• Show Date: 19/09/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Peter Bakewell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Driffield Championship Dog Show

Breed: Scottish Terrier


Championship Show 

Scottish Terrier 


Veteran Dog. No Entries.  

Minor Puppy Dog (1) 

1. Milburn-Gates, Evingbriar Wintergreen By Liroda, a playful showy pup, good head with dark eye, soundly made quarters, nice bone and substance, well made body, good hindquarters, moved well.  

Puppy Dog (1) 

1. Chapman, Berrybreeze Quintesential, a well-balanced nicely made pup, masculine, good head, good length of muzzle, dark eye, good keen alert expression, good ears, good bone, nicely made body, well set tail, good hindquarters. Moved well.  Best Puppy.  

Junior Dog (4-3a) 

1. Khenkina, Gemma Stonehenge Drambuie, wheaten pleasing in outline  and overall balance, good head, well placed ears, dark eye, nice neck and shoulders, nicely made body,  short back,  good hindquarters low set hocks, well set tail,  moved well.  

Yearling Dog. No Entries.  

Post Graduate Dog (1) 

1. Lidgett, Divadell Dr. Strangelove, very typical, dark eye, good ears, nice bone, deep chest, well bodied, strong angulated hindquarters, low set hocks. A steady mover.  

Limit Dog (4) 

1. Chapman & Bradley,  Brueik’s Super Hero By Berrybreeze, a well-balanced dog of good type with good outline, good head, neck and forequarters, good chest, ribs and body, good topline, muscular, good angulated hindquarters, well set tail, moved well. 

2. Kelly, Carseview Mr. Goodfella, Brindle with good outline and overall balance, good head and ears, nice neck and forequarters, well bodied, good topline, good hindquarters, moved well. 

3. Wilcock & Hebditch, Millingford King Of Hearts (imp), 

Open Dog (1) 

1. Mishima, Jap Ch. Saredon Black Label (imp), a soundly made dog pleasing in outline and well-balanced,  good head, dark eye, keen alert expression, good neck  and front, good quarters, deep chest, good ribs and body, muscular hindquarters, good tail set, low set hocks, well presented. Moved with drive and showed well. C. C. and Best of Breed.  

2. Kenny-Marriott, Marriott & Kirk-Gellatly, Millingford Hudson, good outline and overall balance, stronger in head, good neck shoulders, good bone and substance, level topline, strong loin, good hindquarters, well set tail. Moved well.  Res C. C.  

3. Rutherford, Carisco Follow Your Dreams.  

Special Beginner Dog (1). Absent.  

Good Citizen Dog. No Entries. 

Veteran Bitch. No Entries.  

Minor Puppy Bitch (1). Absent.  

Puppy Bitch (2-1a) 

1. Maidment, Berrybreeze Quintadacious, a well-balanced pup of good type, good head and ears, dark eye, keen expression,  good quarters, fore and aft, deep chest,  good ribs and body,  short back, good topline and tailset, low to ground. Moved well.  

Junior Bitch (2) 

1. Rutherford, Carisco Careless, Wispa, good head, dark eye, good ears, good ribs and body,   muscular, good hindquarters, low set hocks, moved well.  

2. Kirk-Gellatly, Carisco Miss Velocity, a well-balanced bitch, good head and eye, good quarters, good topline, moved well. Pleasing in outline.  

Yearling Bitch (1) 

1. Kirk-Gellaty, Millingford Stargazer, Well-balanced and pleasing in outline, nice head, good neck, good bone and substance, deep chest good ribs, and body, level topline, well set tail, good hindquarters.  

Post Graduate Bitch (4) 

1. Maidment, Quaint Sabayon (Fin Imp), a nicely made bitch, feminine, good head and expression,  good ribs and body, good hindquarters,  good outline and overall balance, moved well.  

2. Kelly, Carseview Storm In A Teacup, feminine, good head and ears, dark eye, well bodied, good topline and tail set, good hindquarters, moved well. 

3. Lockwood, Blackberry Pepperberry (imp Pol).  

Limit Bitch. No Entries.  

Open Bitch (6-1a) 

1. Bradley & Herd, Bruiek’s Olivia Rose, lovely feminine head, good neck and shoulders, well boned, soundly made quarters, good ribs and body, good topline and tailset. Good outline and overall balance.  Moved well C. C.  

2. Khenkina, Gemma Stonehenge Banda Dorada, good type, soundly made, good balanced head, good neck and shoulders, nice bone and substance, well-made body, good hindquarters, moved well. Res C. C. 

3. Rutherford, Carisco Cendal Creme.  

Special Beginner Bitch (1) 

1. Lockwood, Blackberry Pepperberry (imp Pol), a type bitch, feminine head, nice bone and substance, well made body, good quarters.   

Good Citizen Dog Bitch. No Entries 

Judge: Peter E. Bakewell