• Show Date: 03/01/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Rob McLeod Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Boston & District Canine Society

Breed: Japanese Shiba Inu

Japanese Shiba Inu

PD (2,0)

1 RBD & BP Dunhill-Hall’s Vormund One Punch Man. Red with typical wedge head. Dark almond eyes giving oriental expression. Good pigment and bite and ears carried well. Good front and neat feet. Slightly arched neck, nicely ribbed body with level topline and high set tail. Moderate rear angulation, nicely muscled. Smart light action on the move and pleased in profile.

2 Ogden’s Channel Discovery Incipita Vita (Imp Pol) taf. White of just 6 months and giving much away in maturity. Attractive head, well placed triangular ears. Would prefer a little more neck for balance. Nice legs and feet ok. Nice rib and body for age, level topline and high set tail. Adequate rear angulation. Sound light movement.

JD (1,0)

1 Rushfirth’s Hikay’s Raising Eyebrows. Pleasing profile. Nicely balanced head, good bite and lovely eyes helping to give the typical expression. Good front and has fore chest. Moderately arched neck. Fair spring of rib and depth to elbow. Level topline and high set tail. Nicely muscled quarters. Well presented coat of harsh texture. Free action but a tad close behind.

OD (3,1)

1 & BOB Dunhill-Hall’s Vormund The Real Slim Shady. Red sesame with good coat texture. Liked his head proportions, dark eyes, good pigment and bite and good ear placement. Excellent front and tight feet. Good fore chest. Slightly arched neck of medium length, relatively deep chest with moderate spring of rib. Correct topline and high set tail. Moderately angulated rear which is well muscled. Moved with precise light movement, scores well in profile. Delighted to see he later went G1.

2 Watson & Watson’s Calicelesti Casanova ShCM. Masculine outlook and appears square in profile. Dark almond eyes, good bite and nice ears. Good legs, feet ok, would prefer a little more fore chest.

SBD (1,0)

1 Channel Discovery Incipita Vita (Imp Pol) taf

PB (1,0)

1 Needs & Woolmer’s Nizu Saijitsu. 9 month old who still has to develop. Feminine head, dark well shaped eyes, good ears. Prefer more bone and was a little narrow in body which affected her front movement. Liked her length of leg, feet ok. Good tail set, would prefer a little more rear angulation.

PGB (2,0)

1 & BB Rushfirth’s Kenline Vanity Fair At Hikay’s. White, liked her make and shape. Well balanced head, lovely ears, displaying correct red tinge. Dark almond eyes giving oriental expression. Good legs and feet and nice fore chest. Slightly arched neck, nice rib and level topline. In good coat of correct texture with good undercoat. Well muscled quarters. Light, quick gait with pleasing profile. Lost out in the challenge as not as free in rear action as the dog.

2 & RBB Ellershaw’s Shiomaru Benisa Among Galshan(Imp Rus) JW. Pretty feminine head, good eye shape, dark pigment. Ears could be a tad higher set. Nice front and feet ok. Neck with nice crest, fair rib and level topline. Moderate rear angulation. Light easy gait but a tad close behind.

Rob McLeod (Dunline)(Judge)