• Show Date: 24/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: R J (Fred) Ellingford Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit)

I am very honoured at the support I received for my first time awarding Challenge Certificates in this breed, although I was pleased with my winners, I am very concerned about the tendency to steep shoulders, and the lack of forechest and sternum, all of which is taking away from the free front action of this lovely breed. In some classes the variation in type and inability to find exactly what I was looking for, led to me having to choose winners on basic construction.

Minor Puppy Dog (1 entry, 0 absent) 1st & BPIB McCartney’s Soletrader Freddie Mercury, 7 mth s/w black nose and dark pigmentation, slight domed skull, with good ear set, clean neck into well laid shoulder, rib down to elbow, solid topline and ample hind angulation allowing him to cover ground with easy action. Puppy Dog No Entries, Junior Dog (3,0) A class of 3 youngsters, all with different attributes, I just preferred the profile and balance of 1st Lewis’ Tangaer Erique, 16 mth s/w with pleasing expression, dark nose, strong neck, deep chest, good ribbing well back, moderate bend of stifle, very playful, but balanced movement. 2nd Freer’s Switherland Aldia Casanova, w/s longer cast boy,  intelligent expression, good reach of neck and prominent sternum, balanced angulation front and rear, contributing to a free action. 3rd Bartley’s Erylan Zeus Roi Des Dieux Post Graduate Dog (3,0) 1st Skerritt & Betts’ Beaujons Vagabond Of Monkhams, light s/w, compact hound, correct skull and muzzle, strong neck into well laid shoulder, good chest, level topline, steady easy action. 2nd McEwan’s Marunnel Orinoco, g/w good square muzzle, ears set level with eye, clean neck, deep chest, solid topline, good rear angles, moved well, 3rd Moulding’s Nykarth Serious Limit Dog (3,0) 1st Dalgarno’s Vencharno Mojito, g/w pleasing expression, good dark nose, eye and pigment, good skull shape, clean neck, well laid shoulder, good depth of chest, ribbed well back, solid topline, strong second thigh, covered the ground. 2nd Bartley’s Erylan Loki Maitre Du Mal, heavier dog with slight crook, deep chest, well ribbed, solid topline, good rear used to advantage on the move 3rd Hunt’s Soletrader Buzz Aldrin At Bondlea Open (7,1) 1st CC BOB and Group 3 Robertson & Doherty’s Ch Soletrader Magic Mike, happy hound with melting expression, dark nose and eye’s that draw you in. slightly domed skull, ears set just below line of eye, clean strong neck into well laid shoulder, good forechest and sternum, strong pasterns, chest to elbow with ribs well back, solid level topline, sabre tail carried gaily, well angulated front and rear giving easy true ground covering action. 2nd RCC Eaton’s Linphil Kili, very typical breed head and expression, clean profile, deep chest, good tight elbow, solid topline, good tail set and carriage, harsh jacket, balanced angulation front and rear, giving straight driving action. 3rd Brown’s Soletrader Valentino Rossi. Veteran Dog (1,0) 1st BV Brown’s Ch Soletrader Louis Vuitton, 9 yr s/w, pleasant expression, clean neck into well laid shoulder, solid topline, good angles front and rear, has nothing to prove and is entitled to enjoy his dinners. Special Beginners Dog or Bitch (1,0) 1st BSpB. Crowe’s Caldewriver Madame Hattie 2 yr old o/w bitch, pleasing intelligent expression, clean neck into well laid shoulder, rounded ribs, going well back, solid topline, good turn of stifle, well let down hocks, solid action  Minor Puppy Bitch (2,0) 1st Greenslade & Tunold-Hanssen’s Soletrader Patsy Kline, 7 mth baby with pleasing expression, good head carriage, well laid shoulder, good depth of chest, balanced angles front and rear, giving easy action 2nd Bishop’s Jamar Ina The Countessa, 6 mth pretty baby, good shoulder, deep chest, well ribbed, good rear angulation, bit loose on the move. Puppy Bitch (3,0) 1st Skerritt and Betts’ Monkhams Memphis Belle, 10 mth small compact bitch with cheeky expression, good skull, strong neck, good sternum, chest to elbow, would prefer slightly more hind angulation, steady action. 2nd Scott’s Soletrader Langham Rose for Overbecks very playful 11 mth puppy, good balanced angles front and rear, good depth of chest, level topline, balanced easy action when settled. 3rd Watson & Kenna’s Cynetkoy Pick Pocket. Junior Bitch (3,0) 1st Whiting’s Tangaer Enigma at Glanbeuno, pretty girl with good ear and eye, deep chest, level topline, short tail, harsh jacket, moderate stifle, moved best to take class. 2nd Dalgarno’s Legoland Amazing Grace (Imp) slightly longer cast b, with dark nose and pigment, good sternum, ribbed well back, good stifle, needs to settle to the job 3rd Moulding’s Nykarth Perfect Moment Novice Bitch (2,0) 1st McEwan’s Marunnel Madame Cholet grizzle white with dark pigmentation, alert expression, clean neck, balanced front and rear with level topline, short tail, good stifle, moved with ease 2nd N Perfect Moment, s/w dark eye and nose, strong neck, deep chest, level topline, good short tail, needs more confidence. Post Graduate Bitch (5,0) 1st Reid’s Fox’s Nightmare Zeta Jones at Maudaxi (imp) dark s/w with dark pigment, square muzzle of good length, slight domed skull, clean neck, prominent sternum, chest to elbow, level topline, strong loin, good length tail, free action 2nd Cross, Powney & Long’s Knotdogs I Aintent Dead s/w good skull, pleasing expression, well laid shoulder, deep chest, solid topline, good tail and head carriage, covered ground 3rd Crowe’s Caldewriver Madame Hattie Limit Bitch (5,0) 1st & RCC Skerritt & Betts’ Monkhams Luna Luvgood o/w with alert intelligent expression, correct skull and muzzle proportions, ears set just below eye line, strong long neck carrying head proudly, well laid shoulder, good forechest, deep chest with ribs well back, solid level topline, good stifle, strong second thigh, covered ground with ease 2nd Reid’s Fox’s Nightmare Jessica Biel At Maudaxi Jww18 (imp) dark s/w with black nose, appealing expression, good depth of chest, good ribs, solid topline, well let down hock used to drive on the move 3rd Scott’s Overbecks Kathy Tiere Open Bitch (2,0) 1st & CC Blake & Reid’s Ch Vilauddens Midsummer Madness (imp) similar outline to my RCC winner, both of whom had plenty of front reach and rear drive, alert expression, black wide nose, slightly domed skull, supple leathers, clean strong neck, into well laid shoulder, plenty of forechest, rounded rib going well back, good angulation front and rear, solid level topline, strong loin, harsh jacket, well presented, covered the ground with ease. 2nd Blake’s Orleans V tum Tums Vriendjes at Trezeguet (imp) slightly longer on leg, b/w with good dark eyes and pigment, long neck into well laid shoulder, deep chest ribbed well back, solid topline, balanced angles front and rear, good length tail, harsh jacket, easy action. Veteran Bitch (1,0) 1st Walder’s Rangali Looby Loo, b/w cheeky 7 ½ yr old, pretty appealing expression, clean neck, good chest and topline. Moderate stifle, enjoying her day out.