• Show Date: 02/11/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Racheal Bailey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Working & Pastoral Breeds Association Of Scotland

Breed: Canadian Eskimo Dog

Canadian Eskimo Dogs

Working and Pastoral Breeds of Scotland 

2nd November 2019

I was very excited to be given an opportunity to judge my breed at a Championship show. Out of a possible 23 dogs residing in the UK that i could potentially judge, of only 3 living in Scotland I was thrilled to have an entry of 6. Sadly 1 absentee due to a season but 5 dogs, all who were well presented, showed excellent temperament and keen handlers to boot. Well done to all the exhibitors. All dogs were moved in our large ring to their advantage and ran off in pairs which showed movement really well. Thanks to the society for a thoughtful larger ring.

Junior Dog 1 ent 0 abs

1st Qimugta Winston At Chillipaws a striking 13 month old young male, white body with classic red head. Lovely, warm expression with a cheeky glint in his correctly set and shaped eyes. Such a nice head, well furred ears, set nicely, strong neck leading to withers covered in that cape of fur which had the harsh consistency followed all over the body. Front angulation was correct with moderate angles as required. Still developing in chest and lacking full spring of rib. However, his good length of loin along with a well constructed rear showing such good reach and drive and flowing side gait gave me an easy choice awarding him Best Dog and Best Of Breed.

Open Dog 2 ent 0 abs

1st PL CH, NL CH Arcticice Qimmiq Tlun At Chillipaws a very flashy 3 year old black and white male. Sire of the BD/BOB. 

This dog has a beautiful head with ears and eyes correctly set and such a loving expression. Harsh coat which has the cape and mane of longer coarse guard hair over withers. Excellent front construction, good chest and rib but lacking in length of loin giving him a squarer appearance. Rear construction and angulation is good but lacks the reach and drive due to body length. RBD to his son whom he has certainly given many of his merits to.

2nd Asiaq Akycha * 2 year old white and grey male. A little nervous in the ring but not unfriendly after he settled. Warm expression with a lovely shape to eyes. Good chest and front angulation carrying a correct harsh coat. He was carrying a little more weight than I would've liked but he had a good length of body and loin. Sadly his rear angulation is not his forte hence his placing today.

Junior Bitch 2 ent 0 abs

1st Qimugta Harpist 13 month old black and white bitch. Feminine and pretty head with correct, cheeky dark eyes. Naked but coat coming back in was of correct harsh consistency. Her front and rear angulation combined with good length of body she is almost perfect with clear reach and drive, she flows and is so straight on the move. Interestingly she lacked body condition, maybe due to moult but had ample rear muscle. Easy choice for BB and BOS. Litter sibling of the BOB.

2nd Harpan Charlotte Bay 17 month old flashy white and grey bitch. Heavier and more compact bitch than 1. Lovely expression and excellent harsh coat. Her front angulation and chest is wonderful, although good spring to rib slightly shorter in loin hence the more compact shape. Good feet, she showed me them herself handing me a friendly paw. The rear let her down. More over angulated and narrower than 1 so her movement is excellent in front but lacking in rear drive. RBB.

Racheal Bailey Akna