• Show Date: 29/09/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Serena Parker Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Welsh Beagle Club

WELSH BEAGLE CLUB Championship Show Sunday 29th September 2019.

It was a delight and a privilege to be asked to judge at the 50th Anniversary show, I thank the officers & the committee for their kind invitation & also the exhibitors who took my placings in such good spirit. On the whole I was thrilled with the quality of my entry & my final line up was filled with some delightful girls, there were at least 5 that were in contention for the CC. Thanks also to my co-judge Marion Hunt for making the joint decisions friendly & fun.

  Minor Puppy Bitch (6, 1 abs)

1st. Tanner’s – Felinoak My Delilah. What a corker of a baby to start my day off. At just over 6 months old this beautiful tri girl took my breath away. She has a head & expression to die for, dark eye & low set leathers. Reachy neck into correct forehand, good bone & neat feet. Super body, topline & tailset, shapely quarters with well let down hocks. She was so sound & true out & back with a great reach of stride, I am sure she will have a very bright future.

2nd. Banks & Bootes’ – Forgebanks Roksana. A pretty tri girl of just 6 months. She has a dark expressive eye, good neck into super front, level topline, is well ribbed back & good through the loin. She has excellent quarters which she used to full advantage on the move. Sound as a pound she moved out with reach & drive. Another nice baby.

3rd. Caple’s – Morsefield Woodlark.

Puppy Bitch (5,1 abs)

1st. Jones & Jepson’s – Eardley Anna Sasin. I have made no secret of the fact I liked this little lady & as I have given her mother a RCC & a CC I guess it could be expected I would like her too. She has the most beautiful head & eye with that glint of wickedness. Her body is compact & powerful, her crested neck flows into good shoulders, level topline & well-muscled quarters. She just flows from top to toe, as now expected from this kennel she was shown in immaculate condition & screamed quality. On the move she is so exuberant, but when she settles, her movement is sound & true with a ground covering stride despite her size. I had to think long & hard as to whether to give her top honours due to her age (11½ months), but on the day she did enough & more & it would have been a travesty to have denied her anything less. Delighted to award her, her 2nd CC & with my co-judges agreement RBIS & BPIS.

2nd. Henningsson-Dundas’ – Julemark Lolita. Totally different type to my winner, she is houndy but smart. She has a pleasing head & expression, excellent neck & shoulder, straight front & good round bone. Excellent through the body with a level topline & good depth of chest. Her quarters were well muscled & she had great reach & drive with a good footfall.

3rd. Jones’ – Clairdale Evelyn.

Junior Bitch (5,0 abs)

Super Class

1st. Breeze’s – Dufosee Dragonfly of Parkebreeway. Beautiful tri girl of 16 months, she just screams quality. She has a beautiful head & the most melting expression from her kind, dark eye. Super reach of neck into good shoulders, well boned straight front & well-padded feet. Her topline is rock solid & she was carrying just the right body weight, her quarters are shapely & well-muscled & she uses them to full advantage driving from behind with free flowing movement. Sound as a pound there is nothing I would change about her, she pushed very hard for top honours, I am sure she will gain her crown.

2nd. Lewis’ – Fallowfield Royal Rosie. Exquisitely headed T/W girl with an expression so like her illustrious kennel mate Dilly. She has a super forehand, excellent topline, good depth of chest & ribbing, strong loin. Good tailset & such well-muscled hindquarters. Her coat & conditioning were first class, she moved well but was like a coiled spring ready to go. When settled she is sound & true, another beautiful bitch.

3rd. Havard’s – Annavah Candy Crush.

Yearling Bitch (7,0 abs)

1st. Goldberg’s – Molesend Tranquil. T/W girl of 19 months, she really caught my eye on entering the ring & did not disappoint on further examination. She has a pleasing head & expression, superb forehand with just the right angles, she has a good depth of brisket, good ribbing & level topline. Her tailset is good & her quarters were well made & well-muscled, on the move she is sound & true with a good footfall. She has to be gone over to be fully appreciated & was probably my surprise of the day, I thought she was just lovely & was seriously considered for top honours.

2nd. Jones & Jepson’s – Seiont Ffion from Eardley. A super smart tri girl with everything in the right place. She has a pleasing head & expression, excellent neck & shoulder into straight well boned front. Good topline, tailset & hindquarters, she was brimming with health & well-being & was shown in gleaming condition. She moves out well with a good footfall & is sound & true.

3rd. Dawson, Goodall & La Gioia’s – Evalux Cashmere upon Rundle (Imp IT).

Novice Bitch (2,1 abs)

1st. Clairdale Evelyn. Smart tri girl with a pleasing head & expression. She is super through the body & has excellent hindquarters, level topline & good underline. Although her forehand is good I just felt she was a little heavy over it today. She moved out soundly & with drive.

Graduate Bitch (5,0 abs)

1st. Evalux Cashmere upon Rundle. Shapely T/W girl with a pleasing head & expression. She has a lovely forehand, excellent topline, good underline & quarters, she is well off for bone & has very neat feet. Moving round the ring with reach & drive, she is good coming & going, she does flag her tail on occasions but today she did enough for the class win.

2nd. Clairdale Evelyn.

3rd. Roderick’s – Barterhound Princess.

Post Graduate Bitch (6,1 abs)

1st. Henningsson-Dundas’ – Julemark Ariadne. Pleasing head & expression on this T/W lady. She has textbook forehand construction with good front & feet. Good topline & underline, her tailset is good & her quarters were shapely & very well-muscled. She was good up & back & exceptional on the go around really covering the ground & making her handler work hard.

2nd. Barrow’s – Timamso Magic Flute at Meganjin. Very smart outline on this tri girl but I would prefer slightly more length of leg for total balance. She has a superb forehand, great body & topline & is so well conditioned, sound out & back, she moved well in profile.

3rd. Anthony’s – Ospreagle Jamaica Me Crazy.

Mid Limit Bitch (6,1 abs)

1st. Havard’s – Annavah Lady Gaga. This lady is so smart in outlook & has a super head with melting expression from the darkest of eye. Crested neck into excellent shoulder construction, straight well boned front & good cat feet. Her underline is very good & her topline is held well both on the move & the stack. Well made & muscled quarters, when she settled she moved out with scope & style, keeping her exceptional outline.

2nd. Philpott’s – Charterwood Golden Gem. T/W girl with kind eye & good expression. She has a good forehand & topline, is well ribbed back & strong through the loin. Well-muscled quarters she moved soundly out & back with a food footfall in profile.

3rd. Davies’ – Barvale Grace.

Limit Bitch (12,2 abs, 2 w/d)

1st. Lewis’ – Fallowfield Fern. T/W girl who is full of naughtiness, her head is correct & she has a super expression from her dark eye. Superb neck & shoulder, straight well boned front & tight feet. Her topline & underline is excellent with a good depth of chest & well ribbed back. She has a good turn of stifle, well let down parallel hocks & exceptional muscletone. Her coat & conditioning was first class & she was turned out in immaculate condition. On the stack she presents a very nice picture, but it is when this precocious lady starts to move she really ups the anti. Like a wild child she sets off & she needs reminding that there is a job to be done, when settled she has such a free flowing stride that is effortless, she holds her lovely topline & reaches forward & drives from behind . So sound on the up & back & personality plus on the move, you cannot help but fall for her charms. Well-deserved RCC, I am sure her title cannot be too far away.

2nd. Jones & Jepson’s – Eardley Izzy Cummings. Another super smart tricolour from these very talented breeders. She has excellent head planes, good earset & dark expressive eye. Super forehand, excellent through the body & hindquarters. Again shown in super fettle, she moved out very well in profile but I just preferred the hind action of my winner.

3rd. Breeze’s – Davricard Hummingbird of Parkebreeway.

Open Bitch (6,0 abs)

1st. Havard’s – Annavah Petal. Ultra smart tri with a head & expression to die for. Super neck & shoulder into good well boned front. Good ribbing, underline & level topline, excellent tailset & hindquarters. She moved out exceptionally well sound & true, a very nice girl, another in close contention.

2nd. Philpott’s – Charterwood Fantasy Island. T/W girl who is honest throughout, she has a super forehand, level topline & good strong loin, well set on stern & well made & muscled hindquarters. She has a lovely head with a very dark eye. Out & back she is sound & has a good footfall in profile, I just preferred the head & expression of my winner.

3rd. Richmond’s – Canowindra Fair Eva.

Special Beginners Bitch (6,1 abs)

1st. Ayres-Cousins’ – Viracocha Onya Marks. Cracking youngster who was not disgraced with her placing in a super junior class. She has the smartest of outlines, exceptional head & expression from dark mischievous eyes. Super forehand, excellent topline, body & ribbing. Superb hindquarters with low set hocks used well, she moved soundly out & back with style.

2nd. Timamso Magic Flute at Meganjin.

3rd. Webster’s – Michelroy Pimpernell with Houndscoast.

Veteran Bitch (9,1 abs)

1st. Phillips’ – Brialey Tu Tira for Lanesend (Imp Aust). A 10 year old T/W pocket rocket! She has a beautiful head with kind eye & expression. Super forehand, excellent topline & powerful quarters. She is short coupled & compact, but despite her size she can stride round the ring with the best. Sound & true out & back & putting her all in on the go around, she could not be denied the win in this cracking class & I was delighted when my co-judge & I agreed for her to take BVIS.

2nd. Brown’s – Raimex Rowanberry. 10 year old tri girl who is an old favourite of mine. She has the most beautiful head, eye & expression, super forehand with good bone & feet. Level topline, so good through the body & muscled quarters some of the youngsters would be proud of. She too was sound & true with a fluid profile gait.

3rd. Roderick’s – Barterhound Razzle. Another lovely lady.

A special mention has to go to my 4th placed girl, the evergreen Barterhound Begonia at Bedeway. At 12 years old she still showed her socks off & is in fantastic condition, she is a real credit to her breeder & owners.

Serena Parker (Judge)