• Date: 14/12/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judge: R J (Fred) Ellingford Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: Weimaraner

Dogs MP (6, 1) 1st Kerr’s Kalimor Hudson 7 mths with noble head and expression, good lay of shoulder and definite forechest, well sprung ribs reaching well back, well turned stifle and solid second thigh, balanced throughout just needs to settle. 2nd Burgess’ Gunalt Vettel to Hantzburg, just sneaked in the age limit, upstanding dog, pleasing expression and good ear, clean neck, deep chest, good stifle moved well. 3rd Feilding’s Gunalt Speaksman. P (4, 0) 1st Kerr’s K Hudson, 2nd Burgess’ G Vettel to H 3rd Levitt-Smillie’s Silberliss Secret Squirrel J (2,0) 1st Rayner & Maskell’s Kalimor Accolade to Raystans JW 14 mth boy balanced skull with good muzzle and flew, pleasant expression, slight median line and occiput which were sadly missing in many exhibits, clean strong neck into well laid shoulders, deep chest ribbed well back, muscular hindquarters, easy flowing action RCC. 2nd Weir & Bishop’s Kalimor Boy Scout litter brother to 1st pleasant expression, good ear and set, clean neck, good length of back, strong loin, balanced throughout. Y (1,1) absent PG (6,2) 1st Snaith’s Skilaki Move On Up to Bifonda JW correct balanced head, ear and eye, strong neck, deep chest, pleasing length of back and rib, balanced angles front and rear, easy ground covering action, pressed hard for RCC, 2nd McMahon’s Silverkelvin Jupiter pleasing expression, deep brisket, moderate angles front and rear, handler and dog just need to work together. 3rd Burgess’ Greyspirit Rockstar From Hantzburg JW L (3,0) 1st Phillips’ Rivertone Rudolph noble muzzle, good ear set, clean neck, deep chest, moderate tuck and stifle, clean action 2nd Mutlow’s Braefell Goshawk JW paler d with pleasing expression, good fold to ear, deep chest, level topline, tight feet, clean action, 3rd Henderson’s Silverkelvin Meteorite at Nikostratus O (6,0) tight class between some quality dogs, just preferred overall profile of  1st Snath’s Skilaki Super Fly To Bifonda JW, pleasant expression, correct muzzle, flew, moderate stop, median line, occiput, ear length and fold, strong neck into well laid shoulders, strong pasterns, good forechest, brisket to elbow, well sprung ribs reaching well back, solid topline, muscular hindquarters, hocks well let down, ground covering movement came into his own in the challenge to win CC. 2nd Rayner and Maskell’s Sh Ch Gunalt Academy of Raystans JW ShCM good head, neck and shoulder, good length, deep chest, solid topline, well muscled, balanced throughout, easy action, not quite so settled in challenge having to give way for his younger kennel mate. 3rd Ruddy’s Sh Ch Netherhill’s Got Talent JW V (4,0) 1st Maclaine and Dickson’s Sh Ch/ Ir Ch Greyspirit Royal Scot at Trilite ShCM  Ir J Ch CJW 10 my notes say “Still got it”10 yr old with pleasant expression, good ear fold, deep strong chest, strong pasterns, moderate tuck, well muscled throughout with easy action. 2nd Mutlow’s Risinglark Hawk Wing  JW ShCM paler d with noble flew, clean neck, good deep chest, level topline, good stifle and well let down hock 3rd Burgess’ Gunalt Rock Out with Hantzburg ShCM RL1 P Beg.Ex GCD (2,0) 1st S Jupiter, 2nd B Goshawk JW  Bitches MP (8,0) 1st Kelly’s Kalimor Amazing Grace at Vansant,  7 mth loved head, expression and ear fold, chest to brisket, solid topline, well ribbed, balanced angulation, ground covering action 2nd Morris’ Kalimor Gem litter sister to 1st and to winner of MPD, breeder must be so proud, pretty b with typical breed points, well laid shoulder, good angles front and rear,  ribbed well back, in super condition, easy action 3rd Powell’s Sonnenschein Odette to Madreliath P (7,0) 1st Phillips Rivertone Head Above Water caught my eye on entering the ring loved length and profile, good angles front and rear, used to advantage on the move, good ear set and fold, clean neck, strong pasterns, tight feet, level topline, clean easy action BP 2nd Finch’s Siberliss Solitaire pleasing expression, deep chest, good length of back, moderate stifle, easy action when not giving handler a hard time, 3rd K Gem J (5,0) 1st Hostler’s Kalimor Daisy another quality b from this kennel, pleasing head, clean strong neck, well laid shoulder, good length, dep chest well ribbed back, well turned stifle, good bone, reach and drive, 2nd Burgess’ Kalimor Olive for Nemrac similar comments apply for another from this kennel, pleasing profile, pretty expression, balanced throughout with solid easy action. 3rd  Murray’s Rachmor Silver Tassie Y (4,1) 1st Batty’s Almoor  Macey Gray JW paler b with good flew, balanced skull, clean neck, deep chest, good ribbing, balanced front and rear used to advantage on the move, 2nd K Daisy 3rd Cain’s Schonhund Show Tallulah PG (10,2) 1st Sayer and Wallwork’s Braefell Firecrest JW alert expression, slight roman nose, good flew, balanced skull, with moderate stop , median line and occiput, good ear length and fold, strong neck into well laid shoulder, definite forechest, good forearm and pastern, deep chest ribbed well back, well muscled hindquarters with well turned stifle and well let down hocks all used in ground covering action CC & BOB. 2nd Dobbs’ Oakswarren Ice Maiden pleasing profile, balanced skull, good forechest, level topline, strong stifle eased around the ring 3rd Davies and Brown’s Joneva Cocktails and Dreams at Wystry L (8,0) 1st Mountain’s Schonhund Showgrace to Githoneal pleasing expression, clean neck, deep chest ribbed well back, moderate stifle, tight feet, moved with drive 2nd Upton-Lovett and Upton’s Gunalt Lustrous with Roydack pleasing profile, roman nose, median line, balanced skull, good forechest, strong topline, well muscled, easy action 3rd Maclaine and Dickson’s Greyspirit Purdue CJW17 JW ShCM O (8,4) 1st Finch’s Multi Ch Silvestre Last Tango with Silberliss JW good length to height, alert expression, deep chest, balanced angles front and rear, solid topline held on the move driving around the ring 2nd Yewdall’s Gunalt Adorable From Ladwey ShCM pleasant expression with roman nose, balanced skull, well laid shoulder, balanced rear angulation, brisket to elbow, solid topline, easy action 3rd Robson’s Sh Ch Kalimor Armani at Robricci JW V(3,1) 1st Rayner’s Sh Ch Gunalt The Look at Raystans JW ShCM pleasing head with good breed points, correct ear length, set and fold, clean strong neck into well laid shoulder, good return of upper arm, strong forearm and pastern, deep chest, ribbed well back, strong loin, well turned stifle, reach and drive, showed a lot of youngsters how it should be done RCC & BV. 2nd Filby and Brown’s Desjiem Blueberry Pie JW likes her pies too, calm expression, good forechest, deep chest, solid topline, good stifle and hock, balanced easy action, GCB (4,0) 1st O Ice Maiden 2nd S Showgrace to G 3rd Dennis’ Silverweis Sparkler

Judge Fred Ellingford