• Show Date: 11/10/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Shelley Franks Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: Eurasier



Thank you for my entry, I thoroughly enjoyed my day despite the torrential rain. There were various ages on show today from the babies at just 6 months to the beautiful veteran bitch at 12 years old. What a great breed the Eurasier is, showing such good temperaments to be able to cope with a first show and then to campaign through the years to be still active at 12. I would also like to thank my capable stewards that kept the procedures flowing smoothly and efficiently.

Junior D – 2 (0a)

1. Parkinson – KAYDANMY DELUXE EDITION. Fawn black masked baby of just 6 months, wow what a beautiful youngster. I loved his compact outline with a pretty head, dark eye and neat ears. Good bone with strong legs and correct tail and set, coat beautifully presented in condition and correct texture. Strong movement for one so young, I’m sure he has a promising future. Happy to give him Best Puppy and was so pleased to watch him being pulled out into the final 7 in the Utility Puppy Group.

2. Bennett & Kostyaeva – SILMORALBION FENRISLFR. Fawn with black mask who is also 6 months old. This youngster has shot up in size and is currently in what I call the teenager stage, so at the moment not too balanced in outline. That said he has a good wedge head, lovely eye colour and ear shape, correct shoulder with good bone and correct coat texture. Front movement strong but needs to strengthen in his rear movement, which I’m sure will improve with age.

Post Grad D – 1 (0a)

1.Wilkinson – SILMORALBION LLEWELYN. Red with fawn, stood alone in this class but deserved the first place. He is what I call a good solid dog, nothing flashy about him but when standing and on the move gives the correct overall picture of a male Eurasier. Correct spitz head, eye shape and colour, good bite, ear size and carriage. Good length of neck, into well laid shoulders, strong firm back and croup. Strong mover. Reserve Best Dog.

Open D – 3 (1a)

1. Watkins – ALBIONSPITZ BLUE MOON. Red with dark coating, this dog has great ring presence he catches your eye as soon as he enters the ring. He fits the breed standard perfectly, so balanced when standing and on the move. I loved his head, eye and expression, ear size and placement. With a strong muscular neck and shoulders and a firm level back he covers the ground effortlessly as he moves. Pleased to give him Best Dog and BOB and was so pleased to see him pulled out in the final cut in the Utility Group, well handled.

2.Hopkinson – FRIONARIZ ODIN DUKE KRONAS DES MOONGAZIE. Rich red with dark coating, quality male who is well balanced, I loved his mature head showing the parallel planes and correct frontal furrow, his dark eyes and correct ear placement. Strong neck and well-placed shoulders, with a firm and well-muscled body and correct tail and set. The texture and condition of the coat was excellent. Just lost out today on his rear movement.

Junior B – 2 (1a)

1. Watkins – ALBIONSPITZ LITTLE FLOWER. Red with dark coating, 10 months old very feminine bitch with a pretty spitz head, good eye shape and colour and neat ears. Lovely outline, good coat and with a correct tail and set. She is a strong mover and can cover the ground effortlessly, being in tune with her handler at all times. Reserve Best Bitch.

Post Grad B - 0

Open B – 4 (2a)

1. Parkinson – NL/INT/IR/LUX CH XANIA DE EURASIPOMER AT KAYDANMY (IMP). Fawn with black mask, I have previously judged this bitch and believe her recent litter (one of her puppies was my puppy winner today) has improved her immensely. She is very glamorous with an excellent spitz head, her body has matured nicely, when moving and standing she gives a beautiful balanced outline. She is strong in neck, shoulders, has a good level back and correct tail and set. When asked to move she covers the ground with strong strides both front and rear. Best bitch.

2. Hopkinson – SILMORALBIONS CALLIDORA AT MOONGAZIE. This black and tan bitch is a big favourite of mine and watching her move so gracefully around the ring it is hard to believe she is now 12 years old. She has a lovely feminine head with dark eyes and good ears, good neck that flows into well laid shoulders, still has that lovely balance outline when standing, when moving just felt today she was lacking that extra sparkle. Such a pity there was no veteran class for the Eurasiers today.

Shelley Franks