• Show Date: 14/12/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Simon Parsons Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: Bull Terrier (Miniature)


Miniature Bull Terriers

A bit of a mixed entry as usual but I was pleased to have some super examples for the top awards. Sorry we didn’t have a measure. I try not to become obsessed with height but it was a deciding factor in some tough decisions. Mouths were good in the main winners but varied in the rest of the entry, some reverse scissors and several with canines less than ideal or which appeared to have been broken.

JD (4, 1a) 1 Clark’s Extravert Idealist at Grandopera, attractively marked br/w, may not have been the smallest dog I judged but had some tremendous virtues which I hope will benefit the breed, superb head and expression, piercing eye, well placed small ears, super fill and arc, reachy arched neck, well laid shoulder, gun barrel front down to correct feet, shortest of backs, big barrel of a body, plenty of bone. Settled to move steadily, OK in front, slightly choppy behind and tail could be carried a shade lower. A real showman, presented and handled by a master of the art. An exciting pup who should have an interesting future. RCC and BP; 2 Woods’ Phunsize Divo Cato with Kiltonthorpe, smart b/br/w. Good head, profile and fill, not quite the eye or mouth of 1, reachy neck, OK bone and front but turns feet a little, true mover but could have a shade more drive, good body, not quite as short in back as 1 but then, how many are? 3 Wilson’s Duvessa Sheer Khan. PGD (2, 1) 1 Toth’s Pannonszepe Mini Diego, elegant white, OK head which could with a shade more arc and fill, good length of muzzle, enough bone, straight front but turns feet a little, shapely body which could be slightly more compact, powerful hindquarters with correct bend of stifle, sound mover with more drive behind than most. LD (1) 1 Harper’s Chattanooba Choo Choo Aedestaurum, very typy stylish solid red, good strong masculine head, super eye and expression, good neck, enough bone for size, very short back, good topline, could have a shade more angulation, moved true. Held his own in the challenge, but but not the mouth or reach and drive of the winners today. OD (7, 2) 1 Hearne, Singleton and Catilina’s Dofro Stormbreaker Warbonnet, beautifully typy b/br/w, scores in his overall balance and proportions, excellent head, eye and expression, good arc, enough fill, arched neck, super front and feet, plenty of bone for size, short black, well bodied, powerful hindquarters, decent angulation which is good to see in such a compact fellow. Took his time to settle on the move but when he did so he travelled soundly and covered the ground with easy strides. CC, his fourth and qualifier, and BOB. Pity his owner couldn’t stay for the group; 2 Emett’s Ch Dofro Avenging Storm, such an attractive b/br/w, the obvious complement to winner and I wasn’t the slightest surprised to find they were litter brothers, congratulations to their breeders who also bred the BCC in BT today. Little to choose between the brothers in head and expression, similar size, super bone and feet, excellent topline and well made hindquarters. Perhaps even better side movement than 1, but went a shade wide in front. Not quite so compact in outline as his brother or as the puppy but all three are top class Minis; 3 Dodwell’s Aloukanna Hold Your Fire. GCD (1) 1 Lewis’ Lafenice Joey Tribiani, showy white in the hardest of condition, nice to see such hard muscle, not carrying as much weight as most but I do sometimes wonder whether they actually need as much covering as we judges tend to prefer. Very well boned, OK head type, mouth fault, reach neck, slightly heavy in shoulder, turns front feet a little, good body, super hindquarters which he really uses on the move, went true behind. Not surprised to hear he excels at agility.

PB (3) 1 Hughes’ Graymor Glacial Ice, pretty white, feminine head, well filled with gentle curving profile. Over the years I have often found that it’s the whites who excel in make and shape and that’s certainly the case here, well laid back shoulders, good length and angle upper arm which ensures the legs are nicely under the body, truest of fronts, tight feet, clean body lines, shapely hindquarters, moves as you’d expect from her conformation. If she settles to show with a bit more enthusiasm should do very well; 2 Bennett and Pickering’s Phunsize Diva Heddy, br/w with a good strong well filled head, super bone, good neck, tremendous substance, reasonable front, rather reluctant on the move today; 3 Battel’s Bullytherre Celeste. JB (4) 1 Harper’s Aedestaurum Fancy Dress at Olympusbulys, shapely br/w, good head, super eye and expression, enough fill, reasonable profile, reach neck, OK shoulder and upper arm, plenty of bone, sound mover; 2 White and Kocaba’s Aminirumpus Imlikkleelle, smart br/w, excellent expression viewed head on, could have a bit more arc, good ears carried well, OK neck, plenty of bone and substance, not quite the angulation of 1, especially in upper arm, but still a close decision; 3 Malchanava and Vysotski’s Shacals Seven Wonder at Topasbully. PGB (2) Another hard decision between contrasting types. 1 Harper’s Lancer Land Ukulele at Olympusbulys, smart typy b/br/w, shortest of backs, feminine head, gentle profile, could have a bit more fill and eye slightly kind, super front, plenty of bone, excellent neck, topline and substance, moved true but have a shade more drive; 2 Lewis, White and Kocaba’s Aminirumpus Back In A Minute, tri, quality head with a bit more fill, good reach of neck, plenty of substance, straight front, not so compact as 1. Moved with a bit more drive than 1 but rather close in front, preferred winner’s tail carriage. LB (3, 2) 1 Barr and Novak’s Cherry Bomb Got A Hangover at Giffenbull, charming little brindle whose overall neatness and responsiveness to her handler really appealed to me. Feminine head in proportion to her size, enough profile and fill, good eye and expression, super small well set ears, excellent reach of neck, super bone in proportion, true front, well covered body with excellent topline and tail carriage, powerful hindquarters, balanced angles both ends, movement absolutely true, steady side gait. CC, her first. OB (2, 1) 1 McGregor’s Ch Opium Bonsai von Amadis, impressive slightly bigger b/br/w, super head, wicked eye, good profile, reachy neck, plenty of bone and substance, preferred the more shapely hindquarters and more co-ordinated movement of Cherry Bomb but has much to offer. RCC. VB (1) 1 Presland and Vincent’s Ch White Eyed And Legless in Kofyn, laid back substantial 10-year-old, has seen and done it all before! Strong head, good neck and shoulder, masses of bone, a shade long cast. BV.