• Show Date: 27/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sheila Jakeman Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Chow Chow

Windsor Championship Dog Show 2019 Chow Chow Judge: Mrs Sheila Jakeman

BEST OF BREED : 7657 HOLLIES, Mr P A & CARR Miss T A Janqbu Valentino JW

Dog CC : 7657 HOLLIES, Mr P A & CARR Miss T A Janqbu Valentino JW

Res Dog CC : 7663 PARSONS Mrs J Ch Jenrene's Mighty Enzo

Bitch CC : 7670 SMITH Mrs H Stagebos Eye Of The Tiger For Helyenhu (Imp)

Res Bitch CC : 7665 PARSONS Mrs J Ch Jenrenes Loving Black Jack

Best Puppy : 7649 COLE Mr M Kobomika Once Upon A Tyme 

There is a saying “Start as you mean to go on”. It was my choice to forgive the dog puppies their silliness, then I let that rule throughout the entry. This was probably not very wise in view of the behaviour in one class where most judges would have withheld all the awards. Fortunately I avoided being bitten by a whisker. This sport is an exhibition where an animal is supposed to “show” demonstrating its virtues and not throwing a tantrum and becoming out of control; for whatever reason. Had I actually penalised the bad attitude and playing up on show here many would have gone cardless. That said I think I can understand why so many were so ebullient as the previous day had been so hot the chows would have been kept quiet and cool and therefore there was two days energy available here!

Class 2325 VD/B (1 Entries) Abs: 1

  Class 2326 PD (3 Entries) Abs: 1 1st: 7654 GODBER Mr S B & Mrs P M Lechan Rodrik This light shaded red was full of himself in the nicest possible way, enjoying his day out, though he settled quite well on the move. At only 8 months he has a lot of developing to do but I think we shall not see it happening as his baby coat is leaving rapidly showing a clear much darker colour beneath. Pleasing head with sufficient strength for his age. Lovely clean eyes and very good pigmentation. Well boned with good feet. Nicely sprung in body and has a good tail set. Not sure about his hind action at present. 2nd: 7672 SNOOKS, N & KEENAN, J Misses Charids Chance For A Glance Well up to size at just over 6 months, quite a handful for his handler but they are learning together. Lovely dark red with pleasing head and expression. Broad in front, well off for bone and nicely bodied up. A bit unsure on the ramp but once he settled down on the move he demonstrated nice action. Must have a very promising future.

Class 2327 JD (1 Entries) Abs: 0 1st: 7657 HOLLIES, Mr P A & CARR Miss T A Janqbu Valentino JW I have judged this exhibit previously and done him well, he does continue to improve and will probably do so a little more in skull as he matures. Well balanced in head with broad unexaggerated muzzle and the most beautiful thick ears. Clean eyes and good mouth. Decent in neck, well sprung in rib and short coupled. He has super bone and perfect feet; so up on his toes. Well developed muscle tone and straight hind legs which all allows him to move in true chow fashion. He is groomed to perfection but I do find him over presented for the UK Standard and in particular the treatment of his featherings at the rear. His steadiness and overall condition of both body and coat earned him the CC & BOB.

Class 2328 PGD (1 Entries) Abs: 0 1st: 7646 BOND, A E & WOODMANSEY, K Legend of Lion Heart Ares at Bondal This is a big strong dog in every respect, something of a handful for his owner. He has a degree of work over his muzzle and a rounder eye than I like thus spoiling his expression. Unlikely to achieve top honours as there are a couple of issues but he is well sprung in body, heavy boned, has a good topline and a decent tail set.

Class 2329 LD (6 Entries) Abs: 2 The four exhibits present were all quite different thus my decisions were based on both type and the anatomical faults found. 1st: 7668 PYNE Miss M Monanika De Ja Vu I admire this exhibitors perseverance as this boy just does not enjoy these events and many would have given up. If only there were a magic potion that would convince a reluctant dog that it can be fun! He is such a lovely type, well coated dark red with a super head, correct balance of well filled muzzle to broad flat skull, the best of thick rounded ears, dark eyes, good mouth and pigmentation. Super neck, well sprung body and standing on well boned straight legs and tight feet. He can and sometimes does stand badly in front (as did both exhibits in open dog) but on the move his action is accurate and positive. With some more enthusiasm I am sure he would use his tail more effectively and would trouble the best. 2nd: 7666 PHILLIPS Mrs F Fulang's Red Hot Super Bob This light shaded red is much smaller but masculine in outlook with a very well filled muzzle and broad flat skull, quite why he is somewhat devoid of expression I do not know and I find this very unusual for the breed, dark eyes and nose pigment, good bite. Well boned, correctly spring in ribbing and level topline. High set tail. Moved out with a degree of sway at rear because his front action is not his fortune. 3rd: 7655 GODBER Mr S B & Mrs P M Jenrene's Mighty Zack At Lechan Res:

7661 LINDSAY Mrs D JD Lindchow Bao Peng Class 2330 OD (2 Entries) Abs: 0 Such a difficult decision here as both of these are lovely dogs in their own way, the one I placed second is a favourite of mine but the first has just that degree more masculinity in his body and a tad more overall size. 1st: 7663 PARSONS Mrs J Ch Jenrene's Mighty Enzo Very impressive youngster whose coat is currently not enhancing his appearance, needing to clear so that he looks a mature adult. Not the easiest to handle and thus had to pay the penalty in the final analysis. Res CC. Strong masculine head with lovely thick small ears. Well bodied with excellent spring of rib and good topline. Really well boned legs and good feet, well let down hocks and demonstrates good action in both directions. A worthy champion. 2nd: 7648 CANNON Ms E Ch Miketilla Rocket Man JW Has style and type a-plenty, dark self red jacket of correct texture and displays beautiful balance in profile. I just love his head with well shaped muzzle, darkest of pigmentation throughout, perfectly shaped eyes, broad flat skull and beautiful little thick ears. Well off for neck and level in topline, carries his tail well over his back and has the straightest of bone in his legs down to tight cat feet. Moves correctly in both directions with that effortless stilted stride at the rear.


Class 2332 PB (3 Entries) Abs: 2 1st: 7649 COLE Mr M Kobomika Once Upon A Tyme At just a week under a year old she is displaying what she is going to be, well up to size, beautifully balanced and in a jet black coat of quality which was clean and well presented. Stands foursquare on good legs and rounded feet, well sprung in rib and nicely bodied. Excellent tailset and has a pleasing neck supporting her head nicely to give the expected arrogance, i personally do not like a wrinkle over the muzzle but if this minor failing is all I criticise her owners will not be unhappy, super mouth and pigment, decent skull for her age and nicely placed ears. Steady and moving nicely.

Class 2333 JB (3 Entries) Abs: 0 1st: 7645 ALEKSEENKO-SIMPSON Mrs V & Mr M Valtinchows Chosen Miracle This young lady needs to be taken in hand big time. Whilst I am familiar with her from the ringside this is not enough and assessing her was certainly more than difficult. Light shaded red of some substance, pleasing head and expression. Good mouth and neat ears. Well off for bone and has tidy feet. Pleasing spring of rib and decent balance. Certainly not moving at her best today. Improved greatly in the challenge. 2nd: 7673 WEBB Ms J Shadadee's Kausing Khaos At Chifido How aptly named this one is, her poor handler must have ended up with numerous bruises as madam proved to be determined not to pose and show. Dark red who is lacking her full coat at present. She is well grown and stands on very straight legs although presents a slightly longer outline than some. Pleasing head and expression, nice dark eyes and well placed ears. Moved a bit erratically, another that will benefit from even more effort. 3rd: 7671 SNOOKS, N & KEENAN, J Misses The Sorceress

Class 2334 PGB (2 Entries) Abs: 0 1st: 7653 FINLAY, Mr D M G & FINLAY Mr S D A Finchow Freya This light shaded red should not be ignored, she has so many good qualities. Well behaved, in good clean well groomed coat. Pleasing head with clean eyes, good mouth & pigmentation. Well boned and stands on good rounded feet. Sufficient spring of ribcage which is of good length and thus she is short coupled. High set tail; moves out and back in true chow fashion. Her handler tends to leave her to it which is something which should be addressed. 2nd: 7647 BONE Mr A Fulangs Rasberry Beret Light shaded red with a very pretty feminine head, no exaggerations and everything in balance. Her bone is adequate for her stature and she is well ribbed with a level topline and good tailset. Didn’t stand up on her toes very well which was a pity. Not happy to move for her handler which I did establish was not her owner.

Class 2335 LB (5 Entries) Abs: 1 1st: 7670 SMITH Mrs H Stagebos Eye Of The Tiger For Helyenhu (Imp) I did not recognise this girl though at 4.5 years old she has matured into a classic example of a fully mature chow bitch. Absolutely lovely in the head with perfect balance of full but still clean padded muzzle to width of flat skull with enough stop to give expression, the most beautiful thick small ears set in just the right position with a good tilt. Good mouth & pigmentation with dark clean expressive eyes. Correct reach of neck and well sprung compact body all supported on well boned legs and neat tight feet. A high set tail finished off what is a superb outline. Moved out at a steady pace demonstrating true front action and swinging stiltedness at the rear. CC. 2nd: 7667 PHILLIPS Mrs F Fulang's Fantine Stargazer Light shaded red with a pleasing head with no exaggerations, dark eyes and well placed ears but they are a bit thin like her half sisters who stood below her. She is big in the body and has a good tailset. She is well boned and moved out nicely at the rear. 3rd: 7647 BONE Mr A Fulangs Rasberry Beret :

Class 2336 OB (4 Entries) Abs: 0 Like the Limit dog class all of these were quite different, all oozing quality in their own ways. 1st: 7665 PARSONS Mrs J Ch Jenrenes Loving Black Jack Another who is fully mature and displays that perfectly balanced outline with good neck, decent length of leg and high set tail. She truly is square with a very feminine outlook, pleasing head and expression with clean eyes, neat thick little ears set right and a full muzzle but maybe a shade lacking in stop for my taste. Lovely length of neck which she uses well and a super spring and length of ribcage. Stands absolutely square on well boned legs. Does not put a foot wrong and moves in both directions with great style and correct pace. Very unlucky to meet the limit winner on such good form. Res CC 2nd: 7652 EVANS Mrs S Sawsee Shiraz Avec Simcha JW Light shaded red of really pleasing type, not quite in a full coat today as she is lacking the frame around her head but it will return. Sweet head and expression with lovely eyes, good mouth and pigment and neat ears. Excellent body qualities and high set on tail. Very nicely boned and stands with decent width fore and aft. Moved well in both directions. 3rd: 7650 COLE Mr M Alice In Wonderland Laska Faina (Imp) Res: 7664 PARSONS Mrs J Jenrene's Making It With You JW 

Sheila Jakeman