• Show Date: 03/01/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Raewyn Dowsett Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Boston & District Canine Society

Breed: Japanese Chin

Boston & District Canine Society, 06 January 2019

My sincere thanks to the committee the invitation to judge this lovely breed without CC’s for the first time at this level, for the assistance from my stewards and to all of the exhibitors for their support. An entry of 42 Chins was certainly a delight.


1st Mr N Tarabad’s Tillashby’s Nick Is in a Twist at Frondil, 9 month B/W pretty, broad and rounded skull, black pigment, well cushioned muzzle. Proportionately large eyes with small amount of white showing. He is compact squarely built, cobby in body with well filled chest. He has strong fine boned legs leading into well hare feet, a nice tail carriage and plume which as he found his confidence he carried well. Although a little stubborn at times his movement is accurate holding his outline and level topline. Well prepared silky coat completed the picture. BPIB, BSPIB and lovely to see the pairing take group 2 at the end of a long day.

2nd Mr & Miss Hudson & Steele Threadgold Ronaldo, 8.5 month B/W larger than first. He has a balanced head of good proportions, desired eye shape and colour with white showing, cushioned muzzle, small ears, and lozenge mark. Good bone and bend of stifle, elbows a little tied thus not as settled in front movement as first. Well feathered hare feet, good tail set and carriage.


1st Mrs R Banks Choya Tadashi, 15 months B/W, larger than my ideal and initially apprehensive he won the class on his accuracy of movement and overall type. He had a really beautiful head full of expression, large dark eyes, short cushioned muzzle and broad skull. Stands with a proud arched neck, good shoulders but would prefer more chest and a little shorter in loin for compactness. He stands on great feet and has stylish movement. He is covered in an immaculate silky coat.

2nd Mr G Farmers Sangria De Ja Vous, an outstanding temperament on this 15 month B/W, standing he presents a really lovely square shape with straight forelegs and nice bend of stifle in the rear. Decent forechest, well cushioned muzzle and large dark eyes giving desired expression. Standing he was turning his toes a little and was not as positive in rear movement on this floor as first. He had a lovely tail plume and carriage and was well presented.


1st Mr G Farmer Sangria Pamojill Private Eye, 18 month B/W of compact size giving overall lovely square balanced shape. Another with good head from this exhibitor, lacking a little in ear furnishing but high set and carried forward. Well ribbed cobby body, enough length of neck into good shoulder, lovely bone and feet, great tail set and plume and well broken markings.

2nd Mr S Hudson & Mrs S Steele Sharlarna Valentino At Threadgold this 19 month B/W was very happy to show with lovely character, Very pretty in head showing width all through, well cushioned mouth, desired eyes well feathered ears. Well filled chest, good bone and well feathered feet. He was a little longer cast than first and was not moving as well today in rear action.

JAPANESE CHIN OPEN DOG, 6,1, lovely class.

1ST Mr A Allock Ch Littletigers Damage Case at Sleepyhollow (Imp IT) JW, what an outstanding showman this 18 month B/W is. He draws the eye instantly. Beautifully rounded skull, large clear eyes with just the right amount of white to give such an astonished look. Large, black, open nostrils, well feathered ears for age. His overall balance for me is perfect standing and moving he holds a square outline. Cobby ribs well filled chest, straight legs and long feet. He holds a level topline at all times, well broken markings on his silky coat and great plume. Not in full coat following moult but still covered really well. I could have watched him move all day as he knows exactly how to showcase himself and I was delighted to award him best dog and best of breed.

2nd Mr G Farmer Sangria Riverdance, a 3.5 year old B/W slightly larger than my winner and a little longer but still great breed type. Very pretty head with everything as it should be, small forward well feathered ears, carries a lovely arched neck, level topline, great tail, and covered in a well feathered silky coat. Great feet. Pleased to award red best dog and lovely to see him gain his title the following week, well done.

3rd Mr G Farmer Sangria War Lord


1st Mr N Tarabad’s Tillashby’s Nick is in a Twist at Frondil


Wow, what a class to be presented with, there was not one puppy in here that didn’t have great virtues and holds the breed well for the future.

1ST Mr A Allcock Sleepyhollow Coral Song, if I was going to take home one today this 7 month old red head was going to be it. Her outstanding ‘angel and devil’ character really captivated me. There was really nothing I would change at present other than hoping she gets a little bigger. Outstandingly pretty head and expression, with black pigment against rich red coat colour. Square and compact with straight legs, level topline, good plume. She moves on her own terms, but when she goes, the look of cocky with determination is so lovely. BPB.

2ND Mrs L Crane’s Sleepyhollow Elektra of Cranvarl NAF TAF, this 6 month B/W did push first all the way, absolutely beautiful in head, dainty but broad, width to muzzle lovely portioned eyes and desired white and melting expression. Overall square and compact with good rib and chest for age, Straight legs, good turn of stifle. Nice tail and covered in silky well prepared coat. Found out she had only met the handler a minute before so testament to her temperament. First just had the better crest of neck standing. Well done.

3rd Mrs M Emmerson Auralea Wishful Thinking

JAPANESE CHIN JUNIOR BITCH 4,0, all 3 would have preferred a different floor covering which could have altered placings.

1ST Mrs L Crane Cranvarl Truly Scrumptious a compact 13 month B/W she had a lovely head and expression, well cushioned muzzle, open nostril and large eye with small white. Shorter than second, she was not overly impressed with the flooring but showed herself well enough to win the class. Very nicely marked and good silky coat.

2nd Mr G Farmer Sangria Omegaville Saraboo, although a little out of coat, what this 18 month B/W did have was of a lovely texture. Would have liked a little more feminine expression, but she was broad muzzled with desired eyes and well feathered ears. I preferred her tail carriage and well feathered feet to first.

3rd Ms T Pearce & Ms S Hann Rakuchin Skyes Aria

JAPANESE CHIN POST GRADUATE, 4,1 Mrs R Banks Choya Tomomi a B/W lady who was easily the winner here today. Slightly bigger than my ideal she had a really pretty head with width between ears which were forward and well feathers, desired white showing astonished expression. She has a lovely square shape and is covered in a beautifully silky coat. I would prefer deeper chest but she has good overall bone and long feet. Moved well and pleased to make her best bitch. Won her first CC the following week, well done.

2nd Mrs J Smith Wyndcatch Constance, a smart, compact B/W good overall balanced head and expression, big ribs and cobby body, lovely legs and feet, could not match first on movement today. Silky coat.

3rd Mrs C Lamyman Choya Mashashi at Aylnamm


1ST Mrs J Ashby Tillashby Hidenka a 3 year old B/W who was not always 100% cooperative but held herself well enough to win the class. First and second were well matched for size, first having overall better head and expression and silkier coat, second holding a more square outline and lovely overall stance with excellent tail and feet. Both well presented. Res best bitch.

2nd Mrs L Crane Cranvarl Le Mistral JW

Ms Raewyn Dowsett