• Show Date: 06/07/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Russell Hodges Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Italian Greyhound Club

Breed: Italian Greyhound



6th July 2019 


Thank you to the members of the Italian Greyhound Club for electing me to judge this prestigious breed show.  I thoroughly enjoyed my day and was very pleased with my entry, especially considering the clash with non-CC breed classes at E of E.  I was impressed with the depth of quality throughout the classes which I found to have improved since my last appointment in 2017.  There was a greater degree of uniformity of type which is encouraging .   I was particularly pleased with both my challenges, where I was spoilt for choice there were several  in contention for the CC.  Having been out of the ring myself for a while, there were few exhibits I had seen before and it was interesting to judge with a completely fresh eye.   Almost without exception, the dogs were presented in excellent condition.   I was looking for an IG that was able to demonstrate good breed type with an elegant and fluid gait, with both lift and reach with slight flexion in front, while maintaining accuracy moving away and coming toward.  I found this in both my CC winners.  


VD (1,0) 

1. Henley’s Ch Turigner Thunderbolt.  Outstanding multi CC winning fawn dog.  I gave him the CC and BOB at WELKS 2015 where he went on to win the group,  and he still doesn’t disappoint .   A dog of the highest quality and excellent breed type, he has a long lean head with a dark eye and well placed ears.  His long neck is well set on good shoulders and his front is absolutely straight.  Very clean outline with the correct rise over the loin .  Still moving out well in profile with lift and reach in front, and drive behind although he was not quite as accurate behind  moving away as I have seen him previously which cost him in the challenge.  BVIS. 

MPD  (1,0) 

1. Powell’s Chrisford Rough Rider.  8 month F/W with a good head and dark eye and bright expression.   Well placed shoulder and straight front.  A touch straight in stifle on the stack.   Well bodied for age and has a lovely fluid movement in profile.   A little untidy behind moving away but this may improve when he is more composed. 

PD (1,0) 

1. Dunning’s Ace of Aces Max Silva . 10 month old Blue put down in excellent condition with soft supple skin and a glossy coat.   Very surprised to learn this was his first show as he showed very well indeed.  His head is a little heavy and his eyes a touch on the small side, although it is well proportioned and should fine down with age.  Straight enough in front, with a clean outline with correct rise over the loin,  Good depth of chest for age.  Movement was accurate across and back, and in profile was fluid, although a touch more reach would have completed the picture.  BPD 

JD (2,0) 

1.  Knight’s Marlords Starstruck at Aelaro (IMP USA) 17 month Black/W quality compact  young dog  in fabulous glossy coat.   Lovely head and expression with well placed ears used very much to his advantage, enhancing a bright expression.  His neck and shoulder are well set with a straight front, although he is maybe a touch heavy in forechest.  He has a lovely clean outline with a well angulated rear.  He moved with a typical and correct profile action and was accurate in front and rear. 

2. Bristow’s Piccolo Riccardo at Surrio. 14 month Fawn D Up to size but  presented in good condition..   Slightly wide in backskull and light in eye for my preference.   Straight front and well angulated shoulder and rear assembly.   Moved accurately with enough lift and reach.  


ND (1,0) 

1. Dunning’s Ace of Aces Max Silva 


PGD (7,0) 

1. Thompson and Amsel’s Artmeis Magical Moonlight.   14 month F/W of real quality in great condition with a long lean head and a keen expression.  Good neck and shoulder with a straight front although a little heavy in forechest but this did not seem to detract from his elegance.   He has a lovely clean outline with correct rise.  Profile movement was excellent with lift and reach and was accurate in all directions.   

2. Bryan’s Ranveli Blue Peter.   5 year old blue and white dog of the highest quality.  Very difficult to split from 1.   Exquisite head with the brightest of dark eye and sweetest expression  also  enhanced by well set ears.    Well constructed throughout with good shoulder and rear assembly and a lovely clean outline..   Movement was also excellent in profile with absolute accuracy.  His tail carriage was just not quite as good as 1 on the move.  

3. Muir’s Emjalin’s Blue Diamond. 


MLD (1,0) 

1. Hubble’s Rockiggy  Light the Fuse.   2yo fawn.  Good head and eye with well placed ears.  Long neck into well placed front assembly.  He has a clean outline with a good tailset.  Moved nicely in profile with lift and reach and enough accuracy fore and aft.  


LD (7,2) 

1. Vincent’s Tamiskene Last Tango in Chelanis.  2.5 yo R/F litter brother to the DCC winner of absolute quality throughout showing excellent balance stacked and on the move.  Nicely proportioned head with dark eye and keen expression.   Ideal shoulder placement with straight front,  clean outline with correct rise over the loin and a good turn of stifle.  Absolutely sound fore and aft and pleasing in his correct profile action which was fluid and accurate.   Pleased to award him the RDCC. 

2. Tiley-Davies Toerag Little Scamp.  Another excellent exhibit just 18 months old presented in splendid condition with a soft glossy coat. Long lean head with good neck and front. Slightly exaggerated in topline on the stack but moved accurately in all directions with enough lift and reach. 

3. Bradley’s Newil Gold Lightening at Turigner.   


OD (2,0)  

1. Bird’s Ch. Tamiskene Rhumba.  2.5yo Fawn Ch.  of outstanding quality – perfectly balanced  with the cleanest of outlines both stacked and on the move.  I awarded him the RCC as a puppy and now, with maturity, he impresses me even more.  He has a well proportioned head with soft, but keen expression and well set ears.  Good length of neck placed on correctly angulated shoulders which are well matched to the rear assembly.    His profile movement is absolutely correct and he is absolutely sound in all directions, although a bit more animation would completely finish the ideal picture.     DCC and BOSIS 

2. Rutter and Bryan’s Ch Chrisford Trumpet Trousers .  Another worthy champion of great quality challenging hard for top honours.  He has good head proportions with a good eye, and earset.  Well constructed throughout.  Moved with a little more animation than 1 and was just as accurate, but I just preferred the cleaner outline and balance of 1, and of the winner of LD .  


Sp. Prog. D. (1,0)  

1. Ch Turigner Thunderbolt.    Top Quality Champion dog giving a very strong stamp for impressive uniformity of  type and quality on his progeny. 


VB (4,2)  

1. Amsel and Rishworth’s Ch./Am. Gr. Ch./Can. Ch. Artmeis Scintillation.  9 year old F/W with the softest of silky coats.   Compact and blanced throughout with a beautifully proportioned long lean head and dark eye. Well angulated fore and aft and moving well in all directions – fluid and accurate.  

2. Henshall’s Ch. Gemolli Joie De Vivre JW ShCM.   Petite Ch. Bitch in good condition.  Pretty head with expressive dark eye.  Good front and rear angulation  and overall outline.  Just a little longer in loin than 1.   Animated and accurate on the move but lacked the fluidity of the winner. 

3. Bird’s Tamiskene Merindah. 


MPB (2,0)  

1. Bryan’s Chrisford Little Fleur.   Outstanding 7 month quality blue bitch, precocious in her composure.  Good head proportions with a long neck set on well laid shoulders and straight front.  Clean outline with slight rise over the loin and idea rear angulation. Movement was first class. – Fluid and balanced with lift and reach and absolute composure with accuracy to boot.  Put down in spendid condition.    BPIS 

2. Langlands’ Kimbildon Blue Bonnets.  Another nice puppy – more petite than 1. Pretty head and eye although ears a little untidy.  Well balanced outline moving well in all directions.  Not the composure or balance on the move as the winner.  


PB (2,0)  

1. Langlands’ Kimbildon Highland Fling.   8 month F/W. Pleasing head – long and lean with a bright expressive eye and well placed ears.  Nice long neck into well laid shoulders and straight front.  Clean outline with balanced angulations. Moving well with lift and reach and accurate enough on the away and back.  

2. Gagin’s Vetluga Yureka Angelica at Cheinamour (Imp Rus).  10 month Black. Rather raw and overawed by proceedings. Petite and in excellent glossy coar with supple skin.  Attractive head. Straight front and well angulated rear.   Movement was difficult to assess but looed to be typical enough. Hopefully she will settle with time.  


JB (4,0)  

1. Walton’s Minitopo Maat.  17 month blue/w. of the highest quality with the glossiest of jackets  who really impressed me and challenged very hard for top honours.  I would prefer a slightly narrower backskull and a larger eye  but she still has a pretty head and bright expression.  Although her ears are set just a tiny bit lower than I consider ideal they are small,  neat and used to advantage.   She presents a pleasing balanced outline both stacked and particularly on the move will well matched front and rear angulations.  Absolutely fluid on the move showing balance and elegance with the right amount of lift and reach with slight flexion.   Absolute soundness completed a splendid overall picture.  

2. Knight’s Marchwind Reno Casino at Aelaro.   Impressive blue and white pied – petite with a beautifully proportioned head with a soft, bright expression. Good neck and shoulder although her front could be straighter. Slightly exaggerated in topline and falling away a little too mich over the croup.  She excelled in her profile movement but was slightly untidy out and back. 

3. Hill’s Princess Fefe.  


NB (6,1)  

1. Walton’s Minitopo Maat. 

2. Thompson’s Petoski La di Da.   18 month Fawn/W pied  with a lovely head andwell placed ears. Good length of neck and well angulated fore and aft.  Slightly lacking in topline.  Moved well in profile but was a little untidy coming towards.  

3. Righton’s Zephyrelli Luciana 


PGB (6,1) 

1. Walton’s Minitopo Maat. 

2. Tiley-Davies’ Toerag Little Sunbeam. Pretty F/W of 18 months more slender all through than 1.  With a feminine head and sweet expression.  Good front and shoulder with clean outline and well angulated rear.  Moving she had plenty of lift but lacked reach in profile and was untidy coming towards . 

3. Mellis’ My Funny Valentine at Lamoye  


MLB (3,0) 

1. Walton’s Minitopo Maat.  

2. Tiley’Davies’ Toerag Love and Joy.  18 month F/W again more slender than 1 with a lovely head and expression.  Long neck with well placed shoulder and straight front.  Pleasing outline.  Slightly untidy out and back and lacking a little in reach in profile. 

3. Henshall’s Gemolli Antique Velvet. JW  


LB (3,1) 

1. Chau and Doherty’s Littlebriton Ice and Fire.   Exquisite 2yo W/F Pied of outstanding breed type .   Beautiful long and slender head of ideal proportions with a bright and soft expression.  She has a long elegant neck set on good shoulders and a straight front.   A clean and most elegant outline  - curvaceous without excess, with well angulated hindquarters.   Profile action was elegant and balanced with real animation and was accurate enough out and back although in the challenge she was less accurate behind which just lost her the top spot.   Her excellent condition completed the picture.   I thought her to be an absolutely splendid example of the breed and was delighted to award her the RBCC  and RBIS.  

2. Bird’s Tamiskene Viennese Waltz.  Another lovely W/F Pied who also has a lot to like about her.   Lovely head and expression and well constructed throughout with a solid body and pleasing outline.  Movement very correct in profile and accurate out and back, but not the animation of the winner.  


OB (5,2)  

1. Willcock’s Newill Good as Gold.   Here I found my standout winner of the day.  They rarely come much better than this 2yo fawn bitch.  She is outstanding in every respect. Of ideal size with a wonderful slender head that is also perfectly  proportioned .  Her eyes are of correct size and are dark giving real expression coupled with soft rose ears that are used constantly to her advantage.  She has a long slender neck set on well angulated shoulders with a straight front.  Her topline shows a gentle rise over the loin flowing into strong correctly angulated hindquarters .  It was on the move that she showed just how good she really is.  She gave a masterclass in breed typical movement, showing absolute composure in her most elegant of  profile action; perfectly balanced , with lift, reach and slight flexion with faultless footfall.  Out and back she didn’t disappoint either demonstrating absolute soundness with every step.     Delighted and proud to award her her first, im sure of a great many, CCs and BIS.     BCC and BIS   

2. Dunning’s Anjuskar Zenyatta. 3 yo fawn/w. in lovely condition and well constructed throughout. Good head and eye with well placed ears.  Well angulated quarters with a straight front and pleasing outline. Her movement was most accurate, although her lift was slightly exaggerated and also could benefit from a little more reach .   

3. Henshall’s Gemolli Antique Tapestry JW. 


Dr Russell Hodges