• Show Date: 03/01/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ray McDonald Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Boston & District Canine Society

Breed: Kooikerhondje

Boston DCS Championship Show – 05/01/2019 


PGD 2: 0  

1st Whitehead’s Gladsheim Helios. Pleasing 18 mth, Liked his size and shape. Lovely head with correct stop nice eyes and super ear fringes. Well laid shoulders and a straight front ahead of a level top line with good tail set & carriage. A balanced rear completing the picture. Just as nice on the move, straight, true with the correct springy action 

2nd Kerfoot’s Papikoi's Funsize Twix At Kerfkooiker. Built on larger lines and longer cast this 2yr old has a masculine head with dark eyes and good ears.  Shoulder not as laid back as the winner. Level top line and good rear angles.  Darker colouring and moved well 


OD: 3: 0  

Lovely class and very close between 1 & 2. Both these boys have super heads with dark eyes. 1 has better fringing. 

1st Suiter’s Chriskoois Octavius At Genetika (Imp Est). Super front assembly with well laid shoulders, straight front with fore chest and well sprung ribs. Well-muscled through loin and hind quarters with a level top line and correct tail set and carriage. Super mover, just had the edge on 2nd coming and going and looked a picture in profile.  Quality shone through and in the challenge he had a little more presence to win BD & BOB 

2nd Williams’ Cairnbraid Onwaba Lukimbi Of Gladsheim (Imp Bel). Another quality boy with a super front assembly, although not as much fore chest as the winner. Deep well sprung ribs to a shorter loin. Super rear angles and good tail carriage. Another lovely mover especially in profile but a little closer coming and going.  RBD 

3rd Suiter’s Genetika Rumpelstiltskin  


SBD: 2: 0  

1st Guy’s Gladsheim Eleodoro. Litter brother to my PG winner. Built on finer lines than some. Head of good proportions with a nice dark eye and good fringing to the ears. Well made front and rear quarters, level top line and good body proportions. Moved well if a little close at times.  Preferred his overall balance in the challenge for Best SB. 


JB: 1: 0  

1st Kerfoot’s Jade At Kerfkooiker (Imp Swe). What a sweetie. Very pretty girl with a lovely eye and expression. Ears have a tendency to fly at times and her fringing needs to develop. Well-made body of good shape with correct spring and depth of rib and a level top line. Moved well, true & straight. Nice in profile. 


PGB: 3: 0  

1st Williams’ Gladsheim Arunika. What a delightful young B. Love her size type, shape, head & movement. Feminine head of good proportions and shape with dark eye, lovely expression and good ears. Super forehand and straight front. Correct proportions and level top line over well sprung ribs. Super rear angles on a well-muscled rear. Good tail set and carriage. True fore and aft, correct movement in profile.  BB & BOS 

2nd Allman’s Gladsheim Oriana At Shantess. Litter sister to the winner. Less finished in head & ears than the winner. Lovely eye and expression. Super front & rear quarters.  Good tail set & carriage. Another good mover.  

3rd Kennedy’s Crunchcroft Quantum Leap  


OB: 4: 0  

1st Suiter’s Cirtaps Hertogin Freya Van Qira-T At Genetika (Imp Swe). 6yr B, top end of my preferred size but so well balanced and lovely to go over. Correct head and ears, well-made front with shoulders laid back over well sprung ribs, level top line and good rear angles. So true fore and aft with correct movement in profile. Pushed hard in the challenge for RBB 

2nd Johnson’s Crunchcroft Justified Of Valleyrise ShCM. What can I say about this lovely veteran? Now 10yrs and growing old disgracefully. Have done her well in the past and today, although up against 2 younger bitches I love they were both out of condition having recently had litters and this lady showed everyone she still knew what to do. So well put together, still has a level top line and boy can she show the youngsters how to move.  

3rd Johnson’s Sensation Vom Tespelkooi Of Valleyrise (Imp Deu)  

Res Williams’ Daniella Vom Thyrowberg To Gladsheim (Imp Deu) ShCM  


SBB: 1: 0  

1st Suiter’s Genetika Wake Up Aurora. Sweet 18mth B. Pleasing head and eye with good ears. Well laid shoulders and a straight front.  Longer cast through the ribs but with a nice short loin and a well-angled rear. Moved true and flowed in profile. 


Judge:- Ray McDonald