• Show Date: 08/12/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Rachel Smith Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Whippet Club Of Wales

Breed: Whippet

What an honour to be invited to award CC’s for the first time at this wonderful club show. Thank you to the committee for their warmth and hospitality and to my two stewards Rachel and Lesley who kept the ring running like clockwork. Biggest thanks to the exhibitors for entering their dogs for me to judge; I was delighted to have such a super entry.

I was hoping to find dogs displaying quality, type, moderation and soundness. A correct size dog with a curvy outline both standing and moving. Balance being so important. A whippet is an athletic breed and therefore condition did play a part in my decisions. I was disappointed in the number of dogs that had very little muscle tone and I felt this was reflected in their movement. There were also a number of dirty exhibits; both their coat and teeth. These are things that are not hard to put right through correct exercise and a quick bath and brush. 

However, I was so pleased when I looked round the ring in the challenge as I felt I had found many that fulfilled my wish list at the start of the day. 

MPD (13)

A very mixed class to start with. A number of dogs that appealed when stacked just would not cooperate with their handler and I was unable to assess their movement. 

1. Lindley’s Jazzellie Lover Boy. This 7 month old brindle appealed for his size and shape. Very well constructed front, good depth and fill for age. Smooth and well laid shoulders. He has a really good topline already. A little more rear angulation than is my ideal but I hope this will strengthen with maturity and exercise. His movement was really super. Sound up and back and he moved with real purpose; keeping his topline at all times. 

2. Manners’ Penbriar Jet Setter. Black dog of completely different type. On first look round the ring I thought he would be my winner but he was a little looser coming towards me today. However he is so well made; smooth, elegant and moderate. The most beautiful of heads, neat feet, springy Pasterns and just enough substance for his size. He moved really well in profile. A quality puppy. 

3. Morris & Waddell’s Crosscop Let’s Do It Again


1. Price’s Railfield Rainomen For Silkdance. This 9 month old red fawn dog was just what I was hoping to find. His outline is for me; pretty much perfect. Spot on for size. Beautifully made front, correct bladed bone, the absolutely best of shoulders which flowed seamlessly into a curvy topline. He has a corresponding underline, which lacks in so many males. Moderately angulated rear quarters which were very well muscled. His super construction was reflected in his effortless profile movement; spot on going away but could be a little neater in front. I hope he continues to show with such a happy disposition. He was a real star. Best Puppy Dog.

2. Steel’s Tigisle Time After Time. Fawn and white parti who was unplaced in the previous class. A very sound dog of correct size. He stood on lovely feet, good spring of Pastern. Curvaceous in outline. A little short in upper arm which meant he was slightly restricted in reach. However he was incredibly true on the up and back which won him his place in this class. 

3. Harding & Samber’s Mithrandir Man Of The World

JD (12,2a)

This was one of the strongest classes of the day. I was fortunate to have a number of dogs that displayed many of the virtues I was looking for. Some bright prospects.

1. Perkins’ Snowleana Errol Flynn of Silkridge. Silver fawn dog; he is very masculine but in no way coarse. Very balanced and well proportioned with matching front and rear angulation. Well laid shoulders, good body proportions and a curvy top and underline creating the S shape synonymous with the breed. His excellent conformation and muscle tone made for one of the best movers or the day. Moving with purpose and drive and foot perfect coming and going. One who will soon be challenging for top honours. 

2. Courtney’s Collooney Playing Away at Courtbirch This dog was lovely to go over; sharing so many of the same attributes of 1. Elegant, shapely and full of quality. He has a beautiful head, and was so well constructed throughout. Just not quite the strength behind of 1 on the move. But a dog I liked a lot. 

3. Winstone’s Lolani Moonshine over Monelli 

YD (4,3a)

1. Miluk’s Westwood Prince Liam. Fawn dog who stood alone. A little more of him throughout than I prefer and rather strong in head. He did have many good qualities; being very smooth under the hand. He has well laid shoulders, correct gentle rise over the loin and strong moderately angulated hindquarters. He was presented in excellent order and moved well in all directions. 


1. Steel’s Tigisle Time After Time. Placed second in puppy.

2. Bellamy’s Mithrandir Albatross. A very raw red brindle parti of 9 months. He is of the correct size and has a very handsome head. His outline was unmistakably whippet; with a curvy topline and good tuck up. Needs time to drop into his frame. 

Graduate (6,2a)

1. Price’s Railfield Rainomen for Silkdance. Placed first in puppy.

2. Winstone’s Lolani Moonshine over Monelli. Placed third in the strong junior class. This fawn and white Parti dog is full of quality. He has a gorgeous curvaceous outline, adequate depth, front fill and return of upper arm. Balanced, moderate angulation. He really impressed on the move being foot perfect on the up and back and with the desired reach and drive in profile. I would prefer a more masculine head. 

3. Perkins’ Jasarat Jetsetter at Zeglynn ShCM

PGD (3)

1. Andrew’s Railfield Rainoir at Sharmus JW. This fawn dog is beautiful to go over. He exudes quality and breed type. You would be hard pushed to find a better constructed front. Ideal front angulation; with the best shoulders of the day; smooth and with good lay back. Good depth and fill without being over done. He is very masculine but has correct bladed bone, stands on good feet with the desired spring of pastern. His rear quarters were well muscled and moderately angulated, strong low hocks. This was all topped off with a coat like silk. He moved very soundly up and back and with a light, easy profile gait. My only criticism would be that he was carrying too much weight. Had he not been, he would have been considered for top honours. 

2. Ford’s Danluke Lord Sugar RL1 Ex Intro Ex. Red fawn dog; smaller than 1. Beautiful head and expression. I would prefer more depth of chest and a better upper arm. However, he has good shoulders, a super curvy outline and was presented in tip top condition. Moved out well in profile. 

3. Bristow’s Glasrhedyn Bo Rhapsody 

MLD (9) Another good class with depth of quality. 

1. Price’s Wheelspin Silver Shadow among Silkdance. Standing this dog is very hard to fault. He is such a classic whippet; elegant, curvy and is so balanced and moderate in all respects. Very much what I had hoped to find at the start of the day. He is presented in beautiful condition; both his coat and muscle tone are perfect. Balanced angulation front and rear, graceful but strong neck into well laid shoulders. His topline when he relaxes is gently arched. However he does have a tendency to tense and spoil his outline at times. He moves very well up and back and although a good profile mover with correct foot fall; he flagged as the day went on and sadly in the challenge lacked all his earlier verve and sparkle. This dog has all the qualities to get to the very top; just needs the performance to match in our competitive breed. 

2. Howgate & Hull’s Palmik King of Clubs JW. Brindle and white dog who needs to be handled to be appreciated. Very different in type than 1 but still a quality and moderate dog. He is another of correct size, balanced and moderate. Straight front, good fill and depth of chest. Smooth well laid shoulders. Would prefer just a little more rise over the loin to give a more curvy shape. Well angulated rear quarters and so well conditioned. He really comes into his own on the move; an effortless profile mover and sound up and back; giving his all to his handler. 

3. Wayman’s Creme Anglaise’s One More Knight at Scarletfair (IMP NLD)

LD (14) The best class of the day. Performance and showmanship being a deciding factor when there were so many dogs of similar quality. 

1. Hawker’s Mollytop Dream Maker JW. I have never seen this dog look or move better. He positively shone today. The most handsome head, elegant neck into super smooth, well laid shoulders. He has the desired depth and front fill. He is undeniably male but is without a hint of coarseness. Quality from his head to his tail. A gentle rise over his loin and a curvy underline. Moderately angulated rear quarters, which were well muscled. Long tail carried perfectly on the move. He is of a lovely size and with just the right amount of substance. Today it was his movement that won him the class; moving with reach and drive; he’s not a flashy mover but oh so correct. I was pleased when I saw he was also true coming and going. Presented in first class order and handled to get the very best out of him. My RCC winner. 

2. Richards’ Richclass Run For Cover. Very similar in many ways to 1; just slightly more of him. Moderate, balanced and stylish young fawn and white dog. Excellent front assembly, correct, moderate rear angulation. Smooth under the hand and presented in excellent condition. Another who was very sound from all angles. Unlucky to meet 1 today in such sparkling form. 

3. Ellis’ Railfield Lone Rainger JW

OD (10,2a) Some lovely dogs; very varied in type. 

1. Hawker’s Ch Jothryn Future Legend with Mollytop JW. This young fawn dog has type, elegance and quality in abundance. Absolutely spot on for size; but with the substance to ensure that he is still masculine. The most handsome of heads, good ears and strong under jaw. Very well constructed front; good shoulders and correct depth and fill in front. He has a beautiful curvaceous outline, with the correct proportions making for a very balanced dog. His rear angulation is moderate, hocks low to the ground. The most gorgeous coat and skin, perfectly conditioned. He moves as good as he looks when stacked - moving with an effortless, fluid gait around the ring and with accuracy on the up and back. A picture of balance and moderation; free from exaggeration as the standard calls for. He really demanded my attention and has the added bonus of being a super showman. Delighted to award him the CC and to see him go BIS on the referees decision. 

2. Tope’s Ch Falconcrag Class Act for Dewerstone JW ShCM. Aptly named fawn. Another quality, balanced and sound dog. A pleasure to go over; masculine and elegant with a real dash of style. Good shoulders, depth of chest and well sprung ribs. He has a well defined rise over the loin. Correct hind angulation, strong, broad second thigh and hocks low to the ground. Not always settled when moving today but he is very sound and I liked him very much. 

3. Poole & Winkley-Balmer’s Ch Edenwhip Quantum of Solace JW 

VD (9,1a)

1. Hill’s Kierpark Livin on a Prayer ShCM. 8 year old Fawn and white. Balanced and moderate throughout. Handsome head, good depth of chest and still has a good underline. Would prefer a slightly more defined rise over the loin but I think this would be improved if he was carrying a little less weight. Won the class on his accurate movement; driving strongly from the rear and with freedom and reach in front. Parallel coming and going. 

2. Russell’s Glantam Shooting Star. Quality, moderate 8 year old fawn dog. He has a beautiful outline; a series of gentle curves, well made front, good substance and ideal size. He is not always inclined to show himself off to his advantage, nevertheless I could see that he is very sound and moves with adequate reach and drive. 

3. Wayman‘a Cobyco Chasing Stars at Scarletfair JW

Rachel Smith