady on move. Junior Bitch 6-1 1st Small's Tobermoray Godrevy Beach: 16 months old & very attentive to handler, very feminine head, with dark eyes, nicely placed ears. Good length of neck with well-placed shoulders & good depth of chest & nice forechest. Ribs well sprung, with well-muscled hindquarters & good bend of stifle. Well-padded feet. Very balanced for & aft. Effortless on move 2nd Laidlaw's: Jiljamie Rough Diamond; Lovely feminine head & sweet expression, nice dark eyes & moderate stop, good arch of neck on well-placed shoulders, firm top line, with good rear angulations, coat just needs a bit of time. But easy on move. 3rd Lee & Ratcliffe's: Arrodare a Royal Flush; Post Grad Bitch 6-1 1st Laidlaw's: Jiljamie Secret Love; Feminine all through, lovely head & expression, dark eyes with defined stop, correct bite with good under jaw, moderately arched neck & good lay of shoulder, enough depth of chest & firm topline. Well-rounded hindquarters & neat hocks allowed for steady movement. 2nd Kempton's: Yonder Oaks Nevaeh At Borderbrook (Imp Hun); Slightly heavier built bitch but balanced. Feminine head with nice eye shape, ears well placed & defined stop. Moderate arch of neck & good forechest, shoulders well placed & firm top line with good rear angulation, plenty of bone. In good coat. Just preferred 1st more steady movement. 3rd Macfarlane's: Jupavia Chelan Limit Bitch 8-2 Fabulous class & splitting hairs between them. 1st Simmons & Inverno's: Sashdan Never Ending Story (AI) JW; Gorgeous bitch with fairly broad head & nice dark oval expressive eyes, beautiful ear placement, strong muzzle & good under jaw. Moderate arch of neck & well placed shoulders with good depth to chest, well sprung ribs & firm top line, with good hind angulation & well developed thigh muscles, good bend to stifle & firm hocks, & well-padded feet, in good coat completed the picture, in challenge she just pulled out everything to win CC. Understand this actually was her 3rd CC & title today. When she challenged the dog for BOB she just wouldn't settle. 2nd Gregory's: Tonkory Some Have It JW; Another lovely lady & so unlucky to meet her today. Beautiful head & expression, defined stop, dark eyes, well placed ears, broad muzzle & lovely strong under jaw, well arched neck on well-placed shoulders, with good depth of chest, well sprung ribs & firm back & loin. Good rear angulations & neat hocks with well-padded feet. Parallel on move. Just loved 1st in profile. But worthy of RBCC. 3rd Macdonald & Turner's: Locheil Love Heart; Another very sound bitch Open Bitch 8-3 1st Green's: Sh Ch Fayken I Am Love JW: Super head & expression, nice dark oval eyes, with good ear set, muscular neck going into well placed shoulders with good forechest, well sprung ribs & good length of back, firm loin with good rear angulations & well developed thigh muscles, neat hocks & parallel front & rear. 2nd Gregory's: Tonkory I Should Coco JW; Lovely broad head with correct eye shape, with soft expression & good under jaw. Strong neck & well-placed shoulders with good depth to chest, well sprung ribs, strong over back & good rear angulations with plenty of muscle. Beautifully presented but just preferred 1st more natural stance. Effortless mover. 3rd Laidlow's: Jiljamie Secret Love: Veteran Bitch 5-1 Lovely to see the veterans & they never forget the show ring. All in fabulous condition. 1st Macdonald's: Locheil Just Cruisin; 10 years & definitely not showing any signs of her age. Won this class on her easy flowing movement. Feminine head with soft expression, dark eyes & nice ear set. Firm neck & well-placed shoulders, well sprung ribs & firm top line with good rear angulation, still has good muscle tone, which showed in her movement. 2nd Walker's: Ravenskirk Ms Independence ShCM; Also, 10 years, not a lot to split them, but just felt 1st was maybe a tad freer in her movement. 3rd Edmonds & Edmonds: Simmovon Hot Stuff For Tazaeos; Good Cit Bitch 1st Small's: Tobermoray Godrevy Beach; Winner of junior bitch. 2nd Collier's: Tonkory Juming For Joy Over Collherd; Steady mover & balanced but preferred 1st overall shape. 3rd Rowson's: Locheil Jackie Collins; Judge Sue Bird (Bridus)