• Show Date: 05/07/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Simon Luxmoore Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Bullmastiff


05 JULY 2019




MPD 2(0)

1. Parkin’s Stoneglad Figaro at Marshbull. Just a little more together on the day. Balanced angulation, good shoulder, powerful throughout. A little loose on the move but will progress with maturity.

2. Furber’s Stoneglad Major Tom to Carminway. Very raw at this stage, moderate angulation, very loose feet. Covered good ground in profile but untidy on the out and back.


PD 2(0)

1. Myers/Morgan’s Optimus Danzy Jones (AI). Preferred the overall balance of 1 and the ground covering gait. Good head and expression, good front, parallel throughout, tidy feet. Strong bone, easy on the move, BP.

2. Warren’s Angel’s Phoenix Dylan Dog of Copperfield. Very much up behind on the day but balanced when moving in profile. Parallel when viewed from the front.  


JD 3(1)

1. Murphy’s Valhalla Hunter Ride the Lightening at Nanahboozoo (Imp HUN). Preferred the head of 1 and the overall gait and balance. Good reach of neck, strong shoulders, correct bone, strong top-line, easy ground covering gait.

2. Buchanan’s Senntino Super Duke. Balanced front and rear, covered good ground in profile however a little untidy on the day when viewed from the rear.


YD 3(1)

1. Elsbergiene’s Glitters Stars Doc. Good head, correct bone, nice feet and pasterns. Balanced angulation, easy on the move, strong top-line, good croup and tail-set.  

2. Hopper/McGroaty’s Ardhub All in Black at Brynfaw. More compact in type than 1 but very much up behind on the day, moderate shoulder, a little straight in stifle, would prefer tighter feet.


PGD 4(2)

1. Lampen’s Ouest for Gold du Monde D’Elias at Rosco JW (imp BEL). Preferred the head of 1. Compact in type but not carrying as much condition as I would like. Sound on the move.

2. Bosseaux’ Question of Love du Monde D’Elias. He was really not too interested in the goings on on the day but he has good bone, tidy feet, held his top-line and had a good ground covering gait when viewed in profile.


LD 3(2)

1. Bosseaux’ Question of Love du Monde D’Elias.  


OD 4(0)

1. Pavesi’s AKC Ch/Swiss Ch/It Ch. Angel’s Phoenix Heart Attack. Excellent overall balance, good head and expression, good bone, tight feet, powerful yet athletic on the move, strong top-line, good croup, tail-set and carriage, DCC & BOB.

2. Myers/Morgan’s Optimus Jack Daniels. Good head, good shoulder, well conditioned, not the ground covering gait of 1, RDCC.

3. Davies’ Ch. Hyerdunscar on a Mission with Coulbymoor JW.


MPB 4(0)

1. Brown’s Stoneglad Roxanne at Zanshin. Won the class on her movement, up behind at this stage but has good bone, nice feminine head and a good front, will mature to advantage.

2. Wood/Spencer’s Islekeepers This is Me. Very immature head, sound on the move, yet again very up behind at present but hopefully will mature to advantage.

3. Ras’ Suenomia Aurelia Cotta.


PB 1(0)

1. Stevens’ Reload My Love du Monde D’Elias. Nice puppy bitch, excellent head and expression, absolutely parallel throughout, good reach of neck, good pasterns, correct feet, well handled and presented.


JB 3(0)

1. Taylor’s Cairnmount Gabriella at Karismar. Nice feminine head, well set ears, correct neck set on powerful shoulders, still to mature fully but won the class on her superior movement.

2. Gee’s Saturnsprings Galaxy at Jaminic (AI). Preferred the head of 1 but this exhibit was sound and parallel throughout. Level top-line and correct croup.

3. Bryan’s Pleat’s Bewitched by You at Tonicbull.


YB 2(1)

1. Taylor’s Cairnmount Gabriella at Karismar.  


PGB 1(0)

1. Lampen’s Roscos Centre Stage JW. Nice brindle bitch, good feminine head and expression, good shoulder, not quite matched by her rear angulation however strong throughout, nice feet and sound on the move.


LB 6(2)

1. Thomas/Bull/Myers/Morgan’s Optimus Euphoria. 2 nice examples of the breed, I just preferred the rear drive and angulation of 1. Nice feminine head, good reach of neck, strong top-line.  

2. Furber’s Stoneglad Stole the Show with Carminway. Another nice feminine exhibit with good front but has untidy feet, balanced when viewed in profile.

3. Murphy’s Angel’s Phoenix Cherry Sauna Chocolate at Nanahboozoo (imp ITA).


OB 5(1)

1. Roberts’ The Nightshift’s Style Icon at Joybull (imp NED). Nice brindle bitch, good head, balanced angulation, good feet and pasterns, I would not want any more length in the back but this exhibit moved with ease and was parallel throughout, BCC.

2. Murphy’s Valhalla Hunter Princess at Nanahboozoo ShCM (imp HUN). Nice feminine bitch but with medium minus bone for me, good reach of neck, good top-line and balanced angulation, RBCC.

3. Myers/Morgan’s Ch/It Ch. Optimus Rhondda JW WW15.