• Show Date: 10/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sarah Taylor Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)

Bournemouth Canine Association Ch Show 10/08/19

Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)

Judge Sarah Taylor

The entry was numerically rather small at just 28 dogs and so I was thankful that exhibitors braved the elements to get to the show. It was particularly pleasing that the dogs handled the situation really well as the creaking noises from the marquee frame were quite alarming at times. The quality of exhibits was a bit mixed and I was particularly struck by the number of dogs with untypical feet. The classic large round well padded Cardi foot is a breed feature that should be strived for. Even when less than perfect they can be improved by short nails and plenty of exercise. Likewise front construction; there were few that had good strong fronts with no exaggerated turn out and the correct shoulder/upper arm angulation that propels the dog with long easy forward reach. I found several that were weak in front and inclined towards knuckling over. This is a breed that must be able to move in a ground covering fluid fashion. The front legs should reach forward without excessive lift and the driving action that comes from correct hind angulation should match the front, the topline should then be strong and level.

Puppy Dog (2 entries) Abs 1

1st Frosticks Apollo Back to Black for Kalwig (imp Rus)

Stood alone at his first show in this scary ring but he took it all in his stride which I know delighted his owner. I thought this 6 month old good sized brindle baby has potential. Head proportions were as you would want with large well set ears. Feet a little flat but hopefully these can improve as he develops and with the right exercise.

Junior Dog (1)

1st Essenhigh & Bishops Hundahilli Bulleyana for Brynlluan

Lots to like about this young brindle, a very well balanced overall type and quite mature in development for his age. Appealing head type of good proportions and dark eye giving good expression. Well let down in front, good angles and body length and he holds a level topline. Could use a touch more drive from rear but has the quality to take him to a title.

Post Graduate Dog (4 entries) Abs 1

1st Lees Wildcard Spot Check for Horcrux

An interesting blue merle whose overall conformation took him to the front of this class. Scored with the best front and long ribcage, plenty of bone and substance and a good masculine head piece. A steady mover and perhaps a little more animation would help. Coat rather wavy but the wet windy conditions probably didn’t help.

2nd Langfords Caprian Challenger

Dark brindle who shows a good outline but is a touch long in loin. He could not match the winner on the move.

3rd James Caprian Dexter at Bwthyn

Limit Dog (1 entry)

1st Roberts Gowerston Grand Joins Kogarahs

Blue merle who stood alone in this class. He is a good overall type with plenty of bone and well developed in forechest. Good masculine Cardi head type. A steady mover, held a good topline.

Open dog (3 entries) Abs 1

1st Cliftons Ch Joseter Frazer Nash

Brindle dog of undoubted quality and put down and shown to best advantage. Not overbig but well balanced with correct bone and substance. Strong front, well let down and good ribbing. Head proportions correct and typical in expression. He scored on the move particularly in front an area where many others in this entry failed. CC, BOB and pleased to see he went on to take G4.

2nd Taylors Ch Tamlin Starman

Last judged this handsome brindle point tri as a youngster when I awarded him BP at the club show. He has lost none of his appeal and I still love his overall type with a grand reach of neck and strong topline. Excellent head type giving correct expression and as with the winner put down and shown to look his best. I just felt the winner had slightly better feet and was more positive on the move. Res CC

Puppy Bitch (2 entries) Abs 2

Junior Bitch (1 entry)

1st James Bwthyn Hopes & Dreams

I felt this brindle girl could carry a touch more weight to advantage as she appears rather narrow all through. Liked her well set ears of good size but a tad long in foreface. Could do with tighter feet and stronger pasterns but hopefully as she matures this will improve.

Post Graduate Bitch (4 entries) Abs 1

1st Langfords Caprian The Vixen JW

Lots to like with this brindle girl and although she is a touch narrow in front she was stronger in this department than the others in the class. Good head type with correct shape and dark eye giving good expression. Liked her overall size and balance and she moved purposely.

2nd Lovell, Stevens & Symes-Morris Liebehund Lucy Locket

Lighter brindle who pressed the winner but just let down by her front. Lovely head type with good size and set of ear. Body of good length and enough neck to present a balanced overall picture. A steady mover but not quite the animation of the winner.

3rd Froggatts Wildcard Queen of Clubs for Gerefa

Limit bitch (5 entries) Abs 2

1st Keebles Keebleway Blue Heven

Contrary to what one might think from her name this is a brindle point tri of extremely appealing overall make and shape. Possesses substance but still looks feminine with correct head proportions. Good neck leading to decent front angulation. Strong back and hindquarter which produced sound movement going away and ground covering action in profile. Res CC

2nd Roberts Wildcard Lottie at Foaldown

Blue merle who scores with her good ribcage and balanced body proportions. Would prefer a better coat texture.

3rd Taylors Tamlin Voodoo Cream

Open Bitch (4 entries) Abs 0

1st Lovells Ch Liebehund Miss Muffett

Possibly not the most animated or sparkling showgirl but I consider this brindle to be a good honest type who cannot be overlooked as her sound construction is to be valued. Good typical head type, balanced proportions, plenty of neck leading to good shoulder and length with strong topline. Carrying just a tad too much body condition but went well on the move to secure the CC.

2nd Frosdicks Ch Elmsmere Co Star for Kalwig

A light brindle and again a good type overall. Her feet are not her fortune and could not quite match the winner in front.

3rd Lovell, Stevens & Symes-Morris Liebehund Lucy Lockett

Veteran D/B (2 entries) Abs 1

1st Lovells Liebehund Thyme Please

Another very sound brindle who still moves out really well for her age. Head of correct proportions giving a feminine expression.