• Show Date: 24/10/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sandra Arroyo Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Midland Counties Canine Society

Breed: English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan)


English Toy Terrier (black and tan)

I had a lovely day judging English Toy Terriers at Midland Counties Canine Society. Thank you to the officials whose hospitality was second to none. I was delighted with the overall quality of the dogs. The overall standard has greatly improved from when I started in the breed. Mouths and coat condition in general were excellent. Some of the decisions were close calls and in some cases it was a pity there was only one red card. Thank you all for coming. 

PUPPY DOG (1) 1. Francis & Blatchford’s Witchstone What A surprise for Peopleton Lovely 10 month old puppy showed in tip top condition. Gleaming black jacket and darker tan. Nice head with well set ears and lovely dark eyes. Well laid shoulders and correct rear angulation. Nicely muscled for his age. He made a beautiful profile and moved well. Stood alone but a worthy winner.

JUNIOR DOG (1) 1. Howards’ Lasagesse Supersonic (1) Looked beautiful in profile. Lovely head with well set candleflame ears. Nice arch of neck. Correct dentition. Glossy black coat with darker tan. Although he was well muscled and sound to go over his movement in front was a bit close. Perhaps a looser lead would rectify this. 

 POST GRADUATE DOG (3) 1. Mr & Mrs Thorne’s Amalek Cappuccino At Winklefred Well presented and nicely constructed dog who stood 4 square and was very attentive to his handler. Correct mouth. Attractive dark eyes. Clearly defined thumbprints. Used his candleflame ears to advantage. Moved beautifully. 2. Clarke’s Roseofpern Starman Loved his size. Dark almond shaped eyes and very attractive head. Well constructed all round with well placed shoulders and good rear angulation. Glossy healthy coat. Moved well. 3. Mr & Mrs Warren’s Pedara The World Is Mine 

 LIMIT DOG (4) 1. Mr & Mrs Harman’s Witchstone Crazy Horse At Boimans Handsome upstanding dog shown in tip top condition. Very nice head with correct almond shaped dark eyes and correct dentition. Good reach of neck and well laid shoulders. Nice turn of stifle. Res Dog CC 2. Mrs Jolley’s Witchstone Odds On Favourite At Dekobras. Nice size. Once again another well turned out exhibit, who did everything his handler asked of him. Loved his head. Good shoulder angulation and correct rear. Thumbprints present on a mahogany tan. Lovely little dog. 3. Seaton & Woodward’s Witchstone Vanguard En Gardebois 

 OPEN DOG (6,5) 1. Frances & Blatchford’s CH Witchstone Not Apache On Me For Peopleton This was a very tough class to judge as it oozed with quality. However this one caught my eye as soon as he entered the ring. Showed in perfect condition with gleaming coat and just the right amount of muscle. Although slightly bigger in size than I prefer I could not fault him in any way either on the table or on the move. Proud to award him Dog CC. 2. Mr & Mrs Bennett’s CH Witchstone Place Your Bets At Capledrae JW Yet another outstanding dog. I was splitting hairs in my placements in this class. Very attractive head with beautiful candleflame ears and beautiful sparkling dark eyes. Lovely shoulder angulation and good turn of stifle which showed in his correct movement. Glossy black coat with nice tan. Thumbprints present. 3. Wood’s Moretonia Easter Parade. 

 MINOR PUPPY BITCH (2,1) 1. Haffenden’s Lily Marlene What a sweet little doll she was and the one I could have happily taken home. Sweetest of heads. Good mouth and nicely placed ears. Everything in the right place. Moved well and did all that was asked of her. 

 PUPPY BITCH (3,2) 1 Gourley & Leonard’s Witchstone Unexpected Gift This was the star of the day. Pure quality and never put a foot wrong. Where do I start? Lovliest of heads with sparkling almond shaped eyes and well set ears which she used to advantage. Nicely arched neck leading down to well set shoulders. Just the right length of body and well angulated rear end. Well defined thumbprints. I could not fault her on the day. Proud to award her Bitch CC, B.O.B, and Best Puppy 2 Wines & Richardson’s Etruria Just The One Such a shame that these two were in the same class. Another quality puppy who showed so well for her handler. Lovely head and beautiful dark almond shaped eyes. Sound throughout and hard to fault on the table. Moved well. 

 JUNOR BITCH (4) 1. Mr & Mrs Dixon’s Lasagesse Definitely Maybe Very nice bitch of correct size shown in great condition. Gleaming coat. Lovely shoulders and correct rear angulation which showed in her movement. Just the right proportions for her size. Attractive head. 2. Mr & Mrs Owens’ Waukesha Magic Touch For Russiatree Glossy dark coat and correct tan. Nice mouth. Pretty head. Lovely rear action but moved a bit wide in front. Just the right size. 3. Clarke’s Roseofpern A Star Is Born 

 POST GRADUATE BITCH (3) 1. Dicker’s Moretonia Golden Girl At Neerodan Dainty bitch of correct size shown in great condition. Beautiful feminine head but had her moments when she forgot to use her ears to advantage. Gleaming coat. Colours good and thumbprints present. Good mouth. Great rear action on the move. 2. Cox’s Pelugias Light Up My Life At Petitpaws This one had a lot to offer. Well constructed bitch of correct size. Sound to go over and her correct construction paid off when on the move. A bit skittish on the table but the venue was noisy with an echo which was likely to blame. Darker in tan than 1. 3. Love’s Lasagesse Morning Glory With Tettoy 

LIMIT BITCH (10,7) 1. Mr & Mrs Inch’s Edalene Never Let Me Go Beautiful bitch shown in fabulous condition. Such a joy to go over as everything was just where it should have been. Very attractive head. Loved her movement both front and rear and she was so laid back in her attitude. Just the right amount of muscle, Thumbprints would have completed the picture. Res Bitch CC 2. Mr & Mrs Dixon’s Lasagesse Definitely Maybe 3. Mr, Mrs & Master Evison’s Winter Star At Kikuchi JW 

 OPEN BITCH (3,2) 1. Gourley & Leonard’s CH Witchstone Fancy A Flutter Yet another bitch which oozed quality. Loved everything about her. Perfect size. Gorgeous head. So attentive to her handler. Sound as a pound both on the table and on the move. Thumbprints a little heavy but that did not detract from the overall picture. 2. Wines’s Etruria Out Of Words Another quality 2 year old bitch. Loved her size and shape. Sound throughout. Correct mouth and feminine head. Moved really well on a looser lead. Only let down by not using her ears to advantage. 

 VETERAN BITCH I love the Veteran class and was proud to go over these two bitches. Both were in fabulous condition with muscle showing that they were still enjoying their exercise walks. I did sneak a naughty peek at the mouths and was not disappointed. Coats were in great condition and movement proved their soundness. Although I preferred the head of 1 both owners should be proud of how they looked and performed. 1. Ariane Oh What A Night At Edalene SHCM VW 2. Mr & Mrs Harman’s Menushkin Quite Exclusive To Boimans Sandra Arroyo Judge