• Show Date: 06/10/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Rachel Snelgrove Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

South Yorkshire Whippet Club

Breed: Whippet

South Yorkshire Whippet Club

Championship Show 06/10/19 – Bitches

I would like to thank the Committee of SYWC for inviting me to Judge Bitches at their Championship Show. It is always an honour to judge our lovely breed and so much more enjoyable to officiate for such a super breed club. I was very pleased with my entry for quality and numbers, thank you.

Veteran Bitch (4,1abs)

1st    Hoopers – Charuzian Sapphire;

A very feminine parti bitch, no exaggerations and sound on the move. Lovely head, eye & expression, super bite and under jaw, flowing neck into a good lay of shoulder & return of upper arm. Good in bone & feet, curvy topline and underline & good ribbing all flowing into correct rear angles with good width across the stifles.  BVB & on referees decision RBVIS

2nd    Winkley-Balmers – Ch April Showers At Crosscop;

Slightly different make of bitch, another feminine one but preferred the head assembly of 1st. Lovely length and flow to her neck into her well laid shoulders, OK for return of upper arm, curvy underline and well ribbed back, shapely topline and rear angles but would prefer a slightly better tail set.

3rd    Peacock – Linalkin Meadow Lark JW Sh.CM

Minor Puppy Bitch (13,4abs)

1st     Rees and Jones – Kierpark You Are My Sunshine;    

Difficult decision but this young lady just pipped the 2nd on a touch more maturity. Very feminine with a lovely head, eye and expression, good length of neck which flows into her nicely laid shoulder & return of upper arm. Curvy underline, well ribbed back and sufficient curve to topline into correct rear angles. Dropped a touch on her croup standing but moved out well.

2nd    Howgate & Hull – Bryntreia Whispered Love At Palmik;

Another lovely baby puppy with everything in the right place, has no exaggerations and super angulation throughout. Moved out soundly and she has the most delightful head and expression and a lovely length of neck with strength. Her body has lovely curves and flows under the hands but just felt today that she needed a touch more maturity.

3rd    Varnam – Veredon Another Verse

Puppy Bitch (4,0abs)

1st    Howgate & Hull- Palmik Carousel;

Attractive fawn & white presenting the most delightful curvy picture with a lovely head and attractive dark muzzle and eyes.  Good length of neck flowing into a super lay of shoulder, return of upper arm and with good body depth. Well ribbed back, correct loin with strength, curvy rear quarters with width across her good second thigh. True and effortless movement coming and going, good side gait.  BPB and BPIS in agreement with my co Judge.

2nd    Whitaker-Crosby – Crosscop May Be One More at Mulcair;

Fawn & white who was attractive in head, good length of neck into her nicely laid shoulder with sufficient return of upper arm. Slightly longer than 1st, with good body depth and well ribbed back into nicely angled rear quarters.  On the day preferred the curvy shape and movement of 1st.

3rd    Varnam – Veredon Another Verse

Junior Bitch (13,3abs)

1st    Wilson & Morgan – Shalfleet Simply Grace at Meandi;

An overall unexaggerated bitch with a lovely head & expression, good length to her neck into a well laid shoulder & return of upper arm, Has correct depth for her age with good tuck up & nicely ribbed back. Correct angles at the rear with width across the stifle, moved out well.

2nd    Smeaths – Dejare Only Dreaming At Willingwisp;

Fawn & white bitch with lovely head & expression, good length of neck into her nicely laid shoulder & return of upper arm. Good body depth & well ribbed back into curvy rear quarters. Just needs to drop into herself a bit more but that will come with age, only just out of puppy here.

3rd    Webber – Zoraden Fifty Shades Darker

Yearling Bitch (11,2abs)

1st    Winters – Collooney Bendy Wendy;

Just loved this bitches’ attributes from her attractive head & expression, lovely length of neck into super angled front. Has depth to her body & good ribbing and loin, nice topline flowing into correctly angled rear quarters with width across the stifles. Lovely sound bitch that took my eye on entering the ring and did not disappoint me with hands on. On the day I felt that she needed a touch more maturity but delighted to award her the RCC.

2nd    Yacoby  Wright – Cobyco Cover Girl;

Feminine bitch, another with a lovely head & expression and a good length of neck. Good front assembly, lovely depth and length of body, good bone & feet, curvy underline and topline flowing into correct rear angles and lovely second thigh. Moved out well, unlucky to meet the 1st in this class.

3rd    Howgate & Hull – Palmik Queen Of Diamonds JW

Graduate Bitch (13,3abs)

1st    Heads – Demerlay Strawberry Ice JW;

Really liked this bitch, she was a close consideration for the RCC. Super head, mouth & expression, good ears and a neck of length and strength. Lovely front assembly with fill, balanced body depth to length with good ribbing into lovely strong rear quarters with good width across the stifles. Movement was sound but just a little unsteady in places on the day.

2nd    Webbers – Zoraden Fifty Shades Darker;

And isn’t she lovely and dark! Placed 3rd in a good junior class, very curvy honest bitch who presents a flowing picture from her head to her tail. Front and rear angulation good, nice depth of body, good ribbing and strong loin. Good for bone and feet, moved out well.

3rd    Moncrieff – Runaround Symphony

Post Graduate Bitch (10,2abs)

1st    Moncrieff – Runaround Harmony;

True and honest fawn bitch, nothing exaggerated about her. Good in head & expression, neck of good length & strength into a well laid front assembly.  Body of correct depth and tuck up, well ribbed back into strong loin and curvy rear quarters. Nice second thigh and moved out well on good feet to take this class.

2nd    Hooper & Marsden – Torbers Rare Magic;

What an attractively marked parti bitch, of balanced proportions and no exaggerations. Head, expression & under jaw good, lovely neck flows into her good front assembly, curvy underline & topline, good ribbing and loin into nicely angled rear quarters. Moved out well.

3rd    Service – Crosscop I Love My Life

Mid Limit Bitch (11,2abs)

1st    Muir & Muir – Citycroft Firenze For Loualba JW;

Such a feminine bitch with a lovely head, mouth & expression, balanced and no exaggerations. Good in neck and front assembly, nice in depth of body and tuck up, curvy topline of nice length. Well ribbed back, strong in loin and good rear angles. Nice in bone and feet, moved out soundly if a little unsettled today.

2nd    Smeaths – Willingwisp Moment Of Love;

Fawn & white bitch with lovely head & eye, good mouth & under jaw and length of neck. Good front angles, nicely ribbed back with curvy topline and good loin. Correct rear angles with width across, nice in bone and feet. Moved out well but felt that she was just a wee bit sluggish today.

3rd    Shorts – Collooney Bit On The Side

Limit Bitch (13,2abs)

1st    Marston-Pollock – Falconcrag High Class;

Feminine fawn & white bitch that I have judged before & who has matured on, another in consideration for the RCC.  Good in head & expression, strong & good length of neck flowing into good front assembly. Has depth of body & curvy underline, good topline and strong loin. Nicely angled rear quarters and good second thigh, moved out well to take this class.

2nd    Halberts – Marimay Cancan;

A quality balanced bitch that I have admired but just felt on the day that she was not totally at one with her handler. Another lovely in head & expression, good in neck & front assembly, curvy underline with depth, nicely ribbed, good topline into correct rear angles. In lovely fit condition.

3rd    Home & Fisher-Home – Citycroft My Fair Lady Of Jasarat JW Sh.CM

Open Bitch (9,1abs)

1st    Howgate & Hulls – Palmik Misty Eve JW;

A quality bitch whose attributes come to the front when you put your hands on her and didn’t disappoint in any way. Lovely attractive head, eye and mouth so sound on the move, a lovely overall package of good angulation front and rear, correct for body depth and flowing topline, good firm loin and lovely second thigh, another in super fit condition. Good in bone and feet, fully deserved the class win and delighted to award her the BCC and on referees decision BOS.

2nd    Yacoby Wright – Ch Cobyco Candy Creme

Another quality & balanced pale fawn bitch who I considered for the RCC.  Another with good head attributes lovely neck into a good front of correct angles. Good depth & fill, curvy underline and correct spring and length of ribbing. Strong loin flowing into unexaggerated backend with strength & width of second thigh. Moved out soundly.

3rd    Home & Fisher-Home – Ch. Citycroft Creme Caramel Of Jasarat JW

Judge;  Rachel Snelgrove