• Show Date: 13/04/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sheila Jakeman Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Shih Tzu Club

Breed: Shih Tzu


When I was asked to judge for the main breed club I was naturally very flattered and looked forward to the event with great anticipation. I was not disappointed as there was a lovely entry of dogs the majority of which were beautifully groomed and showed their heads off for me.

 VD 1 1st Healey CHELLANDA TAKE A CHANCE ON ME B/W parti-colour with masculine head, nice width of skull, neat ears and good neck leading into level topline. Well carried tail with clear white tip. Nicely boned and true on the move.

MPD 8 1st Maule DALTRICIA JAMIE LEE Brimming with confidence this B/W parti was happy to show himself to advantage. Excellent for balance, lovely in head with good mouth, excellent ears and good pigmentation. Good neck, well ribbed back and well set on tail which wagged happily. Good on the move. BPIS 2nd Prestidge TAMERON MR RALPH LAUREN AT PORTIAKISS Golden parti in super coat. Nice strength of bone, excellent head with good mouth. Like the winner he is only 7 months and his topline just needs to come right. Tailset is fine and he was fairly confident on the move, I am sure he also has a promising future. 3rd. Turner CWMAUR GLADIATOR

PD 5 1st Maule DALTRICIA NANGA PARBAT G/W parti with strong bone and solid body though I would like more length to his ribcage. Pleasing in head with good pigmentation, level topline and well carried tail that did not need any support. Moved really true. 2nd Silsbury JADOREMY RED BOUNTY FOREVER Attractive dark gold with lovely head and expression. Good mouth and correct skull. Nicely ribbed back and well carried tail. Stood four square and was reasonable on the move. 3rd Steel JADOREMY RED BOUNTY SNIPER FOR JUHUA

JD 1st JADOREMY RED BOUNTY SNIPER FOR JUHUA Just pipped by his brother in the previous class and of similar quality, good head, lovely mouth, nice topline and well carried tail. Nicely boned and decent on the move.

MD 1st DALTRICIA JAMIE LEE ND 2 1st DALTRICIA NANGA PARBAT 2. Thornton SANTOSHA DARK SPICE FOR NORBOO Super coloured dark gold with pigmentation to match. Strong in skull with neat ears and darkest of eyes. Well ribbed back, decent tail. Not the best of movers.

GD 3 (2 abs) 1st Rutter CHANIKOS BORN TO DREAM AT ETHELSMEAD Super outline, well carried masculine head with broad black nose, well shaped muzzle and decent skull. Ears could be lower set. Level topline, tail carried well and he moved nicely.

PGD 4 (2 abs) 1st Phethean ISISHOUSE SON AND HEIR On the small side but lovely shape with level topline. Lovely mouth, dark eyes and pleasing expression. Short coupled and has a well carried tail. In good coat and moved really well in both directions. 2nd Carter/Leigh GLADMIN SOWETO STORM B/W of larger stature than one. Quite masculine in head and could be just a tad short in muzzle. Carries a huge jacket which is very impressive. Moving better going away than coming to me. SpBD 2 (1abs) 1st Roy ELZU PIPER ARROW Shapely B/W with a good head, darkest of eyes and well set ears. Holds himself nicely with well carried tail.

MinLD 6 1st Bojanowski-Toms SISTASU SILVER TOP This gold/white is just so great to go over, very typical in head with a super mouth and good width to skull. Well placed shoulders and nice and tight at the elbows. Balanced well sprung body with short couplings and high set on tail. Well muscled throughout and moved really true in both directions. Beautifully presented and could not be denied the CC & BIS 2nd Maule DALTRICIA KWAKWALI B/W parti with similar quality and pushed the first hard. Just felt the front construction on the winner was better than this boy but a lovely exhibit. Shown and presented beautifully. 3rd Yeomans ZEZANG GOLDEN IDOL

LD 3 (1 abs) 1st Hey SHALEHAN YASHERON Lovely type with darkest of pigment and good mouth, broad skull and good expression. Correct length of neck and level topline with excellent tailset. Nice straight bone and tight at the elbows. Well muscled rear and nice on the move. 2nd Yorke MIDDLETUNE WILDEST DREAMER Not as much neck as the winner which meant he lacked presence. Lovely head and in super coat. Good body and topline with high set on tail. Persisted in standing with his hind feet underneath his body and moved rather choppy at the rear, fine in front.

OD 10 (1 abs) 1st Carter/Leigh GLADMIN TANSKEI TEDDY This boy is of lovely type and such a well balanced outline. Lovely head with good muzzle, darkest of eyes and good dentition. Excellent neck, topline and tail with well sprung body and straight boned legs. Super on the move and in lovely well presented coat. He topped a great class but unfortunately he slipped his lead and both he and his handler struggled to regain composure in the challenge and he had to settle for the Res CC. 2nd Jones CARLITA REASON TO DREAM Another gold in a very big coat. Not quite the outlook of the first but so well made all through and a really good mover in both directions. Liked his outline and super tail carriage. 3rd Maule DALTRICIA MONDEGO

MPB 6 (2 abs) 1st Healey ISISHOUSE MISS MONEY PENNY Very attractive g/w with sweet head with good expression and nice dentition. Lovely legs and feet and excellent ribbing with elbows tight in. Carried her tail nicely and moved true in both directions with some degree of confidence. 2nd Turner CHARONNIS VEGAS SHOWGIRL Another g/w which is nice for type. Dark pigmentation and pleasing bite. Well ribbed and very stylish on the move. 3rd Herring MATSONIC SURPRISE GUEST FOR QUINGSHUI

PB 6 (1 Abs) 1st Jones CARLITA DEDICATE TO BELIEVE I felt this dark gold had great style. Lovely head properties with a good bite and super pigmentation. Strong straight bone in front with close fitting elbows. Excellent topline, well sprung ribbing and correctly carried tail. Lovely mover. 2nd Paczkowski/Cannon CORRLOUGH ICE MAIDEN Close up to winner with pleasing head, neck and topline. Tail carriage not quite as good and just a tad less positive in front. Good overall balance. 3rd Bradshaw/Symonds CREMEFERN DANCIN IN THE DARK

JB 5 (1 Abs) 1st York/Keree-Bartolo MIDDLETUNE FLAME OF GOLD Correct for shape with tail balancing nicely with head, good level topline in between. Best of mouths, lustrous eyes and neat well set on ears. Moved really well and in lovely coat. 2nd Hey LYNDATZU QUE SAH RAH Lovely cream with well balanced outline with just enough length. Pleasing neck and topline. Good strength of bone in front but would prefer it straighter. Nice on the move. 3rd Alexander-Cunniffe TEJAYSE BEAUTIFUL TRAUMA

MB 1 1ST Bradshaw/Symonds CREMEFERN DANCING ON A DREAM Just 8 months and sister to 3rd in PB B/W of nice size, pleasing head, good bone, strength at the rear and pleasing tail set. Just needs topline to sort itself and she will trouble the best. Just a bit erratic on the move and her very pale coat on her hocks seemed to mask what her feet were doing.

NB 5 1st Williams PALIDEN INCA GOLD AT ANNBAREES Well shaped gold when she chose to stand still. Nice topline and tail. Pleasing in head with good mouth and dark eyes. Nice on the move and carrying a lovely coat. 2nd M. ETERNAL FLAME Nice for style and a pleasing head with nice set on of ears. Good topline and decent ribbing. Moved nicely in front but found her over active in hock to be typical. 3rd Rutter CHANIKOS BORN TO DREAM AT ELTHELSMEAD

GB 5 (1 Abs) 1st Stevens PEEKIN MISS JIVE BUNNY G/W with lovely head and neat ears. Well made in front, good ribbing and strength of rear. Can move out level but not standing quite as well. 2nd P. INCA GOLD AT A. 3. Tod CEDARHYTHE RUMOURS DARLIN’ AT KENGAI

PGB 5 1st Stevens PEEKIN MISS JAZZ MING-TU Hard decisions here as so little separating these. G/W with lovely head and expression, good muzzle without being too heavy. Well arched neck, nicely ribbed and correctly carried tail. In lovely well presented coat. Better moving away than coming. 2nd Teigan/Harp/Jones CARLITA TIME TO SAMBA G/W which is very similar to one but a tad stronger in muzzle. Good for balance and well sprung but more length of rib would benefit. Moved out with great confidence. 3rd Dowman CHANIKOS BLISFULL DREAMS

SBEGB 2 1ST Prestidge TAMERON MISS DAISY BLUSH AT PORTIAKISS Pale coloured with a lovely quality coat, nice to go over with good head, nice bone, well sprung ribbing and super topline. Nicely carried tail and moved out really well though a bit enthusiastically in front. 2nd Gardner LYNDATZU PETIT FLEUR Almost entirely black with super coat condition. Sweet head and expression and moved quite well. I would prefer her topline to be more level.

MinLB 3 1st Hey LYNDATZU CHARISMA Very striking gold&white in lovely coat and all in super balance with correct tail to balance with head. Darkest of eyes and good pigmentation. Nice for neck and topline and very solid in body. Firm and positive on the move. 2nd Stevens PEEKIN MISS SOUZA-TU Very similar to winner but not quite the neck nor as firm in front. Topline, tail and quarters are all good and she was very nice on the move. 3rd. Flack MIFCAH’S FINAL FANTASY

LB 9 (1 ABS) 1ST Dolphin DOLHA’S STEP OUT IN STYLE Well coated and very typical in head with the darkest of pigment, a black nose and perfect mouth. Well boned and ribbing of great length and a super well plumed high tail. Moved really well in both directions and pushed hard in the final challenge, just a tad strong in muzzle for me. 2nd Williams PALIDEN STAR DELIGHT Very similar but a shade smaller and more petite. Lovely head and pigment, super topline and tail. Moved really well and beautifully presented. 3rd Turner ISISHOUSE PRINCESS TIAA

OB 8 (2 ABS) 1st Howard CH TAMERON MISS BLACK OPIUM B/W in fantastic quality coat which did not detract when she moved. Balanced all round with super front and good headpiece with the best of mouths and nice set on of ears. Super neck, topline and tail. So good to go over all through and moved out so well in both directions with the confidence of a winner. I could not resist her charms BCC & Res BIS 2nd Howard TAMERON MISS PARIS When I pulled this one out I had no idea she came from the same ownership as the winner. I noted similar in shape and style – well no wonder. She is also beautifully made and has a great expression helped by the white in the right places. Moved true in both directions so I was happy to award her the Res CC. 3rd. Yorke MINFAA DANCIN CHEEK TO CHEEK AT MIDDLETUNE

Brace Maule DALTRICIA ARRABELLA & JAMIE LEE A well matched pair that I see have the same dam. They coped well on the move and showed their little heads off.

Sheila L. Jakeman 09.05.19