• Show Date: 07/03/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: rachel thompson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020


Breed: German Wirehaired Pointer

Crufts 2019 

German Wirehaired Pointer 


Thank you to the Crufts committee for affording me the opportunity to judge at this years show.  Also a big thank you to all the exhibitors who gave me an entry with some lovely dogs when I know this breed is predominantly docked and therefore affected by the docking law.  


V Dog 3 

1  Jackson’s Ch Helydon Alliance -  Good shaped dog of lovely type with strength all through.  Handsome head with a decent eye, furnishings and coat.  This dog had depth of chest, strong bone and tight feet and covered his ground with ease. 


2  O’Connor’s Karlejay Gump Zulu Warrior JW SHCM – Smalller male presenting a good outline.  Classic head with lovely eye and correct furnishings.  Excelled in shoulder with good bone and feet topped of with a harsh coat.  Covered his ground from strong hind quarters.  


3  Chrystie’s Benreeda Rifleman 


P  0  

J Dog  0   


PG  2 

1  Konigova’s Tristan Stella Venandi (ATC AW00240POL) – A well proportioned dog with correct topline and good shoulder and rear angulation.  Handsome head with a dark eye and good furnishings.  Well boned and standing on tight feet.  Won his place with his better movement. 


2  Johnson’s Skarvister Slidrugtanni – Decent outline with a pleasing head and eye.  Strong neck and well angulated front.  Coat of wire texture. Not quite the movement of 1. 

L 1 

1   Lovatt’s Beechillawn I’m Free With Shirostar – Handsome, well furnished head with a kind dark eye.  Strong neck into a decent front with good bone.  Well muscled with a tight, harsh coat.  On the day was a little loose at the front when moving. 


O  4 

1  Gettings’ IR SH CH/INT CH Beechillawn Sound Of The Underground AN CH15/16/17 CW’17 JNRCH JD – Predominantly liver male on top of the size range lovely profile outline.  Pleasing head with dark eye and good furnishings.  Good front assembly with bone and tight feet.  Well angulated stifles and in good muscular condition.   Covered his ground with drive. Pleased to award him the CC.   

2  McCullough’s Beechillawn Wirey Calling Kimmax (IKC) – Smaller male with many of the same attributes.  Handsome head with correct furnishings.  Strong neck into well laid shoulder.  Correct body/height proportions and with a strong back end.  Covered his ground with ease.  RCC


3  Johnston’s SH CH/NL CH/LUX CH/BEL CH/DT CH VDH Charmer v/d Tuindershof with         

    Glenquin (IMP) 


VB 1 


1  English’s SH CH Karlejay Gump Guinea Bissau With Wireduck – Like the shape and size of this older lady.  Feminine head with a lovely dark eye and good furnishings.  One of a few with the correct slope to her pastern.  Happy disposition moved out well.  BV 


PB  0 

JB  1 

1  Gettings’  Beechillawn Eureka Diamond JNR CH – Young lady well put together with correct body proportions.  Eye to darken with age.  Crisp coat.  Youngster whose front was a tad loose on the move but with time on her side for it to come together.     


PGB  6/2 

1  Jones’ Dregheda Desert Song – Clean outline of correct proportions.  Pleasing head.  Well assembled front with tight feet.  Tail set on well, good strong hind quarters.  Won the class on her more accurate movement. 


2  Harries’ Dregheda If I Were Single – Chunkier female of good proportions.  Pleasing head with good furnishings and an excellent body coat.   Moved okay. 


3  Lovatt’s Beechillawn Amarillo Starlight Of Shirostar 


LB 4 

1  Johnston’s Canis Fortuna Harda – I found this girl to be a good size with a lovely outline and a tight coat all over.  Pretty  head with a dark eye, strong neck into correctly made front.  Correct topline and tail set.  She moved well covering her ground.  RCC  


2  Donnelly’s Beechillawn Oooh Betty – What  a sweetie.  Pretty, feminine  bitch of a nice size.  Correct proportions and appropriate bone for her size.  Less mature than one.  Moved well. 


3  Harries’s Myrna Loy 


OB 4/1 

1  Pinkerton’s SH CH/Dutch Ch Esmee Dragon From Rhona’s Home At Bareve ww18 (IMP   NED) – This girl took me back in time for type.  Very feminine head with lovely eye.  Medium sized with strength and power. Well put together forehand with appropriate bone and tight feet.   Good shoulder and upper arm angulation with balanced rear producing power to move out covering her ground with ease.  BCC, BOB. 

Delighted to see her go Group 2 in the gundog group later in the day. 


2  Gettings’ IR SH CH/INT CH Beechillawn Wired For Sound JNR CH JD CW’17 – Litter sister to the dog CC winner and quite similar.  Pretty head with kind eye.  Good shoulders and depth of chest.  Strong rear end.  Finished with a harsh coat. Moved well. 


3  Caffel & Kavanagh’s Hushwing Louboutin To Doberway 


Good Citizen Dog Scheme  4 

1  Donnelly’s Beechillawn Oooh Betty 

2  Jones’ Dregheda Desert Song 

3  Harries’ Dregheda If I Were Single 


Rachel Thompson - Judge