• Show Date: 13/09/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Rob Wheeler Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Whippet

Darlington. - Whippets


The weather couldn’t have been more clement for a Championship Show in Yorkshire, in September! warm sunshine and little breeze, just about perfect for the Whippets to really make the best of themselves with a good size ring.


Reflecting back on the entry, i was thrilled with the quality, and this became even more evident when my BOB went on to win a top quality Hound group and then RBIS, the Puppy went Puppy Group 4 and the Veteran, 3rd in the group.


I often get disappointed myself as an exhibitor and from reading critiques, that good Whippets go out for having one particular fault, I always try and see the “whole” dog and today was no different, recognising faults but rewarding virtues. I was looking for something that was moderate, shapely and being a running breed, could move as the standard describes.


I was disappointed by some lovely dogs stood that couldn’t move as I wanted but I was spoilt for choice in many classes, particularly some of the younger bitches and Open bitch where one could have easily given CC’s to the top 5.


I have been fortunate enough to have had the time and the opportunity to watch many breeds across all 7 groups and I still believe that no breed matches the depth of quality we have in Whippets and the smile on my face whilst judging reinforced that belief.


Class 371 VD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 964 FURNISS Mrs J Wichyty September Morn - Such a lovely old chap, sweetest of expressions, long neck into a still shapely body, enough return of upper arm, good depth of chest, balanced angulation and parallel moving.


Class 372 MPD (7 Entries) Abs: 1 - Not all the entries yet entire and hopefully this will rectify itself as they mature but I felt I had to take this into a account.

1st: 929 ALLEN Mrs A Zoraden A Question Answered - This young boy was so well composed for such a baby, every time i looked back at him he looked a picture, very moderate, balanced angulation, clean shoulder, good depth for one so young, lovely long tail. On the move he was super sound, parallel up and back and enough stride in profile BPD.


2nd: 958 ELLIS Mr T K Railfield Rainon My Parade - Another promising baby, not quite as forward as 1 but another one that had moderation. lovely lean head and sweet expression, clean shoulder and enough upper arm, well bodied and similar to 1, kept shape on the move where he did so soundly.


Class 373 PD (6 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 951 DOWNING-CHRISTIE, Mrs S & CHRISTIE Mr C Orange Crush Des Plaines Des Bruyeres (Imp Fra) - A super masculine red brindle boy, beautiful head and expression, good neck into a clean shoulder, well bodied for age but holding a top and underline, good reach in profile, sound going away but could be tidier in front.


2nd: 1030 SMITH, Mrs L & COULTER Mrs V Stonefox Mean Mr Mustard Naf Taf - very different type to 1, had a tad more elegance than 1, lovely head and expression, long neck, straight front, balanced angulation, moderate, on the move he had good reach in profile, picture spoilt slightly by his fondness of his tail but he is still a baby.

3rd: 1042 WEBB Mr & Mrs M Crosscop Shadow Dancing


Class 374 JD (5 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1002 MYCROFT, Mrs S M & MYCROFT, Miss F S & BROWN Mrs Shiny Sensations Wish Upon A Star With Supeta (Imp - Won this class with room to spare, Striking pale brindle boy of a super size, gorgeous head and expression, good neck and shoulder, enough upper arm, well bodied, holding a lovely shape stood and moving. Nice in profile and went with style and elegance. Well handled.

2nd: 1005 NEWTON Miss E W Nevedith Beau Jolais - Another nice boy just not the curves of 1. Really masculine head and lovely expression, good underjaw, good reach of neck, ok in upper arm. was ever so sound moving, just not the reach in front or the flowing lines of 1.

3rd: 973 HOPE Mrs S R Demerlay Charming Charlie


Class 375 YD (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 974 HOWGATE, Mr M & HULL Ms Y Palmik King Of Clubs JW - Easy winner here, created a striking picture of balance stood, masculine lean head with lovely expression, straight front legs, neat feet, good infill and depth of chest. Stood, he had a super shape, just lost it slightly moving but moved sound from all angles.

2nd: 1038 UGGERI, Miss L & WOOD Mr D Collooney Tartan Toffee At Bohosoul - This handsome brindle boy was slightly longer cast than 1, but as was 1, super for size overall. loved his long, lean head, ok for neck, straight front legs and correct spring of pastern, held a good top line just a little untidy in front on the move.


Class 376 PGD (5 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 936 BARKAS Miss J Citycroft Fred Astaire - This dog was super to go over, no mistaking a boy. He was very balanced and moderate all through, ok in head, clean shoulders with enough upper arm, super top and underline for a boy and on the move, very sound from all angles. Would just like a shade less of him.

2nd: 1008 PILKINGTON , Miss B V & MYERS Mrs C G Supeta's Show And Tell - More elegance than 1 just not quite the balance, lovely lean head, ok for neck, held a good shape stood and moving, parallel up and back, would have preferred more stride. Astrazone

3rd: 1003 McEWAN Mr K Maidensworth A Kind of Magic


Class 377 LD (13 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 1009 PLACE, Mrs M L & HALLIDAY Mrs A L Aarminias Luv The Way You Lie JW - What an ideal size and shape for a dog, very striking all though, masculine head with melting expression, ok for neck and upper arm, clean shoulder, good depth of chest, straightest of front legs and neat feet. lovely depth of chest, super top and underline with balanced angulation both ends. He is very sound from all angles, I just wish he’d have given a bit more in the challenge, but beautiful dog.

2nd: 933 AUSTIN Mr I J Elequal Classic Stone - Completely different type to 1 but such a showman. This blue brindle boy did combine power with elegance, attractive head and expression, good return of upper arm, correct pasterns on neat feet, curvy with good tuck up, great depth of chest, really sound moving and very positive in profile.

3rd: 989 LIPTON Miss K Jothryn Shimmering Gold


Class 378 OD (10 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 1012 POOLE, Mr G & WINKLEY-BALMER Mr J Ch Edenwhip Quantum Of Solace - On the day, this was the boy that combined elegance, curves and showmanship. He has great balance and is moderate in all areas, super lean head, straight front, good infill and depth of chest, super topline which he held on the move. He was dead parallel up and back, and in profile, he stuck his nose in the air and off he went, with stride and purpose, delighted to award him the Dog CC.

2nd: 981 JOHNSTON Mrs H Ch Danluke Lord Of The Dance JW - This beautiful pale brindle boy was a close runner up to the winner. Nice straight front, neat feet and good spring of pastern, enough upper arm, clean shoulders, good ribbing and depth of chest. Loved this boys positive front movement, just eats up the ring, on the day he just lost out to the winners curves. RCC.

3rd: 962 FRYER Mr M & Mrs K Ch Collooney Eye Love You At Stonefox -


Class 379 VB (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 965 GRISOLI Ms L Ch Loroli Let's Boogie - This quality, correct sized, red brindle girl took this class with ease. Still looks an absoicture, the best of lean feminine heads, beautiful expression, lovely long neck, correct upper arm, clean shoulder, lovely body and condition, so balanced all through and matching angulation. Loved her reach low stride in profile. Veteran Hound Group 3.

2nd: 1046 WINKLEY-BALMER Mr J Ch April Showers At Crosscop - This lovely fawn bitch of a super size still graces the ring, lean head, good neck, straight front, not the curves of 1, great in profile, just a little fond of tail today.

3rd: 1040 VAUGHAN Mrs A Shirotae Gin Sing


Class 380 MPB (9 Entries) Abs: 1 - What a lovely class of babies to judge!

1st: 1020 REES, Mr K J & JONES Mrs K M Kierpark You Are My Sunshine - This young girl was the one i could have tucked in my pocket and taken home, ultra feminine and surely will be a perfect size, sweetest expression on a lean head, good neck-set into a clean shoulder, loved her curves for one so young, so composed and elegant on the move and absolutely sound from all angles, very whippety!

2nd: 963 FRYER Mr M & Mrs K Stonefox Poison Ivy - A close runner up to 1, more scope all through but absolute quality I thought. Beautiful lean head with melting expression, long neck, great return of upper arm to a clean shoulder, balanced angulation and surely the longest tail of the day, didn’t always cooperate on the move but you could see her soundness and lovely open stride in profile.

3rd: 975 HOWGATE, Mr M & HULL Ms Y Bryntreia Whispered Love At Palmik


Class 381 PB (9 Entries) Abs: 1 - Another top quality class!

1st: 946 COULTER, Mrs V & DONALDSON Miss C Collooney Eye Opener - This red brindle girl is lovely, combines femininity with power, lean head, long neck into well laid back shoulder, had the correct upper arm which was evident on the move, super shapely with correct top and underline, so nice in profile with a lovely low reaching front action. Just pipped the minor pup for BPB on maturity. Hound Puppy Group 4.

2nd: 966 GRISOLI Ms L Loroli Romancing The Stone - I thought many of the comments of 1 applied to this pretty red brindle bitch, the best of heads, lovely long neck, straight front, correct upper arm, well bodied for age, curvy topline, nice chest, looked really balanced, every so sound moving up and back and decent stride in profile.


3rd: 976 HOWGATE, Mr M & HULL Ms Y Palmik Carousel


Class 382 JB (10 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: 1027 SHORT Mr D G & Mrs Y L Collooney Bit On The Side - This striking pale brindle bitch really looked the part today, nice head, and lovely expression, good neck into shoulder, correct return of upper arm, excellent depth of chest and fill, straight front. Had nice sweeping curves helped by her correct top and underline, strong rear which she used on the move, good up and back and the best profile movement in this class, surely will be in the green cards soon.

2nd: 1006 NEWTON Miss E W Nevedith Beau Peep - Lovely sized dark brindle and white girl, really appreciated her long lean head, super neck, good return of upper arm, straight front, springy pasterns on lovely feet. nice depth of chest already and a curvy topline, sound and easy movement just not the drive of the winner and wasn’t the happiest to be in the ring.

3rd: 926 AINSCOUGH Mrs A Kidaruka Mamma Mia


Class 383 YB (13 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 1032 STEWART - RITCHIE & VAN DER SCHAAF - AKERBOOM Creme Anglaise's Vanilla Flavour For Gwendariff - I really fell for this quality red brindle, perfect for size, best of heads and expression, long neck, clean shoulder and good return of upper arm, straight front and nice feet. loved her depth of chest and fill, sweeping curves when stood and moving. She really came alive on the move, particularly in profile and in the challenge, put in that extra bit to take the RCC.

2nd: 982 JOHNSTON, Mrs H & WILSON, Mr J & JOHNSTON Mr L A Cyangrange My Cuppa Tea Of Danluke JW - Liked this correct sized/ feminine red brindle, well set ears, liked her top and underlines, well filled front, ok in upper arm, a real powerhouse in profile, goes a dream with her handler, just preferred the winner coming towards.

3rd: 1035 THRELFALL Mr A & Mrs S Chipwhipp The Way We Were


Class 384 PGB (10 Entries) Abs: 1 - This was a difficult class to sort out.

1st: 932 ARNOLD Miss A A Lucrezia Lysandra Synergy (Imp Pol) - This pretty brindle bitch won on her flowing lines. feminine head, hands flowed over her lovely topline, underline to match, strong hindquarters, balanced angulation and precise and parallel on the move, would have preferred more stride in profile.

2nd: 940 BISSET Miss A Crosscop True Blue - This blue brindle girl is very whippets and of a lovely size. lean head, well set ears, , good neck into a clean shoulder, good depth of chest, not quite the curves of 1 but very sound mover.

3rd: 954 DRECHSLER Miss A Lancar Dream Illumination (Imp)


Class 385 LB (11 Entries) Abs: 3

1st: 1028 SMITH Mr & Mrs B & L M Lorbri Mistletoe Magic - I greatly appreciated this lovely sized, curvy brindle bitch. super for type, feminine, lean head with a beautiful expression, well paced ears, nice neck into shoulder, enough upper arm, matching curvy, top and underlines, strong rear, excellent up and back with enough stride in profile. Wasn't the happiest bitch to be in the ring today but I really loved her.

2nd: 1034 THOMAS Ms M Aarminias Princess Of China At Bowdonia - This pretty brindle and white bitch was a real showgirl, best of heads, correct ears, not quite the front of 1, super depth of chest, strong loin, good rear and very sound from all angles on the move.

3rd: 1024 SERVICE Mr & Mrs J S & E M Crosscrop I Love My Life


Class 386 OB (9 Entries) Abs: 0 - What a superb class of quality bitches.

1st: 1000 MOWBRAY Mrs S West Chelan Quick Look At Me - This was the Whippet that walked in the ring today that ticked off almost all of the boxes, she really does exude quality! The best of long, lean heads with a lovely expression, super long neck, excels in length and slope of upper arm, deep chest, the most exquisite curves, created by the correct top and underlines. She really gave her all on the move, holding her shape, she powered around the ring with the typical long, low gait, so stylish and elegant, pleased to award her the CC. Delighted to see her go Hound Group 1 under sighthound expert, Espen Engh and later, RBIS.


2nd: 943 BOWERS Miss S A Saraquele Sound Effects - Now I really fell for this one today, she quietly came in the ring and every time I looked back at her, she looked a picture, super for size, lovely head, correct ears, good neck, again a great front assembly with, good upper arm and depth of chest, another that held her shape stood and moving, dead accurate up and back with enough stride in profile. I just felt she didn’t put all in when called back to challenge but I found this bitch, very correct.


3rd: 999 MORRIS, Mrs L & WADDELL Mr G Ch Nothing Compares To You At Crosscop Sh.CM


Rob Wheeler