• Show Date: 03/01/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: SALLY RANKINE Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Boston & District Canine Society

Breed: Pointer

Boston 4th January 2019


My thanks go to the committee for the invitation to judge, to the exhibitors for a great entry and my stewards Christina and Lawrence Dalby for keeping the ring running smoothly. Today I felt the dogs were stronger in quality than the bitches, movement was very disappointing overall but I was pleased with my winners.

Puppy Dog (8/3a)

1. Wilcox’s Pipeaway Dreams Afyre - 7m O/W who oozes pointer type for me. Presents a completely balanced shape on the stack. Has an exquisite head with kind expression and dark pigment. Correct angulation front and rear with no exaggeration. Neat tail. One I could have easily taken home. His movement is erratic at the moment but he gave an outgoing and happy performance and I saw enough potential to award him BP and RBD. Unfortunately in the challenge for BPIB he was tired but definitely one to watch for the future.

2. Roberts Fanmatrix Roll Tiger Roll - 8m O/W quite nicely balanced. A little narrow in front. Decent shoulder placement with good length of neck. Nice turn of stifle. Moved ok.

3. Stilgoes Olivesong Chase The Memory to Teisgol.

Junior Dog (6)

1. Wilcox’s Pipeaway Dreams Afyre - as 1st PD

2. Roberts Fanmatrix Midnights Dream - 8m B/W unlucky to meet 1st. Prefer this one to his brother, balanced with nice head, good lay of shoulder, decent rear quarters, neat tail. Nothing exaggerated about him which I liked just needs time.

3. Gordon’s Hawkfield Audacity JW (AI)

Post Graduate Dog (7/3a)

1. O’Neill’s Tenshilling Biscuits JW - 9m O/W presents a nicely balanced picture on the stack. I find his head a little plain at the moment and he has a lack of pigment. Good shoulder, nice angles front and rear and decent slope to pasterns, neat tail, carried a little high on the move. Strides out well.

2. Thorpe’s Amiryck Get Up And Run at Braegorse - 7m O/W heavier all through than 1st. Has a little too much back skull. He has good front and rear angulation with a neat tail. Moved ok.

3. Booth’s Lundgarth Teal.

Open Dog (5)

1. O’Neill’s Sh Ch Tenshilling Home Alone JW ShCM - a series of graceful curves with a balanced outline, correctly angulated and nothing overdone. Lovely head and expression. He moved well to win this class with style. BD and BOB

2. O’Neill’s Sh Ch Chesterhope Thrill Of TChase (Imp NZ) O/W Upstanding dog well presented. Doesn’t quite have the curves and elegance of my winner and I preferred the expression and upper arm length/angle on 1st. Moved well.

3. Rayner, Spinks & Pringle Freebreeze Over The Top at Spinray

SB Dog (2/1a)

1. Mason’s Nosam Never Say Never Again at Kiswahili - O/W sweet expression with decent angulation fore and aft, neat tail. Stands a little 10 to 2. Moved ok.

Puppy Bitch (8/1a)

1. Oddie‘s Sharnphilly Hello Dolly - 11m O/W with quality head but would prefer more lip and a little more length of neck. Nice shoulder placement, good depth of brisket, deep through loin with good rear angulation. She moved steadily and true but tends to hold her head high and pokes her nose out. BPIB & RBB

2. Anthony’s Jilony Iris - 10m B/W smaller framed than 1st. Dark eyed Pretty headed feminine girl with decent angulation fore and aft. A little skirty. Nothing overdone, Moved well.

3. Booth’s Ragus Go Truly at Lundgarth.

Junior Bitch (9/2a)

1. Watkins,Phillips,Gordon’s Hawkfield Audacious (AI) - O/W a sweet headed girl of overall good type. Stacked she has a balanced outline if slightly long in loin. Brisket still needs to drop. She moved the best of all the bitch classes. BB

2. Purdy’s Pendan Georgiana - L/W lovely girl of good overall type. Unfortunate to meet 1st.

3. Robert’s Medogold Black Betty by Kananaskis.

Post Graduate Bitch (10/2a)

1. Rayner,Spinks,Pringle’s Gartarry High Society at Spinray JW - B/W lovely head on this girl with good eye colour. Decent forechest, good slope to pastern. In hard condition. Nicely angulated if a little wide in front. Neat tail. Handler needs to have more confidence.

2. Liens Kanix Lotus via Reambeck - Sweet head, good eye colour, enough forechest, neat tail.

3. Brookes Pennystone Shamrock 

Open Bitch (6/3a)

1. Purdy’s Medogold Puttin’ On The Style for Cascagnia JW ShCM - this bitch is full of breed type. Lovely front and rear quarters. A little overweight and soft for me. Moved ok.

2. Gordon’s Hawkfield Saunter JW - Like the head on this girl, very broad across chest, lengthy pasterns, rather long and shallow in loin.

Moved ok.

3. Roberts Fanmatrix Oh What A Night.

SB Bitch (4)

1. Brookes Pennystone Shamrock - Slight girl, decent shape, sweet expression, neat tail. Moved ok.

2. Roberts Medogold Black Betty by Kananaskis - Sweet head on this well built girl. Moved ok.

3. Liens Kanix Quiz to Reambeck

Sally Rankine