• Show Date: 27/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sandra Bushell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Old English Sheepdog

I was delighted to have the opportunity to judge our breed at Windsor Championship Show on the return of CC’s in the Breed.  Those who know me well will recall that I have had mixed experiences of this Show over the years. 

Many thanks to my most efficient Stewards and to the exhibitors who took time and in most cases a great deal of care and effort in preparing their exhibits for the day, the vast majority were extremely well turned out, beautifully clean and in excellent muscle tone.  Just one of the younger exhibits surprised having rather dirty teeth.   Good dental care and cleaning is all part of the package, pet or showdog. 


Best of Breed and Dog CC went to Mr T & Mrs P Mills’ Royal Croft Jeffery; Bitch CC to Ms I Van Engelen’s Fr Ch. Youandi Millesime; Reserve Dog CC to Mrs K Reeves’ Shaggy Blue Bob’s Xerxes at Brinkley; Reserve Bitch CC to Mr R & Mrs C Churcher’s Kalaju Klassical Romance at Portville; and,  Best Puppy Mrs L Bull’s Shaggy Blue Bob’s Annabella at Valleydell. 


Veteran Dog or Bitch: No Entries 

Puppy Dog: (2 entries) 

1st Mr & Mrs M & D Palmer’s Red Devil Aus Dem Elbe-urstromtal  For Hazyland.  11 month old male carrying a wealth of blue coat.  Just a touch longer than I would ideally like.  Nice broad muzzle, pleasing neck and shoulders.  I would also like a little more muscle tone, but having said that he moved steadily. 

2nd Mrs D Adrian Coleman’s Bovaron Going for Gold at Barcole.  Very pleasing wall eyed male. Good head and neck, pleasing top line. Coat clearing well. Well muscled.  Not so strong in the front when moving as 1. 

Junior Dog: (2 entries) 

1st Miss H Woods & Mr I Pointon’s Vigilat’s Rhapsody in Blue. 14 month old male with much to like. Good head and neck. Correct front, straight forelegs with elbows fitting close to his brisket.  Good spring of rib. Pleasing rise to loin.  Neat strong hocks.  A pleasure to watch on the move. 

2nd Mr R 7 Mrs A Jones’ Quemerford Take Two. Good head and neck, good depth of brisket.  Coat clearing well.  For me, not quite balanced in front and rear angles, which somewhat spoilt his movement today.  

Post Graduate Dog: (5 entries) 

1st Ms M Bartons’  Amblehay Dragon Heart. A picture standing and a pleasure on the move.  Good head and neck, nice front. Good depth of brisket. Pleasing rise to loin. Coat of good colour and texture.  Very well turned out. 

2nd Mrs G Mills’ Makaylen National Treasure at Mopill.  Not quite the neck and shoulders of 1. Nevertheless pleasing. Good front, spring of rib and depth of brisket.  Good rise to loin.  Well muscled. Moved just a little closer behind than 1. today. 

3rd Mr J & Mrs A Cheshire’s Molyneux Start Me Up. 

Limit Dog: (3 entries) 

1st Mr T & Mrs P Mills’ Royal Croft Jeffrey In Kerjalee. Pretty as a picture!! (even if he is male).  Well pigmented eyes, good head, neck and front.  Good depth of brisket and spring of rib. Neat strong hocks which he used to drive well.   Super mover. Coat of excellent colour and texture.  Presented and shown superbly. 

2nd Miss J Huggan’s  Jandoes Born to Be Wild at Jazziespad.   3 today!!  Darker in coat. Exceptional muscle tone which showed on the move. Good neck and shoulders. 

3rd Mr R & Mrs C Windsor’s Holanja Go Wild. 


Open Dog: (3 entries 1 absent) 

1st Mrs K Reeves’ Shaggy Blue Bob’s Xerxes at Brinkley. Very pleasing  2 year old male with strong muzzle, good head, neck and front, correct shoulders.  Lovely spring of rib. Good hindquarters.  Neat hocks.  Coat of excellent colour and texture. Moves well.   

2nd Mrs C and Mr B Evans’ Bracalgem Ray of Sunshine.  Slightly longer cast than 1. Nevertheless very pleasing.  Lovely balanced conformation.  Carrying a little too much coat for me, which spoilt his outline.  Moves soundly. Much to like. 


Good Citizen Dog or Bitch: (1 entry) 

1st Mrs E Poole’s Melodee Coral Gladioli.  Pretty 18 month old bitch. Very well presented and immaculately turned out. 

Puppy Bitch: (2 entries) 

1st Ms L Bull’s Shaggy Blue Bob’s Annabella at Valleydell. Super 8 month old with lovely head and strong square muzzle. Super neck and shoulders. Cobby!! Neat hocks. Coat clearing well. She exhibited a true bobtail roll when moving slowly.  One to watch!! 

2nd Mr G & Mrs D Castle’s Molyneux Run For Home.  Unfortunate to meet 1. Pretty 11 month old with lots to like, not quite the shoulders of 1 and lacking that real sparkle on the move. 

Junior Bitch: (2 entries) 

Mr A Labous & Mr A Steele’s O’La Parisienne with Arthrug of Reality Dream.  Pleasing 17 month old bitch with coat clearing nicely.  Well toned muscles which showed on the move. 

Mr D & Mrs M Leighton’s Asternovi Zali’s Dream Girl. 12 months old with good coat. A little longer cast than 1 and not so strong on the move. 


Post Graduate Bitch: (5 entries)  

1st Mrs J Raynham’s Good Day Sunshine. Super cobby bitch. Lovely head, neck and front.   Good depth of brisket with excellent hindquarters. Moves with real drive. Coat of good colour.  An absolute delight to go over and to watch on the move. 

2nd Mr A & Mrs J Wilkinson’s Kalaju Klassicly Klassy .  Lovely feminine bitch. Super neck, good shoulders, neck and front.  Coat of good colour and texture.  Good depth of brisket.  Good muscle tone.  Just a little closer than 1 on the move today. 

3rd Mr C & Mrs E Jones Kerjalee Dream Moments at Wenallt 

Limit Bitch: (5 entries 1 absent) 

1st Mr R & Mrs C Churcher’s Kalaju Klassical Romance at PortVille.  Super bitch!!  Super neck and front, good shoulder placement.  Lovely spring of rib and depth of brisket. Cobby.  Super rear angles.  Neat hocks. Coat of excellent texture.  Moved so soundly and true. 

2nd Mrs I Crane-Duplock’s Shaggy Blue Bob’s Way To Go With Mirene. Another lovely bitch. Super head, neck and front. Cobby.  Much to like, just a little closer in the rear on the move today that 1. Also not quite the clean shoulders of 1. 

3rd Mrs S Rutland’s and Mrs  T Porter’s Melowdee Make Me Blush. 

Open Bitch: (9 entries 3 absent) 

1st Ms I Van Engelen’s Fr Ch Youand I Millesime. Super cobby bitch. Excellent head, neck, shoulders and front.  Good bone. Super depth of brisket and spring of rib.  Outstanding hind quarters, neat hocks.  Good coat.  Moved a dream!! 

2nd S Robertson’s Hickorystix Keep the Faith So unlucky to meet 1. Another quality bitch with lovely neck, front and shoulders.  Good strong rear, neat hocks, good bone.  Lovely harsh coat.  Another super mover. 

3rd Mrs C Naismith’s Zottels Honey Moon at Shaggybo.