• Show Date: 04/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: SANDIE ROBERTSON Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Old English Sheepdog Club

Breed: Old English Sheepdog

The Old English Sheepdog Club Open Show

  Sun 4th August 2019

Thank you to the committee for the invitation to judge my first club open show and to the exhibitors for the super entry and to the stewards for all their hard work

Vet Dog or Bitch 2/2

1st Oakes Ch Gojolega Stargazer at Ambleoak 7 yr. old Male Super Head, truncated muzzle, large nose, well spaced teeth with scissor bite .1 dark brown & one blue eye both with full rim pigmentation, strong neck leading to clean shoulders, good bone, very deep brisket with spring to ribs, short coupled with short back and gentle rise, well muscled rear presented in excellent coat with natural break, crisp and deep undercoat, shows good drive on the move Best Veteran in show

  2nd Laybourne & Johnson Mellowdee the Magician in Dominoesdale 10 yr. old male, Large head, good bite and well spaced teeth, dark eyes with full pigment, strong neck & straight front, deep brisket, well muscled rear, coat is still quite crisp, was just a little sluggish on the move today

  Puppy Dog 1/1

1st Adrian-Coleman’s Bovaron Going for Gold at Barcole Eye catching 10 month old. Large square head, good stop and back skull, scissor bite with large, well-spaced teeth, 1 brown & 1 blue eye, pigment coming on rims, neat ears. Long arched neck leading to clean shoulders, straight front well angled both front and rear, Deep brisket for his age and well sprung ribs, short back with good rise. Coat is starting to change and there is a wealth of coarse guard hair appearing. Presentation was excellent

Junior Dog 4/5

Strong Class and I am sure will change places many times over next few months

1st Laybourne & Johnson’s Mellowdee Paws IN Thyme in Dominoesdale

17 month old. Strong Square Dog, Large head, good stop square head, lovely dark eyes with full pigmentation & big nose. He has a very strong arched neck, good lay of shoulder well developed brisket and good spring of ribs, short coupled and natural rise to a well muscled rear and low hocks powered his very sound movement. Coat clear and good texture, a little more undercoat would complete the picture.

2nd Palmer’ Red Devil Aus Dem Elbe Urstromtal for Hazyland

13 months old, Upstanding young male, Lovely intelligent expression. Large head with strong truncated muzzle scissor bite with large well spaced sparkling white teeth, Dark eyes with full pigment. He has a long strong arched neck into good lay of shoulder, strong bone and tight feet, deep brisket for age and natural rise, a touch longer in back than 1st. Strong well made rear, neat low hocks which he uses very well on the move. Coat is changing nicely with natural break. Presentation was excellent 

Yearling Dog 2/2

1ST Windsor’s Holanja Go Wild JW

22months old, Eye catching young male with such an intelligent expression, Good head proportions, lovely markings, 2 dark eyes with full pigment, scissor bite and large, well spaced teeth, strong neck. Good bone and front. Deep brisket, short coupled and good rise over strong loin, broad well developed thigh muscles, low straight hocks easy driving action on the move Coat is changing nicely showing natural break and is of a good texture with deep undercoat. He pushed very hard in challenge.

2nd Story’s Maghullpaws Kings Ransome

13 months old – giving away a lot on maturity in this class, smaller type male, very coarse coat, lighter brown eyes, was a little erratic on the move today hopefully as he develops this may settle

Novice Dog 2/2

1st Adrian-Coleman’s Bovaron Going for Gold at Barcole – seen As PD class

2nd Story’s Maghullpaws Kings Ransome – seen as YD class

Post Graduate Dog 2/2

1st Barton’s Amblehay Dragon Heart  

22months old. Demands your attention in the ring. Large square head, good stop and strong back skull, Strong truncated muzzle with large nose, well placed sparkling white teeth scissor bite. Long neck into very clean shoulders, straight front with good angles front and rear. Deep brisket and good spring of rib, short coupled and gentle rise to well-muscled rear, low straight hocks good reach and drive on the move. Coat has cleared and is of a crisp texture & ample undercoat – presentation excellent RBD

2nd Cheshire’s Molyneux Start Me up 

26 months. Strong thick set Dog, Large head, 2 dark eyes with full pigment Strong neck, very deep brisket, strong bone gentle rise to loin, coat clear and is of a good crisp texture, a little more would complete the picture . good drive from rear on the move

Limit Dog 1/1

1st Bell’s Bovaron Easy Rider with Soulbobs

  23 months – Square strong balanced male – loved him, Large square head, scissor bite with large well placed teeth, strong underjaw. Neat ears, Good stop and fall over eyes with big nose, Strong arched neck leading to clean well laid back shoulders. Straight front strong bone and tight feet, deep brisket, gentle rise to loin, short coupled, nice bend of stifle and low hocks – well exercised with broad thigh and well developed second thigh, allowed to drop his head & maintained topline, his movement was so strong and balanced from all angles. Coat clear and of good texture with ample undercoat Presentation Excellent BD & RBIS

Open Dog 0/2

Minor Puppy Bitch 2/2

1st Terry’s Shaggylands Silver Star

8months. Confident puppy, Good head developing, well placed teeth and scissor bite, dark eyes lovely expression, truncated muzzle, strong arched neck into good lay of shoulder, well developed brisket and spring of ribs, good bend of stifle & neat hocks, strong & well muscled rear, so well balanced on the move great extension and rear drive. Coat has break and is showing signs of maturity already with wealth of guard hair evident.

  2ND Harris’s Beauvallon Lillianna

6 months, Lovely young puppy, head well developed already, good bite, 2 dark eyes with full pigment, neat ears, good stop and fall over eyes, long neck into pleasing front, short coupled, brisket well developed, gentle rise over loin, showed good extension when she got into her stride

Puppy Bitch 2/3

1st Deakin’s Lindisfarm Flower of Hope at Darwillow

11 Month, Absolute picture Standing, Nice sized head with truncated muzzle. Neat ears Large teeth with scissor bite, 1 brown & 1 blue eye both with full pigmentation. Strong stop. Strong Arched neck and clean well layed shoulders, good angles front and rear. Brisket well developed for her age, strong rear with lots of power from low hocks and well muscled her movement was positive and precise. Coat showing early signs of maturity with lovely natural break – Presentation excellent BPB & BPIS

2nd Powell’s Lindisfarm Hopes and Dreams for Pouchymo

11 Month, litter sister to 1st and very similar comments apply. Good head with strong muzzle, 2 dark eyes with full pigmentation. Strong arched neck, good lay of shoulder. Good spring of rib and well developed brisket, gentle rise to loin, Coat is a little slower than 1st but again natural break.

Junior Bitch 1/1

1st Story’s Maghull Hearts Delight 13 months, still quite raw at this point, smaller bitch who is still developing. Good teeth and bite, strong neck, little longer in back and coupling. Coat is of a very harsh texture.

Yearling bitch 2/4

1st Poole’s Mellowdee Coral Gladioli

20 months. Large head, well placed teeth on a scissor bite, 2 dark eyes, neat ears, truncated muzzle. Strong arched neck into good lay of shoulder, strong bone, deep well sprung ribcage, short back and close coupled, moderate rise well made rear and well muscled, this showed in her positive movement, covering the ground with ease. Coat is clearing nicely, a little more undercoat would complete the picture.

2nd Story’s Maghull Hearts Delight – seen as JB 

Novice Bitch 1/1

1st Story’s Maghull Hearts Delight – Seen as JB

Post Graduate Bitch 2/3

1ST Wilkinson’s Kalaju Klassicly Klassy JW

Caught my attention as soon as she entered the ring. Strong Head with defined stop and fall over 2 dark fully pigmented eyes, Truncated muzzle and large nose, wide jaw with scissor bite. Markings on head gave a very appealing expression. Strong arched neck well placed shoulders straight front with strong bone. Tight feet. Deep brisket and short coupling. Natural rise to strong loin, strong low hocks. Allowed to drop her head on the move & maintained her topline. Positive ground covering movement showing strong drive a pleasure to see. Coat is harsh and plenty of undercoat. Could not deny her BB & BIS

2nd Laybourne & Johnson’s Mellowdee Patsy’s Spirit in Dominoesdale

Slightly Smaller bitch but all in proportion, scissor bite with well placed teeth, 2 brown eyes with full pigmentation, near ears strong neck with straight front, short coupled, moderate rise, coat is starting to clear, a little more undercoat would complete picture for me. Strong rear assembly.

Limit Bitch 1/3

1st Halladay’s Designer Girl Jazzy Sassy

2yr old, Appealing expression 2 dark brown eyes with full pigmentation, strong truncated muzzle, large well placed teeth good bite, Large head with good back skull. Long neck and good lay of shoulder, a little heavy over shoulders, strong bone, tight feet. Short cobby body with deep brisket. Moderate rise to a strong well muscled rear, low straight hocks. Coat is changing nicely and has plenty of undercoat, well presented. Movement was sound and positive from all angles.

Open Bitch 1/4

1st Oakes’s Bovaraon Charisma at Ambleoak

3.5 yrs. old, Another eye catching bitch, Large Head, 2 dark brown eyes with full pigmentation, Strong Skull with defined stop, Large nose and intelligent expression. Good bite and strong teeth, Deep brisket and well sprung ribs, Cobby body, very short coupled gentle rise of loin wide, well muscled rear assembly. Low straight hocks & Strong bone. Mature Crisp Coat in full bloom presentation excellent. Strong mover and pushed hard in challenge RBB

Sandie Robertson