• Date: 30/11/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judge: Steve Rooney Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

West Country Chihuahua Club

Breed: Chihuahua (Long Coat)

West Country Chihuahua Club Championship Show. 


Longcoat Chihuahuas

Delighted to be invited to judge Longcoats at this so well run show. A special effort is always shown to the judges and exhibitors at this show, with attentive Committee members assuring everyone is happy. 

Always the first show to get the festive spirit into gear.

Thank you to the Committee for the invitation, and to my two lovely stewards, Tracy and John for keeping everything running smoothly. 

I won’t go into what would be considered a subjective account of the dogs presented to me, but suffice to say I personally feel there is some room for improvement generally. There were some crackers, and some not so. The hot topic of mouths I again feel is over rated, as I’d say about 10% were not what you’d really want. Temperament and movement can make all the difference and might be worth considering. 

I simply have to thank all the exhibitors, who so kindly spent their money, and made the time and effort to present me with a super entry of 145 dogs. 

Minor Puppy Dog. 8 (1) 

1st. Lees, Aristodemos Future Legend of Ridgehawk. 7 month old red boy with a lovely head, good dentition giving an appealing expression with dark expressive eyes. Very well constructed with a good front. Coat coming nicely. Super mover which easily won him this class. Showed and presented, well ahead of his age. BPD, and delighted to see him go RBPIS behind the Lc Bitch puppy. . 2nd. Bartlett’s, Bratilda Brave at Pebblecombe. Sable boy with mature coat for his age. Lovely head. Definite solid body with no weakness, or lacking in substance. Needs to improve slightly in some areas, but overall a nice boy who also moved well and did all he needed for one so young. 

Puppy Dog. 8 (2)

1st. Caters, Tyssul Awel Y Mor In Pixels. Nearly 10 month old red and white boy. Lovely headed boy with a really pleasing expression. Good teeth firming up a sufficiently cushioned muzzle. Decent length of neck fitting into a mature body. Body length just a tad too long, but still presented a good picture in profile with a firm level top line. Moved around the ring beautifully, showed and carried himself very nicely..2nd. Emmerson’s, Ismirelles Parti Popper. Fawn and white boy, smaller than the winner, but with a very pretty head and expression. Good overall shape, but would prefer a little bit more neck to give that better balance. Moved well enough to earn his second place. 

Junior Dog. 8 (1)

1st. Platek’s, Tinasjoy Dark Destroyer. 13.5 month old fawn sable boy. Beautifully headed dog which is definitely his forte. Very shapely skull with correctly shaped moderate muzzle. Good dentition and well cushioned muzzle but not overdone. Another boy slightly longer in body, but moved very soundly and tidy, beating the winner of Puppy Dog but a close call. 2nd. Caters, Tyssul Awel Y Mor in Pixels.

Novice Dog. 5 (1)

1st. Emmerson’s, Ismirelles Parti Popper. (2nd in puppy Dog class). 2nd. Lewis’s, Tyssul Awel Y Mynydd. Cream and white boy, with a plainer head than the winner. Needs more body to fill him out a bit. Moved well when he settled, though put his handler to the test I think, but she did a good job. 

Graduate Dog. 7 (5)

Sad to see so many absent in this class leaving only two to be assessed, the winner being the winner of Puppy dog, 1st. Caters, Tyssul Awel Y Mor In Pixels..2nd, Bardleys, Hollyel Diamonds R For Ever. A larger type than the winner with not as nice a head, but good body, and bite, and moved well. 

Post Graduate Dog. 5 (3)

1st. Colquhouns, Donami Oliver Button. Liked this boy a lot on his overall quality. Very nice strongly headed dog with lovely rounded skull and well set ears. Good dentition all contributing to a really appealing expression. On the table he’s well constructed and some may consider him on the bigger size, but I feel he’s well in proportion and would say masculine in structure. He covered the ground well, and in his class was the easy winner, but let himself down in the challenge, and decided to hide his previously witnessed obvious virtues. Another day another dollar ! Who knows..2nd. Greys, Chennelchis Milky Way. Another cream boy, leaning on the longer in body size, and not quite the impressive head as the winner but good enough in his own right. A masculine type who moved and showed well. 

Limit Dog. 12 (2)

1st. Berrington’s, Ellochi Crazy Nights For Pappersley JW. Impressive young man, carrying a really lovely head, with perfect dentition and super duper expression. Very nicely constructed and put together well, solid firm body with everything in the right place. Nicely presented coat and condition and showed very well. Moved around the ring with a stylish profile, and really earned his first place in this competitive class. Did his job well, which he continued to do so in the Challenge, earning him the well deserved RCC.. 2nd. Todd-McCoids, Tinasjoy Norris McDogface of Rubyanlo. Fawn sable boy with another really lovely head and expression. Much could be said the same about this dog as the winner, as not disimilar in quality. Another well put together boy who showed his virtues off well, and was well handled and presented by his exhibitor, who could not have done more to show off his virtues, just unlucky to meet the winner of this class. but a nice dog nonetheless. 

Open Dog. 11 (1)

1st Conquests, Chihohit Favourite Apollon at Storyland (Imp Blr). 22 month old cream boy from the top drawer. Overall super quality with many appealing virtues, all put together to produce this lovely boy. A dog I feel needs to be closely examined to appreciate his qualities and this I did. Carries a lovely head and perfect dentition. Ideal shape and size when examined on the table. Nothing overdone or detracting from correct slightly longer body than height. Tail carried correctly. Just enough coat to compete the picture, and topped it all by excellent showmanship and a touch of style. CC and BOB and RBIS.. 2nd. Hills, Ch. Lynpix The Mexican With Becanna. Cream sable and white boy, masculine in type. A boy I have judged before, and he has matured beautifully. Super head, body and coat. In tip top nick and made my job very difficult ! Really got his act together and showed off his very sound movement. A dog that gives his mom some anxious moments, but not today, and showed off why he carries his well

deserved title. Battled hard for first place in this class, and subsequent consideration for the RCC. If only I’d got another green card to give out, it would have been his. 

Veteran Dog. 4 (0)

1st. Robsons, Tidos Secret Agent JW. A boy I admired as a youngster, and delighted to see him again making an appearance in the Veteran class. Such a classy boy with a lovely head and large flaring ears, all framing a super expression. Still firm in body carrying a good coat. Certainly hasn’t forgot what’s it’s all about, and went about his job with style and panache ! Best Veteran in Breed and proudly went on to be awarded Best Veteran in Show.. 2nd. Richards, Ch. Hollyel Topaz’N Diamonds. Another lovely example of the breed and representing the elders extremely well. Sweet headed boy with a really nice soft expression. Also well bodied and coated and certainly full of himself. The ultimate showman who went around the ring with such style. Handled as always to his best advantage, by his very experienced handler, who has a knack of bringing out the best in her dogs. Good job ! Two super boys. 

Minor Puppy Bitch. 12 (5)

1st. Horsleys, Hushabye Once Upon A Dream. White/cream girl very feminine in appearance and super for quality and type. Pleasing head and well put together with a good shape. Balanced in size. Moves with confidence and drive. Nice girl. I see her father is my CC and BOB winner, and I can easily see the resemblance..Unfortunately lost her confidence in the challenge due to being spooked...2nd. Lynchs, Garnox Tickety Boo. Very pretty golden girl with lovely head and feminine expression. Another one not overdone in size but is compact and shapely. Coat just coming through. Topline needs to firm up a little but very sound on the move and showed well. 

Puppy Bitch. 10 (2)

1st. Evans, Lemaritz Liberty Belle. By far the cutest little munchkin of the day ! What a delicious little Chihuahua she is, and one that you simply cannot overlook. So beautifully put together, and although small, she has substance and bone, and is soundly constructed. Good dentition and sweet head. Hit the ground running, and certainly on a mission, as she covers the ground with ease and style. A dog that cannot fail to bring a smile and her flirty ways certainly paid off in this class... 2nd. Heap and Palmers, Samangie Starsun Maciendas. Another little beauty with the loveliest of heads, and the most endearing of expressions. Similar to the winner in size and shape, with a lovely straight front, but slightly compromised front movement which cost her higher awards. Still a lovely looking Chihauhua.

Junior Bitch 14 (3)

1st. Humphreys, Sleepyhollow Sonia Amarantos. A Super Chihuahua and a favourite of mine for her lovely quality and style. Carries the loveliest of heads and expressions, with ideal ear size and set, and the roundest of eyes. Body well made and constructed and correct tail carriage. Really comes into her own when on the move, where she deports herself with such regality, and shows off her spirit level topline. Performed well in her class, but just began to get a little fidgety in the challenge where she was a real contender. A girl I would not say not to.. 2nd. Heap and Palmers, Alltoyways Fantasy Minx. 10 month old puppy, but easily can hold her own with the other adults. Red and white feminine girl with a typically girly expression. Finely but firmly put together, although a little overweight, but still looked the part. Ideal shape being, slightly longer than high, giving her the correct balance. Coat growing nicely, creating a pretty picture and a lovely little mover to boot. Showed very well and just pipped the Puppy bitch winner for Best Puppy, BPIB and delighted to see her go BPIS. 

Novice Bitch. 7 (2)

1st. ONeills, Chirolin Love Bug. Cream sable girl, finer feminine type. Sweet enough head. Slightly long in the back but not weak in any areas. Performed well, peaking when on the move.. 2nd. Todd-McCoids, Bratilda Urban Angel of Rubylano. Really nice tri colour girl in lovely coat and condition. Pretty type, added with a quality expression. Showed well for her enthusiastic young exhibitor. 

Graduate Bitch. 10 (3) 

1st. Lees, Barwater Agatha Christie of Ridgehawk. Mature feminine tri girl, very well made, and table examination shows her good construction, with a much lacking in the Breed nice length of neck. Good dentition. Correct tail set and stands very attractively when on the floor striking a lovely pose. Can have a mind of her own when on the move but settled nicely to show her tidy movement.. 2nd.. Heap and Palmers, Chirouxe Cracklin Rosie. A close runner for this class, and pushed the first very hard for her place. A slightly different type, but a lovely variation on a theme, and as I was not familiar with this girl she was a nice surprise for me. Close up examination found a really nice Chihuahua, lovely breadth of skull with a really attractive open expression. Sable and white with a decent coat covering a firm solid build. Tail a little tight, but made up for it in other areas, where she showed herself off to advantage and moved very nicely. Liked both these girls. 

Post Graduate Bitch. 7 (2)

1st. Todd-McCoids, Oozora Queen of the Night at Rubyanlo. Very smart all round nice girl. Good head with flaring ears and good dentition. Decent body and good tail set. Nice little mover, and again handled and shown well.. 2nd..Sangsters, Kirlasidh Angel on a Roll. Fawn sable girl with a sweet head, finely boned with decent body shape. Tidy front. Sadly lost her mojo towards the end. 

Limit Bitch. 12 (1)

1st. Hunters, Jotolemar Best of Time. My little surprise of the day was this gold sable girl who certainly was having the ‘best of time’ ! Very smart and eye catching. On closer inspection her head was lovely, with a lovely expression and dark impressive eye.

Super shape with a very neat topline, which she carried on the move increasing her already established appeal. Carried her tail just right to balance the overall picture. An all round super girl, who impressed me greatly, and for me had to be the CC winner on the day. Credit to her handler for doing a top job..2nd. Lynchs, Garnox Picture This JW..A cracking gold fawn girl, who was a little unlucky to be up against the winner of this very competitive class. A lovely type, not dissimilar to the winner, with a really impressive head, body and tail carriage. Ideal size and shape and very appealing in all areas. Fought hard for her place and her qualities shone through earning her the much deserved RCC..

Open Bitch. 12 (2)

A class of differing bitches, but great depth of quality throughout..1st. Clarke’s, Oxsirius Neon Tiger. Light red girl, very feminine and true. Very together in shape and make. Good quality bitch with a pleasing head and body. Really appeals when on the move, where she eats up the ground in her own inimitable style. A joy to watch in profile.. 2nd. Heap and Palmers, Chirouxe Cherry Cherry. Good quality sable girl, good substance, but remains refined and feminine. Has the required tail set which finishes her shape off nicely. Her front was a fraction wide reflecting a little in her movement but still strode out well.

Veteran Bitch. 5 (4)

1st. Ch. Mairichis Blossom JW VW.

Almost 11 yr old lady, that sadly stood alone, but would be pressed hard to convince many that she is actually a veteran. Looking so good for her age, and her quality belies time, as she continues to look as good as ever. A classy older lady with all the qualities of a champion and showed as one also. A credit to her owner. RBVIB.

Steve Rooney