• Show Date: 17/01/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ron James Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Irish Wolfhound

PD (3,1) 

1: AMOO Mr C & Mrs J Sade Paris, well grown, curvaceous outline, balanced head and muzzle with strong underjaw, well placed dark and expressive eye, strong neck, deep chested with strong loin and good couplings, pleasing coat texture and density, pleasing balance of front and rear assemblies, well placed hocks, pleasing croup and tail set, pleasing mover. 

2: DAWSON Mrs F & Mr G S Hydebeck Dream Tyme Of Graefyn, not as forward or developed in body and substance as winner, pleasing type and outline, covers his ground nicely but needs for firm up in hind action. 

JD (2,1)  

1: DAWSON Mrs S Austonley's Falcon of Shalico, promising young male, pleasing and curvaceous outline, balanced head of good proportions with strong underjaw, pleasing front and rear quarters with ample length and return of upper arm, well bent stifles, pleasing second thigh and good hock placement, he moved freely on an lengthy and balanced stride. 

PGD (11,2)  

1 A Falcon of S. 

2: BRIDGES Mrs B & Mr S J Barrassy By Definition, pleasing flow of neck and top line, masculine head with good eye and expression, preferred the length of leg and body proportions of winner, active mover. 

3: WEBB Miss K Goldswift Mission Possible For Inkleyboys  

Res: ALLITT Mrs C Madigan the Magnificent of Jascarah  

VHC: DAS PURKAYASTHA Dr P & Miss S Ballyphelan Asansol Among Neckrebagh  


LD (5,2) 

1: ANDERSON, Mrs C & WHITE Mrs A M Whitglen Leader, upstanding in appearance with pleasing shape and symmetry, ample ribbing, firm loin, pleasing set of croup, good expanse of thigh and positive movement. 

2: COLBERT Miss L Nanu Nana Von Den Erzminen, not quite as upstanding or imposing as winner, fair bone and substance, pleasing neck and rib cage, dark eye of pleasing shape with intelligent expression, active mover. 

3: HARRIS Mr J & Mrs T Hazianne Big Jake  


OD (7,2)  

1: PASK Mr & Mrs P V & P A Amarach Aaron Of Baronglen, CC & BOB, top quality hound, he has undoubted masculinity and a most imposing appearance showing great size, substance and power, well-shaped head of good proportions, well placed and shaped eye giving correct expression, pleasing coat texture and density, excellent width and depth of fore-chest, super rib cage, strong loin and good coupling, great flow of outline through neck and back with correct slope of croup and pleasing tail set, good length of leg, good balance of construction with well-developed and powerful rear quarters, moved with a free and easy ground covering action. Delighted to learn this was his crowning CC and that he went to third place in the hound group. 

2: PINKNEY Ms C L Ch Hydebeck Imperial Ruler JW, Res CC, worthy champion, pleasing head properties, intelligent eye, ample bone and substance, well-filled fore-chest, pleasing balance of construction, super ribbing and coupling, well sloped croup and good tail set, really powerful thighs and an impressive mover, harsh coat and gave of his best. 

3: ADDINGTON Mrs M K Ravensbeech Comitas Of Wolvebrigg  

Res: BOGART Mr & Mrs G A & E A Mascotts Conquistador At Incitatus  

VHC: DAS PURKAYASTHA Dr P & Miss S Ravensbeech Romanus Among Neckrebagh  


PB (3,1)  

1: PINKNEY Ms C L Hydebeck Dream Of Dreams, BP, raw baby showing great potential, super symmetry and flow of outline, feminine head, pleasing eye and expression, good lay of shoulder and ample length of upper arm, good length of rib, firm loin, well sloped croup with well-made hindquarters. 

2: HOLDER, Mrs M A & HOWE Mr D B Sade Araya Mascotts, more mature than winner, pleasing head properties, steady mover, good coat, sample bone and substance, longer cast in body than winner and not quite as appealing in outline and symmetry. 

JB (3,2)  

1: HARRIS Mr J & Mrs T Valheru Daisy Duke, needs time to develop, clean head, pleasing eye and expression, fair bone and substance, ample ribbing, needs to strengthen in rear quarters. 

PGB (6,1)  

1: AHREND Mrs N Appropriate Babbitt At Broadway, Res CC, upstanding appearance, pleasing overall body shape, proportions and symmetry, well-balanced feminine head with good muzzle and underjaw, strong neck, firm backline, powerful loin, good coupling, shapely and powerful rear quarters, graceful and positive action. 

2: ADDINGTON Mrs M K Wolfhouse Daviniah Of Wolvebrigg, similar type and style to winner, pleasing head, eye and expression, pleasing bone and substance, well textured coat, not quite as impressive on the move as winner. 

3: BOSMAN-VAN ROOIJEN Mrs H J Raven V.d. Tortelduif  

Res: MALONE Mr D Barachois Mellow Yellow  

VHC: CROSSE Mrs A T Goldswift Sweet Discovery  

LB (3,)  

1: ANDERSON, Mrs C C & WHITE Mrs A M Whitglen Talla, much to like about her, upstanding and curvaceous, typical, head, eye and expression, good length of leg, feminine build and appearance with bone and substance to match, good rib cage, firm loin and powerful quarters, not quite as extrovert in temperament as those that beat her on the day. 

OB (3,2) 

1: AMOO Mr C & Mrs J Ch Sade Prudence, CC, beautiful example of the breed, grand outline with pleasing flow and symmetry from nose to tail, lovely head, eye and expression, strong build and powerful appearance but completely feminine in outlook and demeanour, good front-end construction, super rib, loin and coupling, strong thighs, good coat texture, a most worthy champion.