• Show Date: 06/09/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sheila Jakeman Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Richmond Dog Show Society

Breed: Puppy Stakes

RICHMOND CH. SHOW 6/7/8 September, 2019. PUPPY STAKES.

First Day. MPD.1st Bass & Hall SHALFLEET NEW MOON RISING AT SILVERFRITH Whippet Lovely brindle colour with excellent balanced outline. Only just over 6 months but steady and very confident both standing and on the move. Lovely in outlook with darkest of eyes, nicely angulated fore and aft and standing on good feet. Moved in typical fashion without any exaggeration. 2nd Gallagher MANOIR’S KENSINGTON KID AT JUNANGER Bichon Frise Nice expression with the darkest of pigmentation and good mouth. Well boned, good strength to ribcage and short coupled. Well carried tail and moved with great confidence for such a baby. 3rd Dowty & Davidson LITTLE WHITE WONDER VITTORIA HERO Bolognese

PD 1st Rowe BOLORIA’S ARAMIS Standard W/H Dachshund What a lovely youngster this is, so well made and sound and true on the move. Lovely head and expression, good neck and topline with beautifully sprung ribbing of good length. All supported on well boned legs that are held in the best of positions both in front and rear. Moved out beautifully and was unlucky to meet the precocious Pom. 2nd Timms & Timms CARLINCOX SOLID GOLD Rhodesian Ridgeback At not far short of a year old this Royally bred male is very impressive. Good masculine head but not overdone in any way. In super condition and very sound all round. Great topline, well boned and moved particularly well. 3rd Hardy & Hallam TOKAJI NASHVILLE REBEL Basenji

MPB 1st Cawthera-Purdy LIRIVA’S GLORIOUS Pomeranian Well she is not mis-named. Lovely coat of bright red with a fantastic outline. She oozes type and has good substance. Lovely head with good mouth, sparkling dark eyes and neat thick ears. Well made shoulders and good front, nicely boned and the tightest of feet. Strength in ribbing and carrying enough body to make her a pleasure to handle. Moved with a confidence belying her tender age of 8 months. First Day winner. 2nd Gourlay & Leonard WITCHSTONE UNEXPECTED GIFT ETT A similar age to the winner and I am sure these two will challenge each other again, she is so balanced and has all the attributes.that one would hope to see but today with the bitterly cold wind she just wanted to be under her handlers jacket and not hunched up stood in the cold. She moved very well in both directions and would have pushed hard if it had been warmer. 3rd Morris & Waddell CITYCROFT MY GIRL Whippet

PB 1st Rowe & Rowe BOLARIA’S MISS DIOR Standard W/H Dachshund Another lovely chocolate brindle who proved to be the litter sister to the dog class winner. How lucky to have two such super babies. She is as well made and as sound as her brother but is, of course, a little bit more feminine, she also oozes confidence and was great on the move.. 2nd Dawson & Dawson METEL AVGUSTA ALA AZUL AT STUBBYLEE Borzoi So elegant and moved really well. Refined with a head of good length. Nice strength of bladed bone and good feet. Great depth to her ribcage and well ribbed back. In lovely coat and condition. 3rd Fox BARRASSY’S COPYRIGHT Irish Wolfhound.

Second Day MPD 1st Minett DUSKHUNTER DIAMOND IN D’SKYS WHWT So well balanced, lovely head with dark eyes and pigmentation. Well fitting harsh jacket. Tidy mouth. Super topline and tail, good construction all through and moved very well. 2ND Freer NIKARA FOLLOW THAT DREAM Samoyed Beautifully coated, masculine headed and at almost 9 months maturing really nicely. Super pigmentation. Strongly boned with well sprung ribbing and a nice tailset. Good on the move too. 3rd Simms OVER THE RAINBOW DES SARMENTINS Siberian Husky

PD 1st Morris CWNHAPUS INNOKO Siberian Husky Cleverly handled and showed really well. At approaching 11 months he is in superb condition with a pleasing head which has strength of muzzle and well set ears. Good strength of bone and super feet Excellent action in both directions. Unlucky to meet the lovely BMD PB winner. 2nd Grimes & Watson JANEYJIMJAMS JEM DEVLIN SCWT In a good quality jacket of correct colour. Well carried head with broad skull, neat ears and good furnishings. Nicely angulated at both ends and stands square with tail in correct position. Moved nicely both ways. 3rd Foster & Foster THOZOW MASTER OF THE HOUSE WHWT

MPB 1ST Turnbull & Clegram JENKOVA TO THE OTHER SIDE Australian Shepherd Lovely quality and type. Excellent quality jacket of lovely colour. Soft expression, nicely set ears and good bite. Pleasing neck and topline, well boned with good feet. Super balance and moved really well. 2nd Minett DUSKHUNTER SHINES BRIGHT WHWT Litter sister to MPD winner and so very similar. Compact with good head and neck. Sturdy well sprung body and stands four square. Holds tail well and demonstrated true action both ways. 3rd Whitney & Di Martino PRIMAVISTA IMAGINARIUM Giant Schnauzer

PB 1st Wright & Kirk OBJET D’ART DU HAMEAU DE BALKA AVEC ROESILBERN BMD At almost a year old is well off for size and strength. So beautifully constructed with lovely head and expression. Long in rib with short couplings and standing on really well boned legs and tight feet. Moved beautifully and is in a super dense jacket. Surely must have a great future. Second day winner. 2nd Wilson JANDADE PRECIOUS BLOSSOM Briard I see she is Royally bred and this shows, she is just one day younger that one and is well developed in both stature and coat. Lovely head and forequarters. Level topline and well angled at rear. Neat double dew claws. Nicely carried tail and moved well but was not quite as collected as the winner. 3rd Kettle FOXINDEAN FUTURE LEGEND Fox Terrier Smooth.

Third Day MPD 1st Pearce, Francis & Roberts LONGSDALE’S REBEL ROUSER AT CWRTAFRON German Spitz Mittel At a few days under 9 months this boy is so well developed and in super coat and condition. Jet black, beautifully presented and handled to his advantage. Super head with dark eyes and good mouth, well set ears, compact in body with well sprung ribbing and level topline partially covered by his nice high set tail. Stands foursquare and moved the same, must have a promising future. 2nd Smith & Reardon WINTERWELL MAIDA STONE GSP Just old enough to be here, sound and with such clean lines. Lovely expression, well constructed in front, super topline and nicely set tail. Has good legs and feet and moved very well. 3rd Mlynek TENDER TOUCH CUNAMI Chow Chow

PD 1st Layton JONEVA BORN TO THRILL Pointer  He must thrill his owner every time he looks at him, what an impressive male this is, almost a year old and so well developed in every way without any exaggerations. Great head, super bone and feet. Beautifully balanced with good ribbing and perfect topline. Superbly handled to show off his lovely rear action and a true front with sufficient lift and correct footfall. So unlucky to meet the lovely baby Irish Setter. 2nd Krall JAFRAK STRIPED ROCK Yet another impressive baby from this kennel, lovely in head with that true quizzical expression. Well set ears, strength of neck and body without being overdone in any way. Soundly made fore and aft and moving really well on the day despite swapping handlers part way through. 3rd Challis VIZSLANYA ARAGONIA Hungarian Vizsla

MPB 1st Bell & Barker-Bell BALINTYNE LET IT BE ME At just under 9 months I fell for this one as she impresses with her elegance, refinement and overall style. Not only is she beautiful to look at in stance she can move in all directions as if demonstrating how it should be done. Lovely neck with soft expressive eyes, good stop and nice width to skull. Elegant neck leading into correct topline and well ribbed with both depth and length. Model angulation both in front and at the rear and standing on well boned legs with super feet. Winner on the day and overall. 2nd Morris ASHOWAI ONE MOMENT IN TIME Another lovely youngster who I would happily predict will go a long way. Great balance, strong impressive head but retaining feminity, neck, topline, tail, legs and feet all first class. Moved in both directions just as she should and superbly handled as ever by this experienced exhibitor.3rd Woods PENBRO THE DUCHESS Miniature Schnauzer

PB 1st KWAJONJEN SHE’S A MUSE I do hope this is her correct name as it is shown as her dam too! Keeshond. I was so spoilt by the quality today and this one was another I really admired. In the best of correct coloured coats and showed her head off. Well balanced and standing four square. Loved her head with neat ears and correct markings. Compact in body and well set on tail with just enough curl. Very sound and true on the move. 2nd Green & Brain CACHEL POP THE QUESTION TO MELONERAS Cocker Spaniel At 11 months this one is almost the finished package and is in beautiful coat. Lovely head with those soft melting eyes. Nice neck, excellent topline and neat tail. Good depth of body and standing on well boned legs and nice feet. So balanced overall and is a super mover. 3rd Williams & Toublic COBHAY FANCY PHLOX ESS

  Sheila L. Jakeman 20.09.19