• Show Date: 14/12/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Russell F Jones Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: Polish Lowland Sheepdog


Held on: Sunday 15th DECEMBER 2019 Judge: Mr. Russell F. Jones (Quemerford)

It was once again a great pleasure to be invited to judge at this well-run show. I had the honour of judging Polish Lowland Sheepdogs, a breed that I have been associated for long time. I was pleased with my entry and with the standard of the dogs. All exhibits were shown in a good clean condition and well groomed. Some of the exhibits needed attention to their feet and hocks just needing to be a little tidier. That said I enjoyed my day so many thanks to the committee for the invitation, my stewards for keeping the ring tidy and the exhibitors for showing their dogs.

MPD (1,0), 1 Mrs. C. & Mr. P.M. & Mr. A.P. Lang, Bazyli Marroza Kontekst, TAF, (Imp. Pol.): An 8mth old b/w dog that is well grown for his age. His coat is coming along nicely and he has a friendly temperament although he needs to settle more in the ring. He is young and promising, gave his handler the run around today. That said I was pleased to award him BP today.

PD (1,0), 1 Mrs. C. & Mr. P.M. & Mr. A.P. Lang, Bazyli Marroza Kontekst, TAF, (Imp. Pol.): As above.

LD (2,1), 1 Crosier, Mr. & Mrs. K., Skaijak’s Bright N’Bubbley: A neat dog that is rising 3yrs of age. He is of a pleasing type and is well balanced with a good out-line. Nice head, good bite and muzzle, nice dark eyes and good skull and ear set. His length of neck is ok. Well laid shoulders and front angles are ok. Good depth of brisket and good top-line. Neat rear with good angles. I particularly liked the harshness of his coat. Felt he just needed a little more to finish he picture. He is very light on his feet and covered the ground well keeping his top-line on the move. Pleased to award him the RCC.

OD (3,0), 1 Mrs. M. Schwarz & Ms. S. Heavens, Rabarbar Astarte Gold, (Imp. Pol.): A 2.6yr old b/w dog of super type with a good out-line. He was presented to perfection and stood out on the day. He has a well-balanced head with correct bite and muzzle. Lovely stop with that nice furrow, good dark eyes and correct skull with neat ears. I liked his good length of neck, correct wither and good angles to front. He has a good length of leg with plenty of bone, deep brisket and nice spring of rib, neat tuck up with good strong back. Excellent width to rear and plenty of muscle. Correct croup and good angles to rear, his second thigh is just right and he has neat hocks. He is superb on the move, light and easy covering the ground with ease, keeping his top-line well. When moving around the ring he dropped his head into that typical PON position. He was groomed and presented in a superb coat of good texture. Today I was pleased to award him the CC and BOB. Many congratulations.

2 Ms. H.M. Cousins & Mrs. K. Morris, Swiss. & Croat. Ch. Ponadto Oberek To Dorianblue, (Imp.): An 8yr old b/w dog that I absolutely loved, filled my eye with his type and out-line, he is a dog that has that PON attitude. At the moment he is at the ‘peak of his powers’. He has superb head proportions and it is well balanced. Good length of neck, perfect withers with good angles to front, deep brisket and plenty of bone. Good length of leg, neat tuck up, good top-line and powerful rear with excellent angles and hocks. Shown in excellent coat of a good texture. I would have loved to have given him the CC, but unfortunately, he started to favour his leg when going around the ring. I recalled him for the RCC but he still didn’t settle. I wish him well and hope that he will be ok.

3 Mrs. I.N. Surdyk, Ch. MKD, MNE Ch. Junior Pontoya Dziechcinek, (Imp. Pol.): A 3yr old b/w dog that has a good head and neck, good withers and front and deep brisket. For me I found him just a little short on his front legs. He has a good top-line but today his backend seemed to be a little weak, needs to strengthen all through. His handler moved him at a great speed and he was unsettled on the rear end. I asked for him to be moved again at a slower speed to show off his good qualities. Hopefully this will be taken on board for the future.

JB (1,0), 1 Mr. A. & Mrs. J. Haresign, Caselbarn Queen’b: A 15mth old grey and white bitch with a very pleasing out-line and of a good type. Still has some maturing to do but has time on her side. She has a very nice balanced feminine head with good properties. Good length of neck, neat shoulders, and plenty of bone with a level top-line. Her back legs are well under her, just tends to pitter patter on the move and needs more drive. Her coat is coming along nicely and is of good colour and texture. Should look different in a year’s time.

LB (1,0), 1 Mr. P. & Mrs. S. Bransby, Mybeards Lexa: A 2.6yr old b/w bitch, I liked this girl. There are a few things to sort out so that she looks more presentable. She was groomed well on the day and is of a pleasing type with a nice out-line. I liked her feminine head that is well balanced. Her neck could be a little more accentuated, her front angles are good with plenty of bone. She has a good top-line but needs to show it off more. Good angles to rear and moved nicely around the ring. She is what I call an honest bitch that you could do a lot more with. I wish her well.

OB (4,0), 1 Mrs. M. Schwarz, Spontan Frania: A 3.6yr. old b/w bitch of superb type and out-line fills the eye and was superbly presented. She has a very feminine head, with excellent muzzle and stop. Dark eyes with a lovely expression, good stop and furrow. Good skull and ear-set. I liked her length of neck and excellent wither, good angles to front with plenty of bone and deep brisket. Good top-line and neat tuck-up. Excellent back end and good croup with good angles to rear ending in neat hocks. All covered in a wealth of coat of excellent texture. She moved out effortlessly around the ring in harmony with her handler, pleased to award her the CC and BOS.

2 Mrs. L.A. & Mr. S.C. Naylor, Ch. Skaijak’s Zola: A 4.6yr old b/w bitch of excellent type with a good out-line. She is very feminine and has a well-balanced head and lovely expression. Good length of neck, good wither and angles to front with good brisket and plenty of bone. Neat tuck up and good back with a strong back end and neat hocks. Loved the break in her coat, would like to have seen a little more. Excellent on the move, freely moving around the ring. Pleased to award her the RCC. Well done.

3 Mrs. B.A. & Mr. K. Bowerskill, Ch. Lynmar Little Lady: A 3yr old b/w bitch of a good type with a nice out-line. Pity she came up against the first 2 today. She was out of coat for me today, but she has a feminine head that is well balanced. Good length of neck and neat front. Felt her back could be stronger but she has a good back end with good balanced angles. She moved out well around the ring. A bitch with a lot to like.

VB (2,0), 1 Mrs. C.F. Churchouse, Mybeards Violet: A 9yr. old b/w bitch of a nice type and out-line. She is a well-balanced feminine bitch who held herself well in the ring and moved well. Shown in a pleasing coat. Pleased to award her BV.

2 Miss. V.J. Smith, Ch. Derochas Panda: A 13yr old b/w girl of a nice type and out-line. She is very feminine and is just beginning to show her age. She is well constructed but just lacked a little in movement today. Still a very nice bitch.

GCB (1,0), 1 Miss. V.J. Smith, Ch. Derochas Milosc: A very nice 6yr. old b/w bitch of a good type and out-line. She is well balanced with good feminine head properties. Excellent neck and front, deep brisket and plenty of bone. Good tuck up, strong back and neat back end with good angles and neat hocks. She was well off for coat which was of a good colour and texture and well presented. Good on the move and was certainly in the mix for the top spot. Lots to like about her. Well done.