• Show Date: 09/02/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sheila Withers Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Midland Collie Club

Breed: Collie (Rough)

My thanks go to the committee for an excellent run show with a wonderful atmosphere. Thank you to my stewards Kay and Stephanie who kept things running smoothly in the ring, also to my co-judge Lynn Salt what a pleasure to judge along side her and reach decisions amicably. Finally my thanks to the exhibitors for my lovely entry, decisions were not reached lightly and some could change places on another day.

VB 3 (1)

1st Llewellyn - Lynmead Amalie Made Me Black For Salsina. This 7yr old has pleasing head, almond shaped eye, ears set correctly. Good neck and well angulated shoulders. Moved well and her profuse coat was beautifully presented.

2nd Aikman - Myriehewe Attraction With Welenga. 13yr old good head, dark eyes, used ears well and moved ok.

MPB 15

1st Tame - Oh Suzanna Du Clos De Sea-Wind At Rahlissa (Imp Fra). Lovely baby nice eye, good ears which she used well. Ample neck, moved well for one so young and well presented. BPB/BPIS

2nd Llewellyn - Salsina Share The Love. Another pleasing baby, same remarks as above apply just preferred movement of my winner on the day.

3rd Bluck - Salsina Sharing Secrets

PB 14 (2)

1st Shipp - On My Mind Du Clos De Sea-Wind (Imp Fra). Moulded foreface, correct stop and almond shaped eye. Correct ear placement, strong neck on to well placed shoulders. Moved well and well presented.

2nd Jones - Erjon Evolving Star. This young lady is quite mature, correct stop and head developing along the right lines. Nice dark eye, well placed ears which she used non stop. Good front and length of back. Moved soundly and nicely presented.

3rd Tipper - Tiganlea Crazy Little Thing

JB 16 (3)

1st Hodges - Jopium Secrets In The Mist. 15 month old blue with well moulded foreface and ample under jaw. Correct placed eye and used her well set ears to advantage. Good front, well off for bone, nice tight feet. She moved effortlessly, presentation was excellent.

2nd Tame - Riverside Song Xtra Sweet At Rahlissa (Imp Rom). Lovely feminine young lady who was enjoying her day out. She has good ears which she knew how to use and nice eye. Good neck and shoulder, nice level top line, moved and presented well.

3rd Cronk - Chelborn Wish List

YB 11

1st Hawkins - Brilyn Molly Coddles. My star of the day s/w rising 2yrs who is out of the top draw. She just oozes quality and fits the standard almost like a glove. Head is well balanced, flat skull, perfect stop and obliquely set eyes give her a wonderful exquisite expression. Good reach of neck, ample heart room, good spring of ribs. Good length of back with slight rise over the loins. Correct bend of stifle, nice tight feet, tail well set and carried correctly on the move. She moved around the ring like poetry in motion soundly and effortlessly as her construction suggested. Presented to perfection and well deserving of CC and BIS. Thank you for the privilege of judging her. CC/BIS

2nd Lockyer - Nasty Girl Clos De-Seawind At Gataj (Imp Fra). Pleasing head on this young lady, shorter all round than my winner but still balanced throughout. Well moulded foreface, ample underjaw, almond shaped eye, ears could be tighter. Moved ok and well presented.

3rd Patterson - Nina Ricci Du Bois Des Amazones For Treeview (Imp Fra)

MB 9

1st Tame - Oh Suzanna Du Clos De-Seawind At Rahlissa (Imp Fra)

2nd Hollywood - Amalie Almost Blonde. Wedge shaped head, good underjaw, nice eye and used ears well. Good neck and length of back. Moved ok.

3rd Iley - Arklethill Deliah At Ileyda

NB 7

1st Tame - Riverside Song Xtra Sweet At Rahlissa (Imp Rom)

2nd Iley - Arkethill Deliah At Ileyda. Mature young lady with correct almond shaped eye, good ears and neck. Level top line, moved ok and well presented.

3rd Walder - Hanvale Polly Shelby

GB 8 (1)

1st Davis - Beldones Baby Love. This tri headed this class on quality and maturity. She was very attentive to her young handler. Her head is developing along the right lines. She has good underjaw, well moulded foreface and correct stop, nice dark eye and ears bang on top and used nonstop. Good bone, nice tight feet, moved extremely well and well presented.

2nd Mcdade - Fridens Captivation With Lyndale (Imp Rus). Pleasing girl who was smaller and shorter overall to my winner yet still well balanced. Nice eye and well placed ears, moved ok.

3rd Margetts Collingvale Cava

PG 13 (2)

1st Hawkins – Brilyn Loves The Difference. Another quality young lady from this kennel, her head handles well, dark almond shaped eye giving desired expression, topped off by correctly placed ears. Good neck and lay of shoulders, level top line. Moved and presented extremely well.

2nd Davis - Most Majestic Victory Of Rosschell (Imp Hun). S/W in tip top condition, stood four square and showed well. She is smaller and finer all over than my winner. Head is balanced, ears bang on top. Good reach of neck, moved and presented well.

3rd Jones - Erjon Esmay

Mid L 6 (1)

1st Beare -Jemspark Maid In Secret. Just coming back into coat but there was nothing to hide about this young lady. Good head pattern, flat skull, correct stop, dark eye, ears on top. Ample reach of neck on to well angulated shoulder. She moved as her construction suggested and just flowed round the ring. Presentation was first class.

2nd Sibbald -Telforth Little Mix. She was unlucky to meet winner, a lovely bitch with well moulded foreface, correct stop, eye and ears. Good neck, well off for bone, nice tight feet. Moved and presented well.

3rd Margetts - Collingvale Chardonnay

LB 7 (3)

1st Brooker - Telforth Sweet Dreams To Corisian. Correct stop, dark eyes, flat skull and ears on top. Good front and spring of ribs, ample bone. Moved with drive and nicely presented.

2nd Randall - Ladnar Inheart. Tri who is rising 4yrs, quality young lady with pleasing head, correct stop, flat skull, arched neck, good front and tight feet. Balanced throughout and moved well.

3rd James - Gerian Sunbarley With Jamesfair

OB 11 (3)

1st Plank - Riverside Song Happy Ending For Rayvel (Imp Rom). This quality bitch has to be handled to be appreciated. Her stop, eyes and ears are correctly set to give desired expression. She has ample neck, correct lay of shoulders, good front and plenty of heart room. Good spring of ribs, level top line and moved well. RCC

2nd Growcott - Jopium Fascinator. Tri in full coat, clean wedge shaped head, dark expressive eyes and well placed ears. Moved ok

3rd Cronk – Chelborn Kiss And Desire

Sheila Withers (Judge)