• Show Date: 16/10/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ray McDonald Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Gundog Society Of Wales

Breed: Gordon Setter

Gordon Setter 


PD 2 (0) 

1st Beese’s Hernwood Xmas Drummer at Ashheys  Good overall shape with pleasing head shape and proportions. Nice dark eyes and well set ears. Front assembly ok with good forechest, lovely return of upper arm and nice bone. Chest reaching to elbows and ribs sprung, level topline.  Moderate rear angles but a little long in rear pastern. Moved ok, lovely and straight coming and going but would like to see a bit more reach and drive. 

2nd Stewart’s Triseter Celtic Yeoman of Brodruggan (Ai) [ATC AW01574AUS]  A very smart looking youngster, a touch long through muzzle at the moment but with nice dark eyes. Well made front assembly with forechest, good bone and neat feet. Lovely level topline and good rear angles. On the move though he was not as together as 1 and tended to throw his legs around a little too much today. 


JD 1 (0)  

1st Beese’s Hernwood Xmas Drummer at Ashheys  


PGD 1 (0)  

1st Gregg’s Locksheath Beach Comber. 2yrs old. Very raw still but has a lovely head, good proportions and deep through skull and muzzle. Eyes could be darker. Muscular neck to a very well made front, good forechest, good bone and feet. Deep well sprung ribs through strong loin. Well angulated rear. Lovely mover, true coming and going with lovely reach and drive. 


LD 1 (0)  

1st Hall’s Melview Moving Time JW. 5yrs, mature and with good substance. Lovely head with dark eyes. Strong neck through to well laid shoulders, a little forechest, good bone and neat feet. Deep well sprung ribs, short coupled to a lovely rear. Slight slope to the croup. Moved well with reach and drive. 


OD 3 (0)  

1st Sandiford’s Hernwood Neptune Sea. 2yrs. Lovely youngster of good shape and size. Good depth of skull, muzzle good depth and square but a little long.  Lovely dark eyes. Clean muscular neck to well laid shoulders, good forechest, strong straight bone and neat feet. Well sprung, deep chest to short loin under a level topline to a well muscled, moderate rear. Super mover skilfully handled. BD & BOS 

2nd Butler’s Sh Ch Yennadon Lochan at Rubymoon JW ShCM. Another nice boy but different in type to 1. Heavier throughout, pleasing head of good proportions. Well laid shoulders and a little forechest, deep well sprung ribs, good tailset. Well angled rear and another good mover but not quite the presence of the winner today. RBD 

3rd Gregg’s Laurelhach Yarra  


PB 4 (0)  

1st Sweryda’s Waseley Springtyme. What a gorgeous puppy. Feminine with substance, shape type and construction. Lovely head, good proportions, dark eyes and a ‘mischievous’ expression. Good length of neck into well laid shoulders, forechest developing, good depth and spring of rib. Super bone and feet. Level topline over a short loin to a well made rear.  Moved well for one so young. BPIB 

2nd Lines’ Flaxheath All That Jazz. Another nice youngster of good shape balancing substance and bone with femininity. Pleasing head shape and proportions at this age, eyes could be darker. Another well made front, a little less forechest than 1 at the moment. Level topline, correct rear angles with good tailset and another lovely mover. 

3rd Sandiford’s Hernwood Christmas Eve  

Res Collingborn’s Pollyspark Queen Bee  


PGB 3 (1)  

1st Hall’s Melview Phoenix. Typey B of good size and outline. Correct through head with a ‘naughty’ expression. Lovely shoulders, good forechest and nice bone. Level topline to a well set tail. Good rear angles and a steady true mover with reach and drive. 

2nd Collingborn’s Graylacier Celtic Angel at Pollyspark. Built on larger lines than 1. Pleasing head and expression. Short neck and not the best lay of shoulder. Good bone but lacks depth to chest. A touch long through loin.  Moderate rear angles and moved OK. 


LB 2 (0) 

1st Lines’ Flaxheath Just for Me. Built on a larger frame, head ok although has a ‘sad’ expression. OK front assembly with good bone and deep chest. Moderate rear with good tailset but a little long in rear pastern. Moved a little better than 2nd but close fore and aft. 

2nd Beese’s Lainnireach Liberty Bell at Ashheys. Smaller B all over, preferred her head to 1st. Front assembly OK but lacks forechest, deep ribs and on the move held a level topline but tends to dip behind the shoulders on the stand. Moderate rear angles. Moved true behind but comes on very wide. Carry a few extra pounds today. 


OB 4(1) 

1st Phillips & Watkins’ Sh Ch Flaxheath Top Model At Glenmaurangi. Headed up a close contest. This young lady is right up my street, everything needed in a Gordon Setter bitch. Lovely feminine head of correct proportions and depth, and dark eyes giving that soft intelligent expression. Correct length of neck into well laid shoulders, good forechest, lovely bone and correct feet. Depth and spring of rib, level topline to well muscled and moderately angled rear. Super mover, true, reach and drive in a powerful steady gait. Not in the best of coat today but just loved her for her breed type. BB & BOB 

2nd Sandiford & Keens’ Hernwood Luna Eclipse JW. Another super bitch. Different in head but still good with lovely dark eyes. Super neck and shoulders but not the forechest of 1st. Level topline over deep well sprung ribs and a short muscular loin. Moderate rear and another super mover. Carrying more coat and shown so well as expected from this handler. RBB 

3rd Beese’s Lainnireach Liberty Bell At Ashheys  


Judge:- Ray Mcdonald