• Show Date: 26/04/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Russell F Jones Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

West Of England Ladies Kennel Society

Breed: Dogue de Bordeaux


Dogue De Bordeaux (without CC’s)

Held on: Sunday 28th APRIL 2019 Judge: Mr. Russell F. Jones (Quemerford)

Thank you to the Committee for the Invitation to Judge Dogue De Bordeaux at the above show.  All judging was carried out inside the venue in a good spacious ring where all judges and exhibitors were well looked after. Special thanks to my two stewards who worked tirelessly throughout the day. All exhibits were shown in a good clean condition.

DOGUE DE BORDEAUX JD (2,1), 1 Mr. M. Baker, Maruba Boomshakalaka: A 15mth old dog that is of a good shape, type and well balanced.  Good head, correct bite, strong muzzle and capacious skull.  Strong neck, good front with a deep chest and strong back, good tail-set and strong hocks.  He is still a little loose on the move but should tighten as he matures.  Pleased to award him BOB.

PGD (2,1), 1 Mr. G. & Mrs. K. Johnson, Justlazare Colossus, (AI.): A 22months old dog with a good size head, large skull and good ear set, good muzzle and bite. Still has a bit of a haw showing.  He has a strong neck, front could be better, and he is longer in the back. Angulation on rear is ok but imbalance between front and rear reflected in his movement.  He however deserved his Res. BOB.

LD (1,0), 1 Mr. S. Quigley, Valleyrein James Bond: A 3.6yr old dog, quite impressive when standing.  Head ok with good eye. His neck was a little loose for me.  Nice front with deep brisket. Really good angles to rear, but needed to muscle up, which sadly reflected in his movement pity as he is a pleasing dog.

SBB (1,0), 1 Mr. & Mrs. R. Smith, Rihanna De L’Exigence, (Imp. Bel.): A 13mths old bitch, that is a very sweet feminine girl.  Her head still needs some developing, but is coming along nicely.  She has a very good expression and a lovely temperament.  A strong neck and good front, lovely back end, and moved effortlessly around the ring.  Would like to see her again in a year’s time.  Pleased to award her Res. BB and watch her take Grp 3 in a very strong Spec. Beg. Group.  Well done.

JB (2,1), 1 Mr. & Mrs. R. Smith, Rihanna De L’Exigence, (Imp. Bel.): As above.

PGB (3,2), 1 Mr. P.C. & Mrs. J. Tibbs, Zeleski Cuba Salsa: 1st & 2nd in this class are litter sisters 18mths of age.  Difficult to split. This one is a lovely bitch with a good feminine head, strong neck and deep brisket.  Strong back, excellent back end which reflected in her movement.  She is of a nice type with a nice out-line.  She was just pipped to day by the dog for BOB.  Pleased to award her BB well done.      2 Mr. P.C. & Mrs. J. Tibbs, Zeleski Chica De Cuba: Litter sister to 1st, I actually preferred her head, which I found to be more balanced.  Her front still needs some development and her rear needs some work to strengthen her movement.

LB (1,2), 1 Mrs. G. & Mr. D. Greenway, Imperatrix Purpurisso At Regalrouge, JW, Sh.CM: A pleasing bitch rising 4yrs of age of good type with a nice out line.  Moved out ok. Just did not have the wow factor today.  She has a feminine head, good neck and front and good back.  Would like to see a bit more angle to rear and in harder condition.