• Show Date: 14/12/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sheila Appleby Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: Spaniel (Field)

Ladies Kennel Association

14 December 2019

Spaniels (Field)

I very much appreciated the opportunity to judge this lovely breed and thank you to all involved. My thanks to the exhibitors for their sporting acceptance of my decisions. I had quality dogs to go over and I really enjoyed the experience. BOB & DCC was ShCh Nadavin Quinlan, RDCC ShCh Ewtor Excalibur At Portsoy, BCC Cochen Calypso, RBCC ShCh Nadavin Ursella with Jesham, BP Irisbel Cherish You, BV Thandiwe Lady Of The Knight.

MPD (1) 1 Gallen’s Woodsong Pleiades, lovely puppy of good size and shape, still carrying his fluffy puppy coat. Head and body still to develop but has all the right attributes and should come on well. Well balanced overall, with good angulation and level topline. He moved with ease around the ring and with confidence for one so young, nicely handled too.

JD (3) 1 Moss’ Fecimus Chase The Dream To Ewtor JW, Classic lean head on this youngster, with grave expression and hazel eyes, correct ear set. Good length to neck, straight front, good depth to chest. Enough body for age. Good bend of stifle. Moves very well. 2 Webber’s Fecimus Star Trooper At Trevoris, slightly smaller cast dog, with masculine head of good proportions. A tad wide in front, good depth to chest. Good bend of stifle. Moves well carrying a level topline. 3 Hopkinson’s Thandiwe Twist Of Fate

PGD (2,1a) 1 McBain & Brewer‘s Nautica N’Fecimus Aint No Fool (Imp USA), Sturdy dog with masculine head, dark eye, straight in front, good depth to chest, well developed body, moderate spring of rib, strong short loin, good bend of stifle. Attractive liver and tan coat in very good condition. A lively and happy dog who carried himself well on the move with forward reach and rear drive.

LD (4,1a) 1 Murray’s Nadavin Wallace, Lovely head, well chiselled, lean beneath the eyes, with grave expression, long lean muzzle. Long strong neck, shoulders well laid, with straight front. Well bodied up. Ribs go well back into strong loin. Width to thighs and stifles moderately bent. Good bone. Balanced overall. Moved true fore and aft covering the ground well. 2 Harris’ Kingsmist Panther, Black with super classic head and dark appealing eyes. Good front assembly, shoulders well laid, good depth to chest. Ribs well sprung into short loin with tuck up. Strong quarters with moderate bend of stifle. Lighter bone than 1. Moves well carrying a level topline. 3 Johnson’s Sonnetend Fastlove At Sylviidae

OD (5, 3a) Two worthy Show Champions, I was pleased to meet them, both were a joy to go over, thank you. 1 Murray’s ShCh Nadavin Quinlan, Masculine dog of good size and shape. Good strong bone throughout. Noble classic head of good proportions, soft expressive hazel eyes. Long lean muzzle, muscular neck, well laid shoulders, straight front, depth to chest, strong body, with ribs going well back to strong loin, level topline. Good bend of stifle with hocks well let down. In good coat with feathering. Carries a level topline moving with a full and easy stride, lovely to watch. CC and BOB. 2 Elliott’s’ ShCh Ewtor Excalibur At Portsoy, Smaller frame than 1 but everything is there. Masculine with good bone overall. Classic head with leanness to skull and muzzle, moderate stop, expressive eyes. Long neck into well laid shoulders, good front assembly. Chest well developed, moderate spring to rib, good length to rib cage. Level topline. Strong in rear quarters with moderate bend of stifles. Lovely quality coat. Covers the ground well, RCC.

VD (2) 1 Tye’s Thandiwe Last Tango Of Tymora ShCM, Strong upstanding dog with good bone overall. Large frame. Strong but refined head, well chisselled, defined occiput, hazel eye, good front assembly, good depth to chest and ribs go well back into strong loin. Strong rear quarters and good bend of stifle. In good coat. Covers the ground well with forward reach and rear drive. 2 Sanderson’s Thandiwe Arthur Sixpence Bwn’l 18, Litter brother to one, head of good proportions, dark eye, moderate stop, long lean muzzle. Clean neck, correct shoulder placement, ribs moderately sprung. Strong rear quarters and bend of stifle, with hocks well let down. In good coat. Moves well but preferred the movement of 1 on the day.

GCD (1) 1 Sanderson’s Thandiwe Arthur Sixpence Bwn’l 18

MPB (2,1a) 1 James’ Woodsong Pitch Perfect, Very feminine, with lovely head and expression. Balanced in profile and although still very young she held herself well. Good angles throughout, everything is there she just has to body up and grow on. Carried a level topline on the move and went around well. Very nice, keep going.

PB (2) Lewis & Adams Irisbel Cherish You, 10 month old black, feminine with lovely head and dark appealing eyes. Well chisselled, lean muzzle. Good front quarters and strong firm body of good length and strong loin. Level topline. Good width of thigh, moderate bend of stifle. In very good coat and condition. Gave her handler a hard time, in the rare moments on the move when she settled, she moved very well. A naughty puppy who just about held it together in the challenge and took BP. Loved her, what a character. 2 James’ Woodsong Pitch Perfect

JB (1) 1 Lewis & Adams Irisbel Cherish You

PGB (2) 1 Harding’s Kingsmist Miss Marple JW, Lovely black bitch of good size and shape, super head with dark eye, good ear set. Good length of neck into good lay of shoulders. Deep chest, moderate spring of rib, ribs go well back to strong loin. Strong rear quarters with moderate bend of stifle. Lacks a little in coat. Moved with ease, covering the ground well. 2 Stone’s Sonnetend Sunday Girl, very feminine with lovely refined head and expression, deep chest, moderate spring to ribs. Firm rear quarters, moderate bend of stifle. Would prefer a little more bone overall. Moves well.

LB (4, 1a) 1 Moore’s Elgert Sweet Little Lies At Gadhelic, Lovely refined head to this 5 year old, moderate stop, expressive eyes, long lean muzzle, straight front with flat bone, deep chest, moderate spring of rib. Rib two-thirds to body length. Moderate rear angulation. Balanced overall. Not overly feathered. Moves with an unhurried but ground covering stride. 2 Osborn’s Elgert Gold Dust JW, Very pretty bitch, with neat refined head and dark eye. Smaller size than 1. Good angulation overall, strong firm body. Excellent coat and condition. Moves well. 3 Shipton’s Winterbourne True Love For Mishules (Swed IMP)

OB (5, 1a) 1 Bebb-Sutton’s Cochen Calypso, Lovely type, Black with beautiful refined head and soft dark eyes. Moderate stop and strong lean muzzle. Long wide ears. Clean neck, shoulders well laid, straight front. Deep chest, well developed body, ribs go well back; two thirds length of body, strong loin. Firm rear quarters, hocks well let down, correct tail set. In good glossy coat and feathering. Classic body carriage on the move which I like to see, head and body level and showing good forward reach and rear drive. Moved with ease and purpose. Pleased to award the BCC, I’m told it was her third, well done.

2 Bennett’s ShCh Nadavin Ursella With Jesham, Another super bitch, beautiful classic head, hazel eyes wide open with appealing expression. Clean neck, good front assembly, tight feet, deep in chest, moderate spring to ribs, level body and strong loin. Muscular quarters. Quality seal coat and moderate feathering. Very good mover and 1 just had the edge on the day. Two quality bitches, RBCC.

3 Bebb-Sutton’s Cochen Flamenco.

VB (2,1a) 1 Harris’ Thandiwe Lady Of The Night, Feminine, refined bitch with pretty head, soft hazel eyes, characteristic chisselling. Good ear set. Long strong neck, good front assembly. Good depth of chest, ribs moderately sprung, strong loin, firm rear quarters. Loved her movement, unhurried and true coming and going, BV.

Sheila Appleby (Judge)