• Show Date: 06/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ray McDonald Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Lagotto Romagnolo

Three Counties Championship Dog Show – 09/06/2019 

Lagotto Romagnolo 

JD (3,2)  

1st Ward & Fry’s Kan Trace Viking Invader (Imp).  14mths. Full of the joys of spring.  Liked his head proportions and good ear shape, correct bite.  Well-made front assembly with a little forechest and correct leg to body proportions.  Level top line & slight tuck up to a well angulated rear.  Good tail set and carriage.  Moved well with drive.   


PGD (3,1) 

1st McAllister’s Mizani Diorbe Of Slovakia ShCM.  2yrs.  Good shape and liked his head proportions. Front assembly well made with well laid shoulders although it could be narrower in front.  Level top line and good tail carriage.  Slight tuck up but felt he was carrying a little extra weight today. Good rear angles.  Tight curls. Moves out well with drive.  

2nd Tollerfield’s Gaesten Top Tinker. 2yrs.  Longer cast through body than the winner.  Pleasing head and eye, nice narrow front, well made forehand.  Lacks rear angulation.  Moved a little close behind and lacks drive.  


OD (2,0)  

Very close call one between these two. 

1st Grantham’s Mizani Dorocco Raffaele. 4yrs Love to his head, typey and of good breadth with good eyes and ears.  Straight and narrow front of correct angles, good spring of rib under a level top line, Tail carriage ok.  Good rear angles, well-muscled and moves with a stead gait showing good drive. Good coat of tight curls. BD 

2nd Lightfoot’s Gaesten Just Jago at Joydon. 9yrs.  Another of good shape and proportions but starting to show his age.  Good head proportions, well made front, level top line and correct hind angulation.  More open coat.  Moved well but not quite as tidy behind as the winner. RBD 


VD (1,0)  

1st Lightfoot’s Gaesten Just Jago at Joydon  


PB (3,1)    

1st Mort’s Il Granaio Dei Malatesta Strawberry Syrup at Arcti. 6mths. What a sweetie, very feminine with good head proportions and lovely eyes.  Not quite as narrow through the front but well made front and a level top line.  Good underlined through to adequate rear angles. Correct tail set and carriage.  True rear movement and showing she can drive in profile. BP 


JB (4,1) 

1st Fry’s Bedeslea Ticataboo.  Headed up by a lovely trio of bitches. I loved her shape and size. Pleasing feminine head of good proportions with breadth across skull.  Very well made front assembly, narrow, with correct spring of rib behind.  Level top line, good tail set and carriage.  Moved well when she wasn’t bouncing, true fore and aft with correct reach and drive in profile.  Turned on the style in the challenge to win BB and later Best of Breed

2nd Light’s Moonreed Bella. 15mths. A touch longer in body than I was looking for but she has a pleasing head.  Well-made front assembly, correct spring of rib and level top line.  Very good rear angles and moves with drive. Coat at that in between stage at the moment. Handler has a tendency to overstretch her with makes her look longer than she is.  RBB 

3rd Mort’s Radiva Baby Oh Cherrie (Imp)  


PGB (4, 1)  

1st Grantham’s Mizani Diora Rose 21 mths.  I liked her shape and size and good body proportions.  Lovely head with nice eyes and ears.  Straight narrow front with good spring of rib. Level topline and good tail set. Correct rear angles used well on the move which was true with good drive.  

2nd Deblasi’s Mianatra Definitely Daisy.  A little longer in body but well-made fore and aft.  Correct narrow front, feminine through head with good eyes and ears.  Level top line to correct rear angles.  Moved well fore and aft with drive. 

3rd Crouch’s Camminare Piafin Cristina  


OB (4,1)  

1st Fry’s Timtaurn Two To Tango With Bedeslea RL2EX. 3yrs.  A well balanced bitch of good shape but a little tall.  Pleasing head, well made front, level top line and good tail set.  Correct angulation to the rear and she moves true fore and aft with lovely drive. Coat a little open 

2nd Ward’s Timtaurn Tap Dancer. 3yrs. A nice B for size and shape with a pleasing head although lacking head furnishings.  Good front assembly with correct width.  Level topline over well sprung ribs and correct tail set.  Adequate rear angles, moves well with good drive. Another whose curls could be tighter in places 

3rd Deblasi’s Mianatra Bound To Be Blossom  


Judge:- Ray McDonald