• Show Date: 15/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Shelley Franks Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Border Union Agricultural Society

Breed: Russian Black Terrier

Thank you for making my day so enjoyable, we were lucky to have an extra large ring so apologies if I put handlers and exhibits through quite a stamina test. To see a well- made RBT showing strong movement with good reach in the forequarters and good driving power in the hindquarters is a pleasure to watch and I wasn’t disappointed today as all the exhibits had strong sound movement. Interesting to handle a couple of import exhibits today, hopefully they will play their part in introducing fresh bloodlines to the UK. Unfortunately, the down side for me today was again the RBTs were scheduled with mixed classes, never an easy task to judge males and females in the same class. Special thanks must go to my capable steward who manned the table single handed, she kept the procedures flowing smoothly and efficiently.

Puppy D/B (1 -0a)

1 Gavaghan – BLACK RECORDING ANGEL MANDALA AT VAGHNA (imp Hun). Very promising bitch puppy of 11 months, sweetest of heads and dark eye giving a kind expression. She is developing at just the right pace as when standing she provides a good balanced outline and when moving is currently showing strong strides from front and back views. She has a lovely jet black coat that is in excellent condition and texture, although she stood alone in the class she well deserved the BEST PUPPY in breed.

Junior D/B no entries

Post Grad D/B (2 – 1a)

1 Newton – FUN NORD’S MAXILMILIAN AT LINTWEED (imp Rus). Young male just over 2 years and maturing well, I particularly liked his strong head, dark eye, correct dentition and neck and shoulder placement. Correct depth of chest, good solid body and well-developed muscles that gave him the strength of movement when going around the ring. Excellent jet-black coat in good condition. Stood alone in this class but well deserved first place, one to watch for the future.

Open D/B (8 – 0a)

Wow what a class. I have already provided my views about mixed classes, just to say it was a pleasure to see 8 exhibits of such high quality moving around the ring together.

1 Barrett – BENKERIN TARGARYEN OF BAROLD. Fantastic dog, I loved everything about him, so balanced. He is all male in appearance with a strong head, good neck and shoulders, solid frame with the correct depth of chest and muscled level back. He is well toned and muscled that showed in his movement around the ring. I first saw this dog 2 years ago and predicted that as he matures he could challenge the older RBT males and I was pleased to see he is certainly doing just that. Well-deserved BOB, also great to watch him be pulled out in the final cut for the Working Group under judge Mrs Margaret Wildman, well done.

2 Perks – IR CH DROMNAGUS FIRESTARTER. Another quality male who has excellent show presence. He excels in his strength of head, good neck and shoulder placement and a strong muscled back which remained level on the move. Just the correct depth of chest giving a strong front action while his hindquarters are muscular and well developed giving good driving power, well handled. RBD.


Best Bitch – Perks - IR CH DROMNAGUS BLACK ICE AN CH18 CW19. A great favourite of mine and even now as a veteran of 7 years still oozes feminine qualities.

Reserve Best Bitch – Newton – LINTWEED DIVA. Another quality bitch with excellent movement.