• Show Date: 17/01/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Rachel Barney Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Ibizan Hound

PGD (1) 1 Steele’s Threadgold Apollo, quite a heavy boned lad, not entirely happy in the hall & not always using his ears to advantage. Feet rather flat at the moment, straight front, plenty of ribbing & short loin moderate angulation to the rear. Not moving out to show himself off. BD felt I was unable to award the CC to him today.

JB (3) 1 Taylor’s Abbotsoak Carousel, liked her head & she used her ears well, long lean neck into a well placed front, nice topline & slight slope to croup, good legs & feet, moved out well. Moderate angulation to rear.

2 Brian’s Abbotswood Sky Of Flames At Debbiejay, head ok, not always using her ears, straight front, good tuck up, moderate rear, not quite as positive moving towards you.

3 Blackburn & Blackburn’s Britain’s La Princess

LB (3) 1 Hamilton & Rainsbury’s Kalo Skilo’s Rose De Ommortal Juno With Harrisclub, head & ears ok, long lean neck, well made front good legs & feet, depth oh chest ok, topline could have been better, moved ok, but took a little while to settle.

OB (3) 1 Steele’s Ch Falconcrag Queen Nefertiti At Threadgold Sh.CM, liked her overall type, good head & used her ears well, well laid shoulders, good body & rear, what won it for her was her animation on the move. CC & BOB.

2 Hall’s Ir Ch Gib Ch Afilador Pandemonium Sh.CM Cw, nice girl, good neck & front ok, well made rear, did not want to use her ears, & not happy on the move today.

VB (1) 1 Taylor’s Falconcrag Valenta, Nice girl with good head & ears, well made front, & rear, well ribbed back long lean neck, moved out well. RCC.