• Show Date: 15/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Simon Parsons Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Border Union Agricultural Society

Breed: Unclassified, imported register, rare breeds, breeders' competition

Border Union

Thank you for the opportunity to go over such a wide variety of breeds. I very much enjoyed it and am grateful to my stewards whop got us through such a large number of classes each day. What an enjoyable show this is, especially when the weather is kind.


GUNDOGS - PD (2, 1a) 1 Graham’s Eald Dances With Wolves among Nyliram, the first dog I judged here and one of the most exciting, at a year on the day this Sussex looks something special and I hope he maintains this promise into maturity. Beautiful masculine head type in proportion to his well developed body, well shaped clean eye, smooth neck and shoulder, balanced angulation each end, ideal topline, super proportions, low to ground without exaggeration, superb bone, correct feet, excellent ribbing, perfect topline, well carried tail, quality coat of the correct colour, moved true retaining his shape, such a happy chap with his ever wagging tail. BNSC, PG2 under Mike Vincent and shortlisted in the main group by Jim Richardson. JD (2, 1) 1 Adamo’s Mikette Mario Millionaire at Zakro, smart o/w Lagotto, masculine head, good neck, correct front angles and topline for the breed, good tail carriage, the right bend of stifle, moved as you’d expect from his conformation, perhaps a shade narrow in front at this stage. ND (1) 1 Lowe’s Diptonia The Red Baron, young liver Field, needs plenty of time to mature and deepen in body as you’d expect in this slow maturing breed, quality head with characteristic noble expression, super bone and feet, reachy neck, good topline, a shade erratic behind at present but eventually steadied to show a steady stride from the side. PGD (1) 1 Brown’s Saxonbejayz Elliot, very masculine Sussex, quite strong in head type, good ears, plenty of bone, well padded feet feet, well ribbed back, a shade upright in shoulder. Not quite the drive behind or topline on the move of the puppy. OD (4) 1 Dodds & Pearson’s Ir/VDH Ch Braccorions Juno What at Kelevra, such a handsome athletically built o/r Bracco, plenty of substance, quality head with typical expression, covered the ground with great enthusiasm and style from powerful well muscled hindquarters. Very close up to the Sussex whose topline I marginally preferred. RBD; 2 Lowe’s Diptonia Dream Merchant, quality liver Field of super balance, attractive head with that hard to resist Field expression, super topline, balanced angles, good steady sound mover, perhaps could have a shade more substance; 3 Nesbitt’s Yorkham Fred Bear from Chabrouille, appealing Sussex, liked the head, neck and topline, looked well on the move. Different type to the other Sussex here, not quite so low set or well angulated.

JB (4) 1 Tully’s Highclare Oos The Daddy, lovely quality o/w Brittany, beautifully feminine, quality head and ears, clean neck, correct slightly sloping topline, immaculate front and feet, super brisk side gait. Just needs to settle a bit coming and going but I loved her. BB; 2 Dodds & Pearson’s Braccorion’s Nesta Vipas, equally beautiful o/w Bracco with an air of class and quality, correct head planes, excellent body shape, super feet, clean well angulated shoulders, promise of a good side gait if not yet quite so steady going round as 1. RBB; 3 Gill’s Diptonia Gypsy Moth, quality liver Field, litter sister to Red Baron and like him needs tots of time to come to her best, lovely head type, excellent neck and bone, can firm up a bit in front but lots of promise. PGB (2, 1) 1 Nesbitt’s Chabrouille Singin Hinny, another Sussex with such an appealing cheerful character, liked the head, eyers and ears, well boned, correct feet, OK neck and topline, well bodied, enthusiastic mover, perhaps could have a shade more front angulation. OB (1) 1 Dodds & Pearson’s Vissia del Tavuliddaro, pretty feminine o/w Bracco, quality head, soulful eyes, OK bone, could be slightly firmer in front, excellent topline, free side gait but tended to crab a little, needs time and experience.

HOUNDS - Particularly good support from the Basenjis with five champions and several of the latest crop of puppies on show. Let’s hope the society can be persuaded to give them separate classes in future. All Basenjis unless specified. PD (3) 1 Gaskell’s Memetuka Mad About The Boy, lovely quality baby, beautiful head type, masculine without coarseness, super eyes, ears and wrinkle, reach neck, straight front, correct size, high on leg, super balance, well bodied, good hind angles, well set tail, moved OK for a baby, a shade upright in upper arm; 2 Hardy & Hallam’s Tokaji Nashville Rebel, totally different type, taller and more angular, clean neck and shoulder, preferred shorter muzzle and tighter feet of 1 and a shade longer, has promise of a reach side gait; 3 Falcus’ Phareal Mojito, smaller type with quality head and neck, good body, another with correct coat, would prefer a shade more angulation, moved rather wide in front. JD (1) 1 Hardy & Hallam’s Tokaji Walking In Memphis, stylish tri, remarkably mature for 6 months, OK head type, shorter muzzle than his brother, just the right bone, arched neck, balanced angulation, unusually true behind, more tuck-up than appears at first glance, excellent topline, super collected ground covering side gait for such a baby. BD and BP. ND (2) 1 Binnie’s Dreamlight Sterling Silver, quality silver/br Borzoi, lovely balance, gently arched topline, such a classy expression, super bone and feet, powerful hindquarters, steady side gait but lifted his front feet a little. Close up to RBD; 2 Brady’s Classicus Azim for Bordercot, really promising masculine r/grizzle Saluki at the teenage stage of development and attitude! Quality head, super neck, typical bone, excellent neck and topline, sensibly angulated hindquarters, just needs to drop into himself now. Hard decision in this unusually good novice class, Borzoi just shaded it on the last go-round. PGD (2) 1 Stewart’s Kingwanas Vincent Van Boof of Jenbasi, good overall type, improving all the time and has fined down now which gives him more elegance, correct head proportions, well shaped eyes which could be a shade darker, good bone, excellent topline and hindquarters, could have a shade more front angulation, moved steadily retaining his topline; 2 Swanson’s Dashava Moscow of Altimarlach, attractive w/r Borzoi, good bone and feet, straight front, correct topline, refined masculine head, would prefer a shade more angulation. Moved true but could have a bit more reach and drive. LD (3) 1 Stewart’s Wazin Bri Master of Jenbasi, classy brindle of an elegant type, quality head with correct muzzle length, good eyes and ears, arched neck, short back, correct size, well set tail, good hind angles, a shade upright in front. Moved smartly with slightly more drive than reach; 2 Hannah’s Akmar Man Of Steele for Milukris, hard decision here which would have been even closer had he been a little more settled on the table. Lovely quality brother to BNSC, super head shape, good eyes, reachy neck into firm topline, clean front, excellent side gait. Preferred his front angles but a shade longer in back; 3 Swanson’s Nibrass Royal Blend among Altimarlach, typy br/w Borzoi, super outline and balance, very refined head, smooth topline, powerful hindquarters, moved well behind but lost out on front action. OD (3) 1 Dunsdon & Fox’s Ch/Aus Ch/Am GCh Kazor’s Breaking The Bank, neatly made Basenji with a super topline, well set tail, excellent hindquarters, masculine head, eye could be a shade darker, neck in proportion, short back. Could be rather leggier but moved really well behind and a steady side gait moving all of a piece. RBD; 2 Smith’s Ryazan Joshua at Julan, lovely masculine r/w Borzoi of excellent overall quality, super head, eye and expression, clean neck and shoulder, flowing topline, plenty of scope, powerful hindquarters, stood a shade slack in front but a free active mover, close up; 3 Chavez-Novoa’s Woodella Vamos, handsome tri, typical head, eye could be darker, good straight front, well bodied, good length of neck. Not quite so firm in topline or side gait as 1 and 2.

PB (4) 1 Gaskell’s Memetuka Nice Az Spice, such a pretty baby, gorgeous head with the right proportions, dark oblique eye, good wrinkle and the smallest of ears, full of quality, properly set tail, short back, good hindquarters, could have a shade more front angulation, moved steadily; 2 Hudson & Nash’s Tokaji Moon Over Miami with Mutoko, stronger type tri, OK head, good bone, balanced angulation, promise of a reachy side gait. A shade longer than 1 whose tail set I preferred; 3 Eliot’s Orange Moon Mysterious Talisman, pretty feminine type, sweet head, correct eye, good reach of neck, fine bone, well bodied, OK topline and tail. Would prefer a shade more angulation, needs to settle on the move. JB (3, 1a) 1 Falcus’ Marsala Mysterious Talisman Phareal, elegant tri, typical head, good bone, enough substance, shapely hindquarters, free mover, could be a shade shorter in back. Good topline standing, it can settle a bit on the move; 2 Gaskell’s Memetuka Secret Smile, so pretty all through, this kennel is producing some really lovely heads, a lesson for anyone interested in learning about head type. Super hindquarters and tail set, short back, slightly upright in front. Didn’t settle on the move in this class but pulled herself together in the challenge for BPB and beat her kennel mate for it. NB (1) 1 Binnie’s Dreamlight Tsigane, w/g sister to ND winner and another classy Borzoi, quality head and expression, flowing neckline, well laid shoulder, shapely body, stands over plenty of ground, well made hindquarters, moved well behind, could just be a shade firmer in front action but liked her a lot. PGB (1) 1 Stewart’s Kingwanas Viva Las Vegas of Jenbasi, quality brindle, typical head and eye, ears could be a shade higher set, enough bone, well bodied, OK hindquarters, could be slightly shorter in back, steady reachy side gait, slightly close in front. LB (3, 1a) 1 McLaughlan’s Boughton Bizzarrini at Azrams, real quality blue/br Greyhound, feminine head into a smooth neck and shoulder, just the right bone for her size, covers lots of ground both standing and on the move, muscled hindquarters, really true coming and going which enabled her to slot in between the two lovely Basenji bitches and take the RBB award; 2 Dollan’s Donskoi Zanoza at Scotach, lovely feminine lemon/w Borzoi, quality head, slightly kind in eye, super bone, feet, topline and hindquarters, preferred shoulders and front movement of 1. OB (5) Quite a class. 1 Steele’s Ch/Lux Ch Akmar Empress Of Egypt, full of quality and style with the super carriage, elegance and refinement that typifies the Basenji, yet with enough substance to be workmanlike as well. Beautiful head type, super crest to her neck, straight front, fine bone in proportion, short back, long legs and well made hindquarters, moved with great aplomb. BNSC; 2 Dunsdon’s Ch/Aus Ch Zandeena Getn Cort In The Act, equally lovely bitch who on her day can change places with 1. Scores on her immaculate topline, correct angles, super tail set and strong hindquarters. Marginally prefer expression of 1 who is a shade shorter. This one has excellent shoulders but on the day wasn’t reaching out as well in front as I’m sure she can. Love them both; 3 Hardy & Hallam’s Ch Tokaji Klassic Trinity, smart tri with super angles, reachy neck and a lovely long stride. Not quite head shape or tail set of those above.

TERRIERS - PD (3, 1w/d) 1 Bell’s Zippor Sleepy Sapphireson, handsome promising Sealyham, strong head, powerful jaw, correct neck, well balanced outline, plenty of bone and substance, strongly made hindquarters, moved OK, a shade wide in front; 2 Pugh & Shaw’s Gaelgorm Mister Marvelous, substantial Welsh, masculine head, good neck, bone and feet, harsh coat. Could be slightly shorter in back, front movement needs to settle. PGD (2) 1 Maughan’s Brocolitia Painted Apache, smart Wire, super refined head, wicked eye, well carried ears, good neck, shoulder and upper arm, OK bone, stood and moved rather wide behind which lost him RBD; 2 Scott-Downie’s Janski Quintavius at Vontac, typy grey Cesky, OK head and neck, characteristic topline, went well behind but rather elbowy in front. LD (1) 1 Griffiths’ Brocolitia Point Of Fire, substantial masculine Wire, impressive head with strong skull and muzzle which could be a shade more refined, good reach of neck, plenty of bone and body, deep chest, good tuck up, well set tail and OK hind angulation.Eventually settled to move OK and take RBD. OD (2, 1a) 1 Malzoni & Browne-Cole’s Ch Travella Laketrix Set To Strike, what a charismatic show dog this is! Superb eye and keen expression, long neck running cleanly into super shoulders and the shortest possible back, high set tail, plenty of substance and the right angles both end, crisp coat at its peak. I must mention the presentation, handling and showmanship which surely couldn’t be improved upon, the dog is perfectly schooled on a loose lead yet still given the chance to demonstrate the spirit and spark appropriate to the breed, all going towards a memorable overall picture. BNSC, went on to win the group under Albert Wight and was Mark James’ choice as BIS.

PB (2, 1a) 1 Maughan’s Brocolitia Cracklin Dream, rather fell for this beautiful Wire baby, so feminine, super head type with super ears and eyes, reachy neck, clean shoulders, short back, balanced all through and well presented, best of luck with her. BB. OB (1) 1 Coutts’ Ir Ch Burrencroft Wild At Heart, another classy Wire with a strong head and muzzle, strong jaws, good eyes and ears, plenty of bone and substance, indeed carrying a bit much weight, level topline, moved true. Not quite the neck nor so feminine as the puppy. RBB.

WORKING - Quite a few absent here but those who did turn up were high class. OD (4, 2) 1 Needham’s Can Ch Arcticice Qimmiq Jasper with Innugati, such a handsome w/b Canadian Eskimo, well proportioned head, good ear set, correct neck length, balanced angulation, plenty of substance, typical coat and mane well presented, sound steady mover making an impressive overall picture. BNSC; 2 McMurray’s Alpentire He’s The Gizer, lovely St Bernard with a beautiful head, clean eyes, super bone and feet, well bodied with correct angles, covered the ground well on the move. Close up, winner scored going away. RBD. 

PGB (1) 1 McMurray’s Chandlimore Shot In The Dark at Alpentire, pretty feminine St Bernard, appealing head with correct stop and clean eyes, well boned, excellent feat, OK shoulder, upper arm slightly upright, well bodied, super topline, OK hindquarters and tail carriage. Moved OK but could be slightly firmer at elbow. RBB. LB (2, 1a) 1 Needham’s Arcticfire Qimmiq Misskwa for Innugati, nicely balanced r/w Canadian Eskimo, good head proportions, correct topline and tail, could be a shade firmer in front, OK angles, not in best coat. Rather unsettled today, showed a steady side gait when she eventually got going. OB (3, 2a) 1 Needham’s Akna Archangel with Innugati, smart well balanced w/b Canadian Eskimo, complemented the BD well, feminine head, neat ears, well boned with good feet, correct topline, steady gait from balanced angulation, a shade narrow coming and going but liked her a lot. BB. 

PASTORAL - PD (3) 1 Rayne & Fleming’s Old El Paso du Vanil des Artses, most attractive grey Catalan, super head and moderate neck, dark eye, true front, good topline and hindquarters with correct dew claws, OK tail, moved very typically especially in front and in profile; 2 Bird, Lester & Smith’s Hawksflight Paparazzi at Domburg, classy Groenendael, liked his head and neck, well proportioned, good bone and feet, OK hindquarters, typical profile action but needs to firm up coming and going; 3 Hardie’s Mybeards Huckleberry, real baby b/w Polish Lowland, super head and bone, well bodied, looks a shade long cast at this stage, sure he will come together in due course, moved well in front, needs time to steady behind. JD (1) 1 H Paparazzi at D. LD (2) 1 Ferguson’s Mellowdee Moriarty with Lexalby, very nice OES, super outline enhanced by excellent presentation, handsome head with strong skull, neck in proportion, excellent bone and angles, plenty of substance, looked impressive on the move especially from the front and side. RBD; 2 Branch’s Jabenezer Karoly Charles, handsome well corded Komondor in clean condition, masculine head, good neck, shoulders and bone, could have a shade more hind angulation and drive from the rear. OD (2, 1) 1 Mottram’s Ch Mybeards Hero, b/w Polish Lowland in beautiful condition and handled to get the best out of him, liked his head and neck, super topline and matching angulation, in great coat, real showman. His great asset, I thought, was his movement, absolutely foot perfect coming and going and with an unexaggerated rhythmic side gait keeping his shape at all times. BNSC, won the group under Kevin Young.

NB (1) 1 Branch’s Zaydah The Prettiest Song Jabenezer, attractive well balanced Puli in good coat, feminine head, correct neck, level topline, good hindquarters, a shade narrow in front, typical profile action. LB (1) 1 Rayne & Fleming’s Osseja du Vanil des Artses, quality grey Catalan, typical head, dark eye, correct neck, shoulder and bone, well proportioned, OK hindquarters and dew claws moved true but could have been a shade more enthusiastic going round. RBB. OB (2) 1 Lindley’s Lindgreave Pon Chipmonk, classy b/w Polish Lowland, admired her feminine head, medium length neck, correctly angulated shoulder and upper arm, well muscled hindquarters, enough substance, steady mover going round, retaining her good topline. Not quite the hind movement of the male but made a good complement to him in the challenge. BB; 2 Macbeth’s Ch/Ir Ch Cariadus High Society via Maclaurien, lovely Puli of super size and type, feminine head in proportion to body, true front, squarely built with enough substance, correct topline, full cords well presented. Not too happy about using her tail today, a pity. 

UTILITY - ND (1) 1 Spence’s Spencerian So Macho, shapely cr/sable Klein, good head and eye, smart showman, good topline and side gait, slightly narrow in front, needs to develop in body. LD (2, 1a) 1 Gibson’s Stairend Roxstar at Kaiaki, well presented Japanese Spitz, quality head, correct neck and shoulder, level topline, perhaps a shade too much hind angulation, brisk mover, good coat texture. OD (2) 1 Gibson’s Ch Charney Mejiro, another super Japanese Spitz in immaculate condition, very masculine, excellent head and eye, super topline and scored on tail carriage, well bodied, correct hind angles, never stopped showing. A shade more ‘together’ on the move than his son. BNSC; 2 Spence’s Stormavon Sandpiper with Spencerian, cream Klein, excellent head, OK bone, level back, well set tail, not quite the freedom of movement of 1 but made an appealing overall picture. RBD. 

PB (1) 1 Ellis’ Bojinghai Song Bird, very much admired this well balanced red Chow pup, super head, clean correct shape eyes, small well carried ears, neck in balance, plenty of bone, short back, well set tail, typical hindquarters, moved soundly, one to watch I thought. BB and BP. NB (1) 1 Spence’s Spencerian Sexy And I Know It, smart cream Klein, OK head type, short back, good topline, well set tail, steady side movement, a shade upright in front, not in best coat. PGB (2, 1a) 1 Spence’s Spencerian Starz In Her Eyes, blue Klein, firm body with level topline, arched neck, good bone, brisk side gait, smart showgirl, a shade upright in front. LB (2) 1 Bailey & Grant’s Leebren Midnight Nite Light, stylish black Schnauzer, feminine head, excels in neck, topline and bend of stifle, real showgirl, steady mover, OK shoulder, upper arm slightly steep but I liked her a lot. RBB; 2 Spence’s Spencerian Doggy Style, very much admired this typy black Klein and it was a hard decision. Appealing head, compactly built, correct coat texture contributing to a lovely outline, well set tail, could be a touch firmer at elbow. OB (1) 1 Spence’s Seirian Skydancer with Spencerian, attractive brown sable Klein, another attentive showgirl, correct head and eye, good neck, shoulder, body and topline, in good textured coat. Very erratic on the move today and didn’t get into her stride.

TOYS - PD (6) 1 Murdoch’s Cukoton White Magic Jinx for Cotonalba, most impressive Coton who surely should make his mark in the breed, typical head with good skull to muzzle proportions, correct eyes, enough neck, well balanced overall with typical topline, plenty of good textured coat, came into his own on the move showing style and soundness; 2 Easdon & Martin’s Yakee William Shakespeare, much younger Peke, striking small b/w of compact build, super head qualities, level back, well constructed front with minimal neck and plenty of bone for size, shapely body, just needs to firm up behind; 3 Inch’s Edalene Dark Victory, very typy ETT of a lovely size, typical topline, good hindquarters, attractive head, ears need to firm up. JD (3) 1 Bennett’s Witchstone Place Your Bets at Capledrae, superb ETT of obvious quality, was going to write that he looks like a future champion but gather he had beaten me to it! Gorgeous head with characteristic ears, super neck and shoulders, firm front, ideal bone, beautifully balanced with strong quarters, in top condition with coat gleaming, looked impressive on the move. RBD; 2 Charles’ Newtonwood A Touch Of Class, real baby cream Havanese, quality head, promise of a good body, typical topline, good hindquarters, front slightly forward placed, eventually settled to move steadily; 3 Lee-Finglas’ Tiggafield Super Trouper, cr/w Havanese with a typical head, good bone, topline and body shape but didn’t get it together when moving. ND (1) 1 N A Touch Of Class. LD (1) 1 Inch’s Sharex If I Can for Edalene, nice size ETT, quality head and ears, correct bone, enough body, could have a shade more strength in hindquarters. OD (6, 3a) 1 Easdon and Martin’s Ch Yakee The Aristocrat, ultra typy r/br Peke with a gorgeous head, wide and shallow, beautiful eyes, flat skull, good size open nostrils as had all from this kennel, front legs correctly moulded round the chest, leonine body shape, perfect topline, medium size and picked up well, moved with dignity carrying his tail properly. BNSC, went on to G4 under Alan Bendelow; 2 Stevenson’s Sheneva’s Homeward Bound at Jeminai, liked this very soundly made b/w Havanese, super balance with correct topline, good angles both ends and a masculine head, moved smartly with style; 3 Lister’s Ch Florita Tallento, classy fawn Italian Greyhound with a super head and ears, excellent neck and shoulder, well bodied, in great condition as always from this kennel. Not sure he was too happy in the tent today which resulted in his topline seeming slightly overdone.

PB (5, 1a) 1 Easdon & Martin’s Yakee The Contrary Mary, yet another super Peke from the Scottish stronghold, fawn, superb head and eyes, excellent bone, shapely body, sound front, well set tail, picks up beautifully and moves cheerfully. RBB and BP; 2 Scott’s Cukoton Bewitched, another very promising Coton, litter sister to the male and the feminine equivalent, typical head, well bodied, the right topline and a sound happy mover; 3 Russell’s Dyffrynsands Destinys Day to Claravi, red Havanese baby with a good head, OK body and sound hindquarters, looked the part going round, can develop a shade more width through the front. NB (1) 1 Souter’s Rishlyn Pocahontas at Greusaiche, typical Coton, pretty feminine head, correct coat texture, good topline, sound hindquarters, a shade narrow in front. PGB (1) 1 Lister’s Revillo Allegro, pretty feminine f/w Italian Greyhound, quality head, super arched neck, good tuck-up, shoulder and upper arm, moved with good lift in front, slightly wide behind. LB (1) 1 R Pocohontas at G. OB (2) 1 Lister’ Ch Florita Tueletta, what a gorgeous Italian Greyhound, fawn of lovely type and size, super head and neck, correct topline, straight front with fine bone, looked lovely on the move, absolutely sound and with a super typical side gait. BB and gave the Peke a very strong challenge for the top spot; 2 Inch’s Edalene Never Let Me Go, attractive ETT, looked well standing, feminine head, good bone, OK front, correct body shape. Moved true but didn’t quite keep her topline and could have a shade more drive from the rear.


FIRST DAY - Great support from the Jack Russells in particular - what rapid progress the breed is making, hope it won’t be ‘rare’ for too much longer. Winners are JRT unless specified.

PD (4, 1) 1 Stuart’s Kaszavolgyl-Fudge Lucky, very smart neatly made pup of correct size and balance, well made all through, good neck leading to level topline and well set tail, quality male head and a sound mover, very promising; 2 Clayton’s Pantycelyn Highland King, very masculine pup, stronger made overall, heavier head type, plenty of bone, good bone and topline, not quite the front construction of 1, moved true; 3 McGeachie’s Caldbeck Jack Lethal Weapon, bigger longer type, needs time to drop into himself and I hope he has stopped growing. Good bone and neck, feet a shade open. JD (1) 1 RBD, M Mario Millionaire from Z, Lagotto from NSC. PGD (3) 1 McCabe’s Krisbos Jelly Bean, good overall type, wouldn’t want him any stronger made, good head type, sound front, well made hindquarters, scored here on his sound true movement; 2 Laird’s Jonu’s JR Game Of Thrones at Drailam, quality more refined type, liked his size and overall balance, tail slightly curly. With more confidence could do better; 3 McKenzie Greig’s Genial Gru Bohemia White Hunter at Sonateeka, OK type and size, well balanced, attractive head, could be firmer in topline and a touch wide in front. Coat not at its best. OD (1) 1 Turner & Macdonald’s Back Pack di Sutri at Locheil, such a smart showman, it does make such a difference when they are trained to give of their best, loved his head and ears, excellent neck and clean shoulders, the right overall balance and a sound steady mover. BD, just lost BRB to his kennel mate whose topline was a shade firmer today.

PB (4, 2) 1 Turner & Macdonald’s Locheil Girl Talk, definitely one I could have taken home, a delightful youngster who is already an accomplished showgirl with so much to admire, head, neck, topline, balance and style, in good coat and overall a little star. Great things to come I hope. RBB and BP; 2 Biggerstaff-Moore’s Twinan Barefoot to Benzara, smart as paint, good overall balance and topline, correctly made hindquarters, neat feet. Just preferred expression and forehand of 1. JB (3) 1 Macfarlane’s Mindlen Betty Boop, attractive bitch with good bone and substance, a shade longer than ideal and not in best coat but really came in to her own on the move with super reach and drive; 2 Jackman’s Locheil Stop And Look via Navigareamor, pretty feminine bitch whose head and expression I preferred, needs time to body up. Well made and sound but didn’t really settle on the move today; 3 T Barefoot to B. PGB (4) 1 Roberts & Murray’s Mindlen Arasaig Thistle, bigger type of bitch with plenty of bone and substance, super head and eye, well balanced, good topline and side gait, a shade close coming and going, the only one who really cooperated with her handler in this class; 2 Laird’s Mindlen Bubblegum at Drailam, smaller type, very pretty and feminine, quality head, not quite bone or front of 1; 3 McKenzie Greig’s Chick Charlene Bohemia White Hunter, pretty head, feminine all through, level topline, sound hindquarters, didn’t get it together today, especially on the move. OB (3) 1 Turner & Macdonald’s Lochiel Novascotia, lovely quality all round, excellent head and expression, super neck, shoulders and topline, strong hindquarters, well set tail, trotted out as if she meant business, classy overall picture. Best rare breed; 2 Biggerstaff-Moore’s Ir Ch Saredon Miss Malone of Benzara, pretty bitch of slightly different overall balance, a bit more upright, very feminine, neatly made, correct topline, one of the few I found spannable, true mover without quite the drive of 1; 3 Roberts & Murray’s Ducklings JR Just Quite, more like 1 in balance, quality feminine head, excellent neck, moved out well, could have a shade more front angulation. Not in best coat, sure she will have better days.

SECOND DAY - PD (1) C White Magic Jinx from C, Coton from NSC. Best rare breed and BP. PGD (4, 3a) 1 J Karoly Charles, Komondor from NSC. OD (6, 4a) 1 Towers’ Enjanicka Midnight Blue, most appealing smart squarely built Bolognese, small and stylish, typical head, level topline, correct coat texture, busy mover, just a shade close in front. RBD; 2 Stewart’s Micona Echo, impressive masculine blonde Hovawart, super neck, shoulder and bone, just a shade long in loin I thought. 

PB (4, 2) 1 Stewart’s Here I Am Cova Krolewska Kraina, just a baby but this blonde Hovawart appealed a lot, quality head and ears, very good front construction with correct angles and some forechest, correct topline, OK hindquarters, settled to move remarkably well for her age. BB; 2 C Bewitched, Coton from NSC. PGB (5) 1 Towers’ Enjanicka Toscana Mio Caro, another attractive Bolognese, so pretty and feminine, well balanced, quality head, good pigment, steady mover. RBB; 2 Wolfe’s Fasskoleys Cadmium Scarlett, well balanced b/g Hovawart, typical head, super topline and angulation, moved soundly but could have shown a bit more enthusiasm; 3 Robinson & Brown’s Zwartbos Moet, more substantial type of Hovawart, b/g, super bone and well proportioned head. Preferred forehand and topline of 2. OB (8) 1 Wolfe’s Zwartbos Ventnor, well made b/g Hovawart with plenty of substance, very good bone and feet, well laid shoulder and upper arm, correct topline, free active mover, tail rather curly; 2 McKean’s Silmoralbions Euphoria at Yawren, quality red Eurasier, typical head, good from front, excellent hindquarters, carrying a bit much weight and didn’t keep her topline on the move though she went with drive and enthusiasm; 3 Heffernan’s Ir Ch Micona Tango, lighter made type of Hovawart, b/g with clean lines throughout and good free side gait. Could be a shade firmer in front and deepen in chest but is still a youngster.


FIRST DAY - PD (1) 1 Wyer’s Otis du Rec de la Borie, baby Griffon Fauve of a super shape, well balanced, true front, strong well made hindquarters, well carried tail, free active mover, just needs to settle in hind action. Will be interested to see him when his coat comes through. PGD (1) 1 McEwan’s Perdizcyo Aloisio, masculine Portuguese Pointer, good male head, good neck, enough substance, powerful hindquarters, somewhat upright in front, eventually settled to show a reachy side gait but needs to steady coming and going. OD (4, 1a) An interesting trio, three super examples of these very distinctive breeds. 1 McDonald-Ulliott’s Hibeck Dino, how lucky is the Griffon Fauve to have a dog so closely fitting the Standard so early in its time in this country, such a handsome fellow with a super masculine head, typical folded ears, good neck without exaggerations, angulation as required, excellent bone, nicely balanced and in super condition with excellent muscle and coat smartly presented without being overly barbered. The bonus is a super show personality, keen and lively but anything but robotic. A pleasure to go over and I was thrilled to watch on video his great triumph a week later. BIR; 2 Gorrian & Henry’s Ir Sh Ch Perdizcyo Andres, another really impressive dog, a super Portuguese Pointer with plenty of ring presence, handsome head, super balance and an impressive side gait. Not quite so true coming and going as 1, nor so good in feet, but another who will win his breed many friends. RBD; 3 Webster’s Ir Ch Luca d’An Naoned avec Dalmarno, a Basset Bleu with a quality refined head, super ears, well bodied, well made hindquarters, typical crook and a look of quality. Perhaps turns feet a shade too much but a classy boy.

PB (1) 1 Webster’s Oceane d’An Naoned avec Dalmarno, pretty Basset Bleu of a slightly taller balance, lovely head type, super eyes and ears, clean neck and shoulder, strode out well and cheerfully. Naturally needs time to gain more volume and depth of body. OB (3) 1 Wyer’s Melisent du Sentier des Caillottes, another nice Griffon Fauve, a feminine complement to Dino, of moderate build and angulation without exaggeration, attractive head, sensible reach of neck, harsh coat, super bone and well bodied, steady mover retaining her shape. BB; 2 Webster’s Ir Ch Jolie d’An Naoned pour Dalnarno, appealing Basset Bleu with that unique expression, well laid back shoulders, true front, well bodied, could be a shade more let down behind. RBB; 3 Webster’s Dalmarno Aurora, daughter of Luca and Jolie, bigger type but needs plenty of time to fill out in body, typical hindquarters, not so firm at elbow as her dam.

SECOND DAY - PGD (2) 1 Pike and Carter’s Aprodombi Lelkes Levente Breezelyn, Pumi with a good square outline, typical head and ears, smooth neckline, correct shoulders and front, well bodied, moved smartly but can just firm up a little in hind action. RBD; 2 Winter & Unwin’s Morningcalm White Wizard at Snowtrekka, close up, this impressive Jindo has a good head, excellent bone and really scores in profile movement. Not quite as firm in front or topline as 1.OD (4, 2) 1 Pike and Carter’s Cseresznyeskerti-Csalfa Bobo at Breezelyn, super Pumi, very much a showman, masculine head, well carried ears, straight front, clean shoulders, in super coat and condition, super topline and hindquarters and the right amount of substance. BIR; 2 Smith and Wisniewski’s Xipilli Element Of Desire for Bondor, Std Xolo, so impressive in profile, good male head, shapely body, excellent hindquarters and tail carriage, eye-catching side gait, rather elbowy coming towards.

JB (5, 1w/d) 1 Watkins’ Bocca Biale Wilki z Wilkowa, good looking White Swiss Shepherd, attractive feminine head, excellent angles, well boned, mature in body for her age, perhaps a shade long in proportions but has a super free side gait; 2 Leach’s Ayla, such a pretty Russian Toy, needs more confidence on the table but looked much more the part when she started to move, pretty head with correct ears, fine bone and the desired body shape; 3 Smith & Wiesnewski’s Bullybande In The Spotlight for Bondor, well bodied Std Xolo, super head, enough bone, tight elbows, free happy mover but didn’t retain her topline as well as 1 and 2. PGB (2) 1 Pike & Carter’s Pumiden From Ear To Eternity to Breezelyn, pretty feminine Pumi, neat and well put together, good neck, shoulder and front, steady mover going round, a shade close behind; 2 Rymer’s Amico Antico Verona, Std Xolo, an interesting situation here as she had been very reluctant to be examined (not in a nasty way) in the junior class and I had no option but to withhold. She returned here and was much more settled and I was able to examine her sufficiently to award her a prize. Liked her proportions and type and she moved particularly soundly in front. OB (2, 1a) 1 Harvey’s Pumiden Total Eclipse, another really lovely Pumi, she and the BD will between them I’m sure win many friends for this delightful, distinctive breed. Very square in outline, super head, eyes and ears. Well presented coat, straight front, excellent topline retained on the move, correct ribbing. BB and I was splitting hairs for BRB, the dog scored marginally on rear movement, both beautifully handled.


Wish these valuable classes could be better supported - I appreciate the difficulties and understand how no way of scheduling them will suit everyone. In some teams I felt it might have been better to bring in three of the same style rather than four where one is not so obviously of the same type. Having said that I had some super groups and the toy section was a real joy to behold. 

Gundogs (2) 1 McKay’s Poniel Labradors, solidly made blacks of amazingly consistent type, size, balance and expression; 2 Challis’ Vizslanya Vizslas, quality team looking especially good on the move, all classy dogs if not so dramatically identical as the Labs. Hounds (3) 1 Melbourne & Isted’s Diheath Bassets, three quality hounds of very similar type, balance, expression and conformation; 2 Foote & McAulay’s Erylan PBGV, moved smartly in unison, good size but not quite the consistency in type; 3 Cumberland’s Mumysami Min S/h Dachshunds, again a good moving group but not all quite the same balance. Terriers (1) 1 Lui’s Eblanahalls SCWT, an interesting group in that one was trimmed rather differently from the other two who were like peas in a pod. All soundly made and moved well.

Working (1) 1 Moir’s Newgraden Newfoundlands, super trio of black males of similar outline and balance, moved in unison and retained their excellent shape on the go-round. Pastoral (2) 1 Holmes’ Pyreneans, again a very even group, all very much the same shape and outline and as they posed in front of me their expressions were almost identical, all sound movers too; 2 Jackson’s Elbereth Finnish Lapphunds, a high quality group with good heads and bone, just one of them of a slightly different balance to the other two. Utility (4, 3a) 1 Scarll & Sykes’ Timazinti Lhasa, was very impressed by the evenness of type of this superb quartet, all the same moderate size and classic outline with jaunty stylish unexaggerated movement, well done. Toy (6, 1a) Worth waiting for this class, lovely to see them filling the ring. 1 Storey’s Rhodenash Pugs, a wonderful group all of similar type and superb quality, looked just as special on the move, my congratulations to their clever breeder; 2 Smith’s Sueacres Pomeranians, three sables of identical type and size and with just the same expression; 3 Cawthera-Purdy’s Lireva Pomeranians, although not quite so identical as their rivals, all four looked of the highest quality and moved out with great style.