• Date: 14/12/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judge: Sharon Bergin Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 25/01/2020

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: Hungarian Vizsla

      L K A Championship Show 14th December 2019

                                    Hungarian Vizsla.

The last time I judged Hungarian Vizslas was in 2017, I commented then that I thought the breed was in a good place in the UK and pleasingly I thought the same today, numerically a fabulous entry with many quality exhibits, quite a variation in coat colour with a couple of dogs being just too dark for me. Temperaments were good without exception.

MPD (9) A lovely class of minor puppies all at different stages of development and all enjoying their day which was great to see, 1st, Harper’s Metropolis Patriarch Nexus by Pitswarren ( AI ) ( Imp ), This 6 month old puppy stood away from the rest, lovely head with good proportions, kind expression, strong neck, excellent front assembly, good depth of chest, elbows tight, straight front, well off for bone, level topline with slight tuck up, correct tailset, beautifully angulated rear with excellent width of upper and lower thigh, hocks straight. precise movement covering the ground well whilst holding his topline, carried his tail correctly. I couldn’t find anything to beat him on the day. DCC, BOB, BP, many congratulations. 2nd, Roberts Perrazi Ingenius, A lot to like about this puppy, he gave his handler a hard time but I could see enough to earn him his second place, a well-built boy with an excellent coat, pleasing head, good eye colour, deep muzzle, good bone, chest broad with enough depth, prominent breastbone, lovely feet, slight tuck up, a little bum high at the moment nevertheless a well deserved second place. 3rd, Shaw’s Your Choice Mega Pixel.

PD ( 6 ) 1st Harper’s Metropolis Patriarch Nexus by Pitswarren ( AI ) ( Imp ), 2nd, Parker & Murray’s Vadaszfai Csapodar at Szelkiraly ( Imp ), Very nice 10 month old, not too happy in the ring today, built on finer lines than my winner but he is a very balanced individual, a noble head with correct ear set, arched neck, well laid shoulders, legs straight, good feet, depth of chest just about there, good body proportions, level topline, good tailset. lovely sweep of stifle, straight hocks, moved very well keeping his topline. 3rd Hughes Ambravittoriya Oskar at Listerio.

JD ( 3 ) 1st Challis’ Vizslanya Aragonia, darker in colour, very well off for bone and could certainly do a days work but in no way coarse, lovely head and kind expression, good front assembly, prominent breastbone, deep, broad chest, good feet. Good spring of rib, level topline and good tailset. Excellent sweep of stifle, straight hocks, moved out well both coming and going. 2nd Watson’s Oakswarren Loki, A well balanced dog with a beautiful head and expression, arched neck into well laid shoulders, good length of upper arm, chest deep with prominent breastbone, topline and tailset correct, good width to second thigh, straight hocks, moved out well just not cooperating fully with his handler today. 3rd Porter & Porter-Manning’s Wallaroo Hawk Eye JW.

PGD ( 7 ) ( 1 ) 1st Scourfield & Kantor’s Maserati of Skyrocket at Danton ( Imp ), substantially built dog but not overdone, paler coat colour, very happy nature, masculine head, good depth of muzzle and correct ear set, strong neck, good forehand assembly, straight legs, chest deep, withers high, ribs well sprung, correct tailset, moved soundly keeping his topline well. 2nd Ashdown’s Vizash Avenger, a well balanced dog of darker coat colour, good head proportions, dark eye but preferred the head of my winner, prominent breast bone, plenty of depth, good forechest, well sprung ribs, level topline, well angulated rear, hocks well let down, good feet. 3rd Rollings & Verity’s Vizslanya Szellem Es Sors.

LD ( 8 ) 1st Miles Layways Van Winkle JW, Very eye catching masculine dog, longer cast but very balanced, good eye shape and colour, deep muzzle but slightly heavy in head for me, well laid shoulders, elbows close to body standing on good feet, slight tuck up, well muscled hindquarters, well let down hocks, very impressive on the move, excellent reach and drive holding his topline. 2nd Dorogi & Farkas’ Nemzet Kincse Orion, powerful looking dog with a beautiful head, gentle expression, good eye colour, correct head proportions, deep broad chest with good depth, withers high, level topline, well off for bone, stands on good feet, accurate movement. 3rd Elliott’s Aldom Dark N’ Stormy.

OD ( 9 ) ( 2 ) 1st Harper’s Sh Ch Magnus Fortuna Pitswarren JW, Quality dog, presents a balanced picture, he has an exquisite head, gentle expression, well muscled throughout but retaining elegance, arched neck leading to well laid shoulders, elbows tight to body, excellent forechest and depth, level topline, correct tailset, good width of second thigh, hocks straight, moved with ease with a good length of stride holding his topline. Res DCC 2nd, Porter & Porter Manning’s Wallaroo All That Jazz Sh CM, Strongly made well muscled dog but not overdone, masculine head, gentle expression, correct eye colour, well balanced front and rear angulation, well off for bone standing on good feet, moved steadily and accurately. 3rd Barrett’s Karaszy’s Glorious Legacy.

MPB ( 5 ) ( 2 ) 1st Ward’s Your Choice Mega Success ( Imp ), Very smart balanced bitch with a very happy temperament, so together for such a youngster, feminine head, correct ear set, beautifully angulated front and rear, plenty of depth, strong legs standing on good feet, strong, straight topline which she held on the move, sweeping stifle, hocks well let down, moved steadily around the ring. 2nd Aynsley’s Your Choice Mega Heist By Caorunn ( Swed Imp ), litter sister to my winner and at a different stage in her development, sweet head and expression, well laid shoulders, good feet, good width of stifle, straight hocks, straight topline, played her handler up on the move so difficult to assess. 3rd Bamber’s Kenynten Raise the Tempo.

JB ( 6 ) ( 5 ), 1st Harrison’s Bitcon Camden, stood alone but a worthy winner, well made bitch of good coat colour, head of good proportions, lovely kind expression, front assembly good, elbows close to body, prominent breastbone and good depth, excellent spring of rib, well bent stifle, hocks well let down, moved out well with strong, steady gait.

PGB ( 9 ) ( 1 ) 1st Wallington’s Nicael Blue Diamond Among Ohanava, Moderately built bitch with a beautiful head and expression, arched neck into well made forequarters, good depth, slight tuck up, level topline, well angulated hindquarters matching her front giving graceful, elegant, positive movement, Res BCC 2nd, Porter & Porter-Manning’s Silvestre’s Scarlet Witch, lovely bitch shown in hard, muscular condition, darker in colour than my winner, again a lovely head, dark eye, elegant neck, good layback of shoulder, tight elbows, beautifully angulated rear, good feet, moved out well around the ring. 3rd Parker & Murray’s Menta of Skyrocket at Szelkiraly ( Imp ).

LB ( 7 ) 1st Di Cesare’s Highforce I Want it All, This bitch caught my eye when she came into the ring and when I went over her she did not disappoint, she is not a flashy, showy bitch but everything I was looking for was there, beautiful head, gentle, kind expression, powerfully built and yet still feminine, good bone, lovely feet, beautifully constructed throughout I found her hard to fault, her movement was precise, steady and accurate, BCC, many congratulations. 2nd Sweeney’s Redrafi Itsy Bitsy Spider, heavier bitch than my winner, paler in colour, well off for bone, kind expression, deep chest, good spring of rib, hocks straight, standing on good feet, moved well with good reach. 3rd Wall’s Piroseg Mandarin of Perllanside JW.

OB ( 4 ) ( 1 ) Very close decision between the first two, 1st Watson’s Sh Ch Oakswarren Eclipse ( AI ), elegant bitch presenting a very pleasing outline, she has a lovely head, good eye colour and shape giving a kind expression, well laid shoulders, correct upper arm, prominent breastbone, strong topline, correct tailset, good bend of stifle, straight hocks, steady precise movement. 2nd, Challis’ Vizslanya Dunaviz JW, heavier built bitch than my winner but not at all coarse and of a darker colour, a lot to like about her, happy temperament, sweet head and expression, beautiful front assembly, good bone, straight legs, lovely feet, good spring of rib, excellent width of second thigh, just lost out to the winner as she tended to roach her back. 3rd Elliott’s Hookside Puszta.

VB ( 1 ) Connolly’s Bitcon Celebrity, My notes say wow, this eleven year old bitch is a real credit to her owner, shown in fit, hard condition she is so sound and well balanced, beautiful head with kind expression, well laid shoulders, elbows tight, lovely spring of rib, level topline, well bent stifle, she could really show the youngsters a thing or two when she moved. BV.

GCB ( 1 ) 1st Wallington’s Nicael Blue Diamond Among Ohanava.

Judge, Sharon Bergin.