• Show Date: 09/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Raewyn Dowsett Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Chinese Crested

Birmingham National Chinese Crested Dogs, 10 May 2019

My sincere thanks to the committee the invitation to award CC’s for the first time in one of my own breeds, for the assistance from my stewards, and to all of the exhibitors for their support in a good sized entry. Having owned and lived with the breed for 30 years there has been many changes, some for the good and some sadly for the fashion.

I am not able to say I found that ‘perfect’ dog today, but I found many with very good points that should be praised and retained. I am not one to knock a ‘larger’ dog, but some were way too heavy all through in bone and body; they are after all toy dogs. Powderpuffs had many lacking in veil coat however hairless skin was on the whole well presented. My final comment is with mouths. Having been fully supportive of the amendment to the breed standard to allow missing teeth, as it was historically, I still would like a correct bite and was shocked how many were undershot and wry and I hope will be addressed for future and the amendment not used as an excuse.


1ST FARQUHARSON Shanshal Prince of Arabia, 11 month white powderpuff presented completely stain free in good coat, no mean feat in a white boy. He was a lovely size with a pretty, balanced head, lovely chiselled cheeks, correct, dark almond eyes and good mouth. I would like him to have stronger ears but he does use them well. Moves on a lovely loose lead, could be a little bit more positive in rear drive and I would like him to gain a bit of body as he moves out of puppy.



1st SNELLS Udo Z Jasne Huezdy (Cze Imp) fine black and white puff moving out with great reach and drive. Has an overall lovely head, balanced and in equal proportions, nice dark eye, slight stop, tight lips, excellent bite. He carried his head well on slightly arched neck, retained a level topline and although tail carriage a little strong it does fall nicely once he is relaxed. He is good for size and of medium length in body, just needs to develop in chest. BPD.

2nd FARQUHARSON Shanshal Prince of Arabia

3rd BODEN Inui Take me Away


1st PIPER Be My Dog’s Topsail Cody of Zanjero JW (IMP) a slightly longer legged 13 month male presented with immaculate fine skin. Really lovely head with good chiselling, tight lips and good eye shape. Slight stop and alert in expression and attentive to handler when standing. Strong ears although set a little high, covered with good fringing. He keeps a good level topline and has a nice tailset. He does stand under himself on the rear and would benefit from a bit stronger pastern, moved accurately.

2nd REES Parcauwen Secret LIason, cream puff, graceful head. Slightly rounded and elongated skull. Cleanly chiselled, tapering to muzzle and slight stop. Lovely dark almond eyes. He has heavily fringed ears which could be carried better. Well presented coat, good feet and a nice size. His tail carriage is a little tight but he moved well on a loose lead.

3rd COULTER Scherzando Betelgeuse


1ST CROW Arte Figure Next Level At Casacavallo (FIN IMP) a mahogany hairless presented to me in shimmering skin and flowing mane. His head is balanced and completely in proportion to himself. Base of skull to stop is equal to stop to tip of nose.  His muzzle tapers slightly, tight lips, strong teeth in hairless mouth. Lovely dark almond eyes. He has an elegant arch to his neck and lovely large well fringed ears which he uses at all times. He has enough chest which will develop a little more as he ages and elbows are tight to rib. I would like a touch more length to loin. Superb muscle tone all through, great tail set and carriage. His movement is what the standard asks for long, flowing and elegant with good reach and plenty of drive and this is what ultimately gave him the edge for the CC and Best of Breed.

2nd COULTER Scherzando Betelgeuse a black and white hairless with the most enchanting personality. Overall he is balanced, nice fine bone and is elegant in shape His skin is at the dreaded teenage stage but is still supple and well presented. He had a good head and ears and moves out well on a loose lead. His ears are a little high for me.


1ST DIXON Debrita Dilligent, an elegant black and white youngster with plenty of furnishings. His head is one of the best today; he has a slightly rounded and elongated skull, cheeks cleanly chiselled, tapering into muzzle. Stop slightly pronounced, head presents a graceful appearance, with alert expression and amazing eyes. Lips tight and thin, hairless mouth. He is a lovely size and has fine bone, great front and chest, retains level topline at all times, moves a little closer behind than I would like however his breed points far outweigh this, his tail carriage is super. His skin is in excellent condition and I was pleased to award him the res CC.

2nd PIPER Be My Dog’s Topsail Cody of Zanjero JW (IMP)

3rd BODEN Inui Take me Away


1ST DIXON Debrita Dilligent

2ND MCKENZIE & MULDOON Scherzando Roxy’s Dancer Von Queshian this was another lovely sized boy who remained composed despite his owner having to rush from another ring. Cobbier than 1st he had a pleasant head, balanced, with good eye and mouth, his skin was in good order. He moved well on a loose lead, I would have liked a little more return on upper arm. A correctly furnished hairless.

3rd BODEN Lunacrest Among The Shooting Stars


1st KNOWLES Pariansoez Innuendo at Jhanchi JW 2 year old h/l black and white he had a pretty balanced head with good eye shape, slight stop, correctly set and carried ears. Long fine boned legs and hare feet. A very happy boy who retains his outline and level topline on the move, he could perhaps go with a little more oomph. Beautifully presented skin and sensible furnishings.

2nd HINTON Ajatiaza’s Lover Boy at Cheeswood JW lovely size and presentation on this boy and more refined in head than first with good eye, ear and mouth, nicely carried on arched neck. He moved keeping a level topline but was a little wary, I would like a bit more rear angulations. Great legs and feet.

3rd FRAME Elfallons Little Dragon


1ST CROW Estillinis Silver Surfer at Casacavallo JW (IMP) 2 year old ginger and white hairless. Another from this owner presented in first class order. Darkest of clear skin. He had a lovely head slightly more refined than his CC winning kennel mate, but his eye colour is not as dark. Keeps an arch to his neck which is very strong and well muscled, good shoulder, medium straight bone down to hare feet. His tail carriage can be a little tight but it is well set. This boy is so well conditioned all through that going away can appear a little too well muscled but he has correct parallel movement and is a good size.

2nd BARKERS Goldamulet Amber Tone, a beautifully presented powderpuff with abundant coat under which he had a well developed body and is a nice sized boy. Legs well set under and elbows tight to ribs. Good feet. Lovely tail carriage. A stronger head than I would like but with nice eyes and mouth and a brilliant, loving personality.

3rd QUADLING Prefix Alfred Nobel with Malenkhai (SWED IMP)

 OPEN DOG, 7,0

There was some real variety in this class in type and in puff coat however I was pleased to see it well filled as the entry has been somewhat lacking recently.

1st FLETCHER & MERRYWEATHER Fin & Swe Ch Myrtans Topnotch (IMP) enters the ring full of himself and he commands attention when stacked up. A medium to long bodied mahogany hairless that is very well handled and presented. He had a lovely masculine head, well chiselled, flat cheeks, slight stop and well placed ears with nice dark eye. Strong graceful neck, tended to be falling away a bit behind the shoulders. In profile he is impressive on the move as he shows a spirit level topline when moved at the correct pace with excellent tail set and carriage. He does move too close behind; in the challenge he was being a bit untidy in front. Fabulous personality and does love to show.

2nd MOYES, MOYES & HUNTER Bryelis The Ringmaster JW 4,5 year old heavier, cobbier than my winner and whilst balanced not as refined in head, although masculine and not coarse. On the table he is good to go over, well placed ears, dark eyes. He has a nice deep chest, well ribbed, elbows tight to body and good return of upper arm, moderate tuck up, well rounded rump. His furnishings are a little thick for me and he was pulling his topline in profile although he moved out with good rear drive.

3rd CROW Estillinis The Huntsman At Casacavallo JW ShCM (IMP)

 VETERAN Dog, 4,1

1st MOYES, MOYES, HUNTER Nisyros Meet Joe Black Via Bryelis, 11 year old who got better with age. Has a good bite but his teeth are left at home now. Still has a lovely head and expression with alert ears, clear dark eyes, slight stop and slightly rounded skull. Lovely chest, brisket to elbows. Good bend of stifle, out moved many today and keeps a lovely topline in profile.

2nd OLIVER Peter Pan at Sarelidan ShCM smaller than my winner and with an OMG personality. He is a pretty boy with refined head and good mouth, excellent ears. He couldn’t quite match the reach and drive of my winner today. This exhibitor should be commended for the smooth, supple presentation of her hairless’ skin, each of her exhibits felt superb and were shown to me without blemish feeling so silky.

3rd SNELL Yustin Z Jasne Hvezdy at Moretonia (IMP)


 MINOR PUPPY BITCH, 6,0, Much variety in this class

1st SKELTON & SANTORIELLO Jean Dark Puffibly Maybe at Lubadusi, of every dog today this is my one I wanted to take home. In my opinion a raw 6 month white puff baby who was simply stunning. She has a fabulously refined head, gorgeous dark almond eyes, fabulous pigment and mouth. Her ears are perfectly placed on her slightly rounded skull, yes I would like the fringes grown in. Beautiful angles front and rear, fine bone, tight elbows and hare feet. She is well ribbed for age with good length to loin and has the most beautiful tail carriage. Her personality is adorable. Delighted to award her the Res CC and BPIB.

2nd FLETCHER AND MERRYWEATHER Ynchreenoo Dream A Dream, 7 months small, dark mahogany hairless, a carbon copy of her father from open dog. Incredibly well behaved she stood solid holding level topline. Again a lovely balance to her head with good eyes and mouth, Lovely strong ears that she used. Brisket down to elbows, well rounded rump and good tailset. I would like more length of loin for better balance.

3rd HELLMUTH AM CH Kaylens Contemporary Cosmopolitan NAF TAF


1st ROUTLEDGE Ynchreenoo Twinkle Toes with Pufflepaws, litter sister to 2nd in last class, another mahogany hairless presented in good order with lovely skin. Again a good headpiece, balanced muzzle to skull with slight stop and gently rounded skull, low set ears that she used well, butterfly nose. Good depth to chest, level topline standing, slender legs and hare feet just turning slightly, she has a nice tail and carriage and shows well.

2nd HELLMUTH AM CH Kaylens Contemporary Cosmopolitan NAF TAF, this just 9 month laced bitch had a lovely head, dark eye, good mouth, dark pigment, tight lips and nice chiselled cheeks. Great large, low set, fringed ears. At present she moves better than she stands as was tending to be a little bit stubborn. Well set tail, moderate tuck up, would like a little bit more length.


1st PAYNE & DUNLOP Ch Habiba True Blue, a very typy fine bitch she has a head as called for by the standard, beautifully balanced muzzle to skull ratio, lovely dark almond eyes and excellent mouth. Just the right amount of chiselling. She was alert and excitable. Low set ears. She has a good depth of chest down to elbow, holds a level topline with moderate tuck up, slender legs and good rear angulations. Tail set is very good and used well on the move. Goes a little wider in front than I would like but her breed specific points outweigh this. She was presented to me with fine silky skin. My CC winner and BOS.

2nd DELANEY Shranae Gold Blend, a heavier coated cream puff, Her head was a little heavy for me all through and her ears a little soft, she has a good depth of chest, well sprung ribs and longer body. A profuse coat which made her appear a bit short in leg. She did move out well and was parallel holding a level topline.


1st MOYES, MOYES & HUNTER Bryelis Voodoo Woman, smaller black hairless bitch with a look of devilment in her dark eyes. She has a lovely head; equal distance skull, stop, nose and excellent mouth. Good spring of rib and depth of chest, moderate tuck up and well set tail. She was tending to pull a little wide in front but had great read drive and mice muscle. Presented with lovely soft skin.


1st ROUTLEDGE Ynchreenoo Twinkle Toes with Pufflepaws


1st JOHN Valkrest Indianapolis, I liked this little black and white puff and has to be handled to be appreciated. Her head is lovely, really refined. Slightly rounded and elongated skull. Cheeks cleanly chiselled, lean and flat, tapering into muzzle. Stop is slightly pronounced and she presents a graceful appearance, with alert expression. Lovely front with tight elbows to rib, straight fine bone. She holds a good topline and has a correct tail. Her coat needs a little taming but is of good texture. Moves parallel in rear but for me I would like a little more width.


1st ROBERTS Shanshal Made in Essex, smaller hairless bitch with heavier furnishing. She is very pretty, another with a lovely balanced head, dark almond eye, slight stop and well placed, low set ears which she used and gave an overall lovely expression. Well ribbed with slight tuck up, slender legs and hare feet. She has beautifully presented skin and good rear angulations, I would like her a touch longer in loin.

2nd MCGUIGAN & BLACKWELL Doucai’s too Cute to Scare Annamac, this little black laced bitch was going to make it hard for herself. She is very nicely made, a little heavier in head than my winner with good dark almond eyes, she had a good forechest, deep rib, slender legs, holds a level topline standing, a nicely rounded rump and beautiful soft skin. Unfortunately she kept pulling on the move putting her off balance.

 LIMIT BITCH, 9,2 some variety in this class with my eventual winner being

1st FROST Harriet Take me Away To Kojiki (IMP) JW a small fine boned mahogany hairless with thick cream furnishing. Refined in her head she has good eye, ear placement and mouth.  Beautifully presented and well conditioned skin. Her slender legs lead into good hair feet which just turn slightly. She uses her well set tail on the move. Brisket down to elbows with moderate tuck up. She makes her handler work but won this class on performance.

2nd GODFREY & PEACOCK Scherzando Pied Rook, this little bitch has to be handled on the table to be fully appreciated. A black and white with well presented veil coat. Presents a lovely head and expression, good mouth, excellent eye shape and colour. Medium neck into well laid shoulder, enough rib, well set tail which due to an outside distraction she was not willing to use on the move which was a shame as she can move well.

3rd MOYES, MOYES & HUNTER Bryelis Dancing Queen JW


1st MOYES, MOYES & HUNTER Bryelis Private Dancer JW a cream puff bitch presented in good veil coat, certainly type and consistency from this kennel. This lady is a show off with good temperament, stands well at all times; she has a pretty head and good mouth. Level in topline, well sprung ribs and good length to loin. Excellent tail set and carriage, she had better front movement than 2nd and went with good drive in the rear.

2nd BISS Ridgecrest’s Princess Awesome for Ankors (Swed IMP) This bitch had an outstanding head and ears. She was a very well presented hairless with correct furnishings. She has slender legs and lovely hare feet, her elbows are tight to her chest with a lovely rib, and long body and lovely rear with good bend of stifle. She tends to get a bit over excited and this caused her to race and lift her front. Overall she is a lovely bitch with great temperament.


1st MCGUIGAN & BLACKWELL Annamac Fairy Tail, this is a stunning 10.5 year old lady who is still turned out immaculately. Dark mahogany skin and white furnishings. A slightly taller bitch with slender legs and hare feet. She has a typical head, good bite, low set ears and good eyes. Well ribbed and with a moderate tuck up she moved out very well, standing she was just rounding off a little and could not match the powerful rear drive of the male for BV today but she is a bitch to be proud of.

Ms Raewyn Dowsett

Tteswood (Judge)