• Date: 21/07/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judge: Sarah Wilson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 16/02/2020

Irish Water Spaniel Association

Breed: Special Award Classes


I would like to extend my thanks to the Irish Water Spaniel Association for inviting me to judge the Special Award Classes at the 2019 Championship Show. I would also like to thank the members for allowing me privilege of getting ‘hands on’ with their dogs, it was a real pleasure. This was my first judging appointment and is an experience that will remain with me forever.

Special Award Junior Dog or Bitch (4, 0)

1. Busby’s Stangate Leading Role At Zakby. 16 month old dog who owns the ring with his happy disposition. Compact in size and totally in proportion. Dark eye with a lovely expression. Correct scissor bite. Long low set ears. Large feet. Moved well, covering the ground with reach and drive. Good coat of even texture. Expertly presented and handled.

2. Morris’s Caliway Dolly Varden. 12 month old bitch who was thoroughly enjoying her time in the ring albeit somewhat exuberant on the move. Feminine head but eyes were slightly lighter than 1st. Good coat.

3. Macmahon and Choi’s Tiger Tail

Special Award Limit Dog or Bitch (4, 0)

1. Ford’s Cuboglach Reed Tussock. Bitch, nearly 3 years of age. Taller bitch but in proportion. Feminine head with dark eyes and a correct scissor bite. Ears long and low set. Good coat of even texture. Moved out well and seemed to be enjoying her time in the ring.

2. Webb’s Foulby Singapore Sling At Shannonlee. Bitch, nearly 4 years of age. Smaller than 1st and in proportion. Dark eyes and a good scissor bite. Coat slightly patchy in places. Moved comfortably around the ring but did not have the reach and drive of 1st.

3. Weaving’s Kandalin Golden Storm

Special Award Open Dog or Bitch (7, 2)

1. Andrews’ Sh Ch Antdela Oleander ShCM. Dog, 12 years young and thoroughly enjoying his time in the ring today. Moving round the ring with reach, drive and style. Compact in size and perfectly in proportion. Dark eyes helping to create a wonderful expression that you could look at forever. Correct scissor bite. Big Feet. Excellent coat, dark in colour, of good texture and which is in abundance. Presented perfectly without being overdone.

2. Davies’ Stanegate Fly Me To The Moon With Shelseivad ShCM. 7 year old dog. Larger in size than 1st but in proportion. Dark eyes and big feet. Good coat. Moved well around the ring but not quite the reach and drive of 1st.

3. Mould, Bird and Andrew’s Antdela Aero In Koolwaters

Sarah Wilson (Eldarrah)