• Show Date: 17/01/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sjoerd Jobse Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Retriever (Golden)


First of all I would thank the committee for inviting me to this wonderful and well organized show with such a lovely and friendly atmosphere. It was an honour for me to judge Golden Retriever bitches and got a lovely entry. Unfortunately due to several reasons, and the weather could have been one of them there were quite a number of absentees. I would like to thank the exhibitors who came on the day for bringing some lovely bitches and taking my decisions so sportingly. I was very surprised and quite disappointed by the amount of bitches being shown without being bathed for a long time. It is very seldom when I judge Golden Retrievers and having to clean my very dirty hands so many times during a day in the ring. A dogshow is a beauty contest and I would have expected the exhibitors to bath their dogs properly for such a day.  My co-judge Börge Espeland and I decided to give BOB to the dog Sh CH Thornywait San Valentino and we were so proud as he ended up winning Group 2 under the Gundog Specialist Penny Williams.  

MPB (20,10) 

1. Trinder & Zubair's Thornywait Absolutely Fab. Lovely, well shaped bitch puppy, very sweet feminine head with soft expression, excellent neck and topline, well angulated both ends, powerful bone, excellent body and substance, strong back end, moves with very good reach and drive, gleaming coat and condition, lovely temperament and well presented.  

2. Savage's Penbridge Sahara Sunrise at Weisford, very nice bitch with excellent length of leg, ultrafeminine head that could do with a bit more stop, kind expression, good neck, solid topline, well balanced angulations, good body and substance, adequate bone, moves with good stride, very nice coat, well presented.  

3. Rees' Catenae Darling Buds of May. 


PB (22,4) 

1. McCormack's Flyngalee Tiptoes. Outstanding bitch puppy with excellent overall balance, everything in the right amount on the right place, beautiful feminine head, kindest of expressions, strong neck flowing into solid topline, excellent quarters both ends, lovely forechest, deep in body with excellent spring of ribs, she really stood out in her class and she moved with excellent sidegait with  style and attitude, proper coat and condition, I was so delighted to award her BP and later on the mainring she won the Puppy Group and became RBPIS on the Sunday judged by Liz Stannard. I am sure we will hear a lot about this young "pearl"  in the future.  

2. Clarkson's Glitters Rainbow Over Drumkilty. Up to size bitch with a very powerful outline, quite strong in head but showing enough femininity, well arched neck, strong topline, excellent frontassembly with well filled forechest, deep in body with excellent spring of rib, short coupled, adequate hindquarters, strong and powerful mover, very good coat and condition.  

3. Turner's Moonshine de Ria Vela Over Amilone 

JB (18,7) 

1. Kipps' Willowlawn Orient Express to Wheatcroft. Very stylish bitch with a lovely outline and an excellent frame to grow into, Beautiful head with lovely expression, well arched neck flowing into strong and solid topline with correct tailset, textbook angles both ends, excellent depth in body and well sprung ribs, very good forechest, lovely bone and feet, strong backend, excellent length of leg,  moved with excellent sidegait and lovely style and attitude, coming into coat but certainly enough on the day, I really liked her a lot for her make and shape, she even continued to win YB and GB, I am sure she will trouble the best with the bright future she has ahead of her! 

2. Clarkson's Glitters Rainbow Over Drumkilty 

3. Savage's Kapplandet's Shier Nu Thina of Weisford 

YB (25,14) 

1. Kipps' Willowlawn Orient Express to Wheatcroft 

2. Crookes & Jenkinson's Quakerhall Pandora's Bounty. Very strong and powerful bitch, good size and proportions, very nice head, kind expression, good neck and topline, very good frontassembly, excellent hindquarters, lovely body and substance, adequate bone, moved with excellent sidegait, needs to settle coming and going, lovely coat and condition. Very pretty picture standing!  

3. Foster's Mockingjay Van De Corner Brook to Auristela 


GB (13,3) 

1. Kipps' Willowlawn Orient Express to Wheatcroft 

2. McDonald's Lamancha Keep A Secret JW. Lovely bitch with excellent size and proportions, beautiful head with soft expressions, excellent arched neck, solid topline, enough angulations in front, strong hindquarters, very powerful body with excellent substance, moves with enough reach and drive, just a bit too proud of her tail, gorgeous coat and condition. 

3. Youngson's Linirgor Teachers Pet At Treeveville JW.  


PGB (16,5) 

1. Morss' Desiderio Paso Doble. Lovely bitch with excellent make and shape, beautiful outline and overall balance, well chiseled head with kindest of expressions, well arched neck, very good topline, textbook angulations both end with excellent forechest, excellent depth in body with enough substance, powerful bone, moved out with excellent sidegait and lots of attitude, she really enjoyed her time in the ring which is always a pleasure to watch, beautiful gleaming coat and condition, lovely temperament.  

2. McGeoch's Nedlezah Moonlight Mist JW. Strong and powerful bitch, lovely head and expression, solid topline, very well angulated in front, excellent hindquarters, powerful body with excellent spring of rib, powerful bone, moves with enough reach and drive with lovely attitude, very good coat and condition, well presented.  

3. Gayler's Carolake Remember Me JW.  


LB (26,8) 

1. McGeoch's Nedlezah Hey Jude JW. In this huge class I found my star of the day, she caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring, she really excelled in her overall balance with a lovely outline! Lovely feminine head with kind expression, well arched neck flowing into a strong topline with correct tailset, it was such a pleasure to go over her and letting my hands following her lines and textbook angulations in front and back, excellent body and substance with a lovely forechest, strong bone, short coupled. It was such a pleasure to see her going around the ring where she stood out  with her fantastic reach and drive and strength, she was so connected with her handler making it a lovely picture with lots of teamwork, she was shown in immaculate coat and condition and I was delighted to award her the CC which was her crowning one the owner told me afterwards.  

2. Seares' Dasmaks Lemon Grass at Tanalia. Beautiful bitch with so much to like about her, lovely head and expression, excellent neck and topline, excellent frontassembly, powerful backend, lovely body and substance, strong bone, she stood out on the move, showing so much quality with great style and attitude, coming into the most beautiful coat and condition, just not enough for the top spot on the day.  

3. Murray & MacDonald's Rathcloon Thyme N Punishment JW. 


OB (20,13). 

1. Wheeldon's Sh Ch Thornywait Fame N'GFortune For Catnnels. Maximum sized bitch with a gorgeous outline, she certainly got my attention coming into the ring. Very well made bitch oozing quality and so well balanced, well chiseled head with soft expression, strong neck, the strongest of toplines with excellent tailset, lovely frontassembly with proper forechest, excellent depth in body with plenty of heartroom, well sprung ribs, strong hindquarters, lovely bone and feet, the moment she set off to move I could only have a smile on my face and enjoyed watching her going around with such strength and power with excellent reach and drive. She was coming into a lovely coat of proper texture, just not the full bloom like the winner but I certainly couldn't deny her the RCC and I am sure in full coat she will be the star on many other occasions.  

2. Clarkson's Sh Ch Drumkilty's Hibernia JW. Lovely bitch with a very well balanced outline, quite strong in head but still showing enough femininity, excellent make and shape, so well constructed in her angulations in both ends, excellent body and substance, strong bone, it was no surprise that with her balanced outline and construction she moved with lovely reach and drive around the ring, could just have been a bit more solid on the day, she was shown glorious coat and condition.  

3. Lewandrowski's Ch Sequins Sabiha. 


1. Archibald's Sh Ch Abinvale Mystic River. Lovely veteran bitch with a beautiful outline, very feminine head with soft expression, beautiful set of neck, excellent topline and tailset, very good frontassembly, strong and powerful backend, well sprung ribs, lovely bone and feet. She really enjoyed her moment in the ring and just shone when  she went around the ring with still such strength and lovely reach and drive, such a pity she decided to leave most of her coat somewhere else instead of wearing it in the ring as she would have troubled the best, but she still oozed so much quality that I couldn't deny her the classwin.  

2. Hudson's Aymsbury Akaysha. Solid bitch with very good size and proportions, feminine head, a bit round in eye, very good neck and topline, lovely quarters both ends, excellent body and substance, moves with lovely reach and drive and shown in a very nice coat. 

3. Gowland & Gibbon's Remington Rhubarb.  


Sjoerd Jobse