• Show Date: 06/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Philip Thomas Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Bullmastiff

Three Counties Championship Show 



I would like to thank my two stewards for making my judging appointment go so smoothly, I was the third breed in the ring these two stewards provided unselfish devotion to their task, I thank them both. I had a good entry of 49 dogs with very few absent. Temperament’s in every dog was excellent but on the down side mouths were very poor in a large number of dogs which cost them higher placings. 


Class787 Puppy Dog 

1st   P. Myers & D. Morgans Optimus Danzy Jones, Large fawn puppy In real hard condition for one so young, excellent pigmentation, forequarters were straight with well muscled shoulders, good spring of ribs, strong hard muscled rear quarters giving an excellent outline both head on and in profile. Movement was very good. 

2nd    W.& A Warren’s Angels Phoenix Dylan Dog of Copperfield Red puppy well up on size, good pigmentation nice tight lips strong in neck and well muscled throughout. Moved out well with its handler. I am sure this dog will get better with maturity. 

Class 788 Junior Dog 

1st  Miss F Terry & L McGroarty’s Ardhub Otta the Black, Although it stood alone a big red heavy boned dog that was light on its feet, slightly over wrinkled in the head but non the less  of good proportions, hard bodied with a good spring of ribs, correct angulation. 

Class 789 Post Grad Dog 

1st  Mr C & J Roberts Joybull Drumshanbo, Very large Brindle with heavy bone throughout, 

Nice length of neck onto well muscled shoulders, good spring of ribs not too long in back, well muscled thighs with good second thigh, correct angulation moved with drive, nice specimen.    

2nd  Mr G Slater’s EndlessacresMorning Glory at Chalfs NAF TAF, Fawn dog of smaller stature than one but a very good specimen, shown in hard condition with good angulation presented a very good outline unfortunately would not settle for his owner on the day so movement could not realistically be assessed. 

Class 790 Limit Dog 

1st  Miss A Colliass T-lusitanas Bruno Da Cassa Da Pedra Bela of Oldwell TAF (Imp) Large fawn, looked very imposing when stacked, great head with good pigmentation strong neck onto broad powerful shoulders but not overdone. Deep chest with good spring of rib finished off with powerful rear quarters. Movement was good with plenty of drive RES CC 

2nd  Mr P Myers & Ms D Morgans Optimus JackDaniels (ai) Another good sized fawn dog with good pigmentation, stood on strong well muscled legs with good angulation, deep brisket looking strong all round. Movement was very good well handled. 

Class 791 Open Dog 

1st  Ms F Pavesi’s  Multi CH. Angels Phoenix Heart Attack (ATC AV00903ITA) Beautiful red dog, good mouth, head with correct proportions and good pigmentation, good reach of neck onto well angled muscular shoulders, tight strong feet. Body strong, compact with good spring of rib. Rear quarters well muscled with good angulation. As expected with such conformation this dog moved with grace and power. Dog CC BOB and working group 3.  A dog I would love to own. 

2nd   Miss L McGroarty’s Nashbank Magnificent Ardhub, Red dog, another very nice specimen, good broad skull broad muscular chest in hard condition, Well ribbed up with deep brisket, strong rear quarters moved well, would have preferred a clearer coat. 

Class 792 Veteran Dog 

No entry 

Class 793 Puppy Bitch 

1st   Mrs L Old’s Nashbanks Secret Weapon, very nice red puppy showing lots of promise well put together stood square and moved out in style I liked this puppy at this stage in her development. 

2nd  Miss L McGroarty’s Cane Guardiano Vision on my mind Ardhub another very promising puppy of good proportions well bodied moved out well. Should mature into a nice adult. 

Class 794 Junior Bitch 

1st  Miss L McGroarty’s Ardhub Amilea red bitch well up on size good square head but would have preferred a better mouth, strong in body well muscled and moved ok. 

2nd  Miss M Lynes & Miss L McGroarty’s Ardhubs Tittle Tattle at Melinllynnon good sized brindle with good expressive head but once again would have preferred a better mouth. Sound in body and movement. 

Class 795 Post Grad Bitch 


Class 796 Limit Bitch 

1st  Mrs J & Mr D Stockman’s Joybull Joanie at Trebrad. Eye catching light brindle, this bitch had the best profile of the day and with more body, which should come with maturity, will I am sure attain her top honors. Lovely clear good pigmented head with loads of expression, well arched neck fitting onto well muscled but not loaded shoulders, good spring of ribs with well muscled rear quarters, good angulation and one of the best movers of the day. 

2nd  Miss F Terry & Miss L McGroarty’s Ardhub Black Azz Black Dark brindle larger built than one, nice head type with broad skull, strong and muscled both front and rear, movement was good but not as good as one. 

Class 797 Open Bitch 

1st   Mr P Myers & Miss D Morgan’s Ch It Ch Optimus Rhondda JW I have always liked this beautiful fawn bitch, She reminds me of some of the much older champions of the past. Large square head with excellent pigmentation beautiful clear coat throughout. Stands perfectly square when viewed from any angle, good rear angulation and moved really well. 

I had no problem awarding her Bitch CC. 

2nd  Mr C & Mrs J Roberts The Nightshifts Style Icon at Joybull (IMP NLD) Good sized dark brindle, very pleasing outline to this bitch, large square head, good mouth, strong arched neck, powerful shoulders well angled, good spring of ribs with strong angled thighs. Moved well for her handler, RES Bitch CC.   With her dark brindled coat and fit muscular body – poachers beware! 

Class 798 Veteran Bitch 

No entries 


Mr P.Thomas (Ceetee)