• Show Date: 11/10/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ray Strudwick Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: Weimaraner

South Wales Kennel Association 

Championship Show 

Friday 11th October 2019

Builth Wells


Minor Puppy Dog 3/0 a

1st Alcorn, Davidson & Johnstone’s - Gunalt Hendricks - BPIB 

Super youngster showing excellent promise, well proportioned head on clean neck, straight front, level topline, correct angulation at front and rear, loved his size and overall balance, looked excellent on the move.

2nd Burgess - Gunalt Vette To Hantzburg 

Another promising young man with not quite the balance of one, good head shape with intelligent expression, firm topline, good rear angulation, just preferred ones more positive movement.

3rd Bennett & Slimax’s - Ansona Single Malt

Puppy Dog 4/1a

1st Hawkins - Smilex Fernando

Loved this boys balanced head with masculine expression, straightest of forelegs, clean reachy neck into well placed shoulders, correct body proportions, adequate rear angulation, sound on the move, close decision for puppy dog.

2nd Burgees- GVtoH

3rd Stamp’s - Tynsil Starman

Junior Dog 2/0a

1st Hawkins - SF

2nd Johnson’s - Astraios Be Still

Good shaped head with correct kind eye, lengthy neck, good lay of shoulder, deep chest, would have preferred firmer topline, and strength in quarters, needs to steady on the move.

Yearling Dog 2/0a

1st Johnson’s - ABS

2nd Johnson’s - Veimias Merlyn Of Gaclam

This boy was very difficult to access, he wasn’t happy for me to go over him although he did move out straight and true.

Post Graduate Dog 2/0a

1st Burgees - Greyspirit Rock Star From Hantzburg JW

Just loved this boys body proportions, super head and expression, straight front, well sprung ribs, firm loin, strong well angulated quarters with good width which produced true driving movement.

2nd Johnson’s - ABS

Limit Dog 6/0a

1st Stokes - Khamsynn Coast To Coast At Wipfel - RCC

This dogs movement just edged this very competitive class, such a well balanced boy with excellent angulation at front and rear, super well proportioned head on clean lengthy neck, level topline, short loin, well turned stifle, neat hocks, just loved his medium size.

2nd Mutlow’s - Braefell Goshawk JW

Another one with a lot to like, slightly bigger than one but he to is balanced with good angles, straightest of fronts, deep chest, adequate rear angulation but not with the strength of one, moved out true.

3rd Palmer’s - Kalimor Claude At Parmelly

Open Dog 4/2a

1st Clarke’s - Sh Ch Sireva Crackerjack At Coastedge JW ShCM - CC

This medium size dog just oozes quality he is so well constructed with excellent overall body proportions, super head with correct balance, clean neck into well placed shoulders, deep in chest, firm topline, well muscled quarters with excellent angulation and width, just loved his effortless ground covering movement.

2nd Crowther’s - Sh Ch Hundwith McLaren 

Another quality boy who certainly deserves his title, he has a well proportioned typey head with lovely expression, excellent angulation at front and rear with good body ratios, well turned stifles, moved out true but just lacked the effort of one, considered for the RCC.

Veteran Dog 3/0a

1st Palmer’s - Kalimor Quartz At Parmelly JW ShCM

A 7 year old in super condition, pleasing well proportioned head on adequate length of neck, straight front, deep chest, good spring of rib, firm loin, well developed strong quarters, looked good on the move.

2nd Finch’s - Int Sh Ch/NL/LUX/BEL Ch Deifstock Dandee Red ShCM

Another 7 year old similar to one in construction and balance but slightly bigger than one, good shaped head on clean neck, well presented, moved out true.

3rd Mutlow’s - Rising Lark Hawk Wing JW ShCM

Close call on these three I’m sure all will change places another day

Minor Puppy Bitch 3/0a

1st Phillips - Rivertone Head Above Water

A promising youngster of 8 months with a great deal too like about her, pleasing head and eye, straight front, well bodied with good angles, best mover here to win over 2 & 3. 

2nd Finch’s - Silberliss Solitare

Another of 8 months, similar to one in development, lovely feminine head, she to had good angles, but just lacked the movement of 1

3rd Simpson’s - Sireva Malgrave

Slightly smaller young female of lovely type who was not so well developed as 1 & 2

Puppy Bitch 3/0a

1st Crowther-Russell & Crowther’s - Hundwith Gift Of Thyme - BPB

Quality youngster with feminine balanced head, clean neck into well placed shoulders, short loin, adequate rear angulation, just loved her correct overall balance, very sound and true on the move

 2nd Reilly & Maskell’s - Smilek I Have A Dream

11 month old with lovely feminine head and expression, straightest of fronts, another with excellent body proportions and good depth for her age, close to one who’s movement I just preferred.

3rd Finch’s - SS

Yearling Bitch 2/1a

1st Batty’s - Almoor Mackey Gray - RCC

Just loved this females overall quality, she looked excellent when stacked and on the move, she has the most lovely well proportioned head on clean strong neck, is so well angulated at front and rear with a firm level topline, loved her effortless ground covering movement, I wish her well for the future.

Post Graduate Bitch 5/3a

1st Pearman’s - Weipowa A Shot The Dark At Britmans

Close call on these two, this female had a pleasing head on clean neck, level firm topline good body proportions, straight forelegs, strong quarters with good width, moved out sound and true.

2nd Davies & Brown’s - Joneva Cocktails And Dreams At Wystry

This younger female also had a pleasing head, was well constructed with good angles but losing her topline on the move, although she move out soundly.

Limit Bitch 6/1a

1st Hazeltine, Crowther & Alcorn’s - Hundwith Chortle With Hookwood JW ShCM - CC & BOB

This young female just oozes great quality, she has the most loveliest of heads and expression on an excellent clean cut neck, such a classic clean flowing outline and is so well made throughout, her movement is effortless and true, she was in tip top condition and handled to perfection, not surprised to learn later this gave her a Sh Ch crown

2nd Upton-Lovett & Upton’s - Gunalt Lustrous With Roydack

Love this young female who I have judged and placed well before she to has a well proportioned feminine head, scores in her overall balance, angulation and strong quarters with good width, she to produced effortless true movement, considered for the RCC.

3rd Simpson’s - Sireva Ingrid Fletcher 

Open Bitch 7/1a

1st Hensford & Campbell’s - Sh Ch Gunalt Move It To Pipwell

Loved this females classic shaped feminine head on adequate length of neck, straight forelegs, deep chest, level topline, short in loin, well angulated strong quarters, has excellent body proportions, movement was effortless, another I considered for the RCC.

2nd Stafford’s - Sh Ch Gunalt Repartee

Similar to one in head, construction and angulation, she looked good and sound on the move, but just preferred the overall balance, and stronger quarters of one, 

3rd Rutland & Jones - Sh Ch Khamsynn Coast Liaison JW ShCM

Veteran Bitch 2/0a

1st Rutland & Jones - Sh Ch Sireva Only Connect With Khamsynn ShCM

This 7 year old females movement is just a dream to watch, loved her well balanced feminine head, correct body proportions with good angulation at fore and aft, such a showy lady with her excellent reach and drive on the move.

2nd Stokes - Grandhay Here Lemon Quartz

Nicely constructed 9 year old with lovey feminine head, well constructed all through with good correct overall balance, moved effortlessly really enjoying her day but not quite as true as one.

Ray Strudwick. (Judge)