• Show Date: 16/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Peter Bakewell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Welsh Kennel Club

Breed: Bedlington Terrier


Championship Show 

Bedlington Terrier 


Veteran Dog (1) 

1. Davies (the late), Ch. Honeymist Sunny Delight, 8 year old in lovely condition, nice size, outline and overall balance, good head, neck and shoulders good quarters fore and aft moved well. 

Puppy Dog (1) 

1. Cummings, Rocabec Riding Shotgun, a lovely well-balanced, soundly made dog, nice size with good outline. Lovely head, dark eye, good ears, good neck, well laid shoulders  forequarters, deep chest, good ribs, nice arch over loin, good hindquarters moved very well.  Best Puppy and Puppy Group winner.  

Junior Dog (2-1a) 

1. Baldwin, Woolytop The Piper’s Son, nice size and soundly made, good head, eye and ears, nice neck, good forequarters, good ribs, nice hindquarters, pleasing in outline. 

Post Graduate Dog (1) 

1. Gilles, Rhicullan Rennie Mac, larger cast dog but nicely made, nice head, eye and ears, deep chest, well set tail, a steady true mover 

Limit Dog (3-1a) 

1. Davies (the late) , Velvety Eye Of The Storm At Honeymist, nice masculine head, balanced with dark eye, good neck, well laid shoulders, deep chest, nice arch over the loin, moved well.  

2. McCourt, Bisbee Super Trooper, very typical, dark eye, deep chest, nice body, nice hindquarters, a steady mover.  

Open Dog (7-1a) 

1. Middlebrook, Tcheria Tcharleston, good size, well balanced, masculine good head, ears and eye, nice length of neck, well laid shoulders, good ribs, good hindquarters, moved well. C. C.  

2. McManus, L’end Show Mystery Universe (imp Rus) JW Sh.CM, nice size, good head and eye,  nice neck, good shoulders and forequarters, deep chest and nicely made body, good hindquarters, moved well. Res. C. C.  

3. Mayer, Ch. Tcheria Causing Trouble  

Veteran Bitch (1) 

1. Bannister, Mightymidgets Hawkers Cove Sh.CM, 11 year old in lovely condition and soundly made, good head, shoulders and quarters fore and aft nicely made body. Moved very well.  Best Veteran.  

Puppy Bitch (3-1a) 

1. McManus, Travellerway Brianna, a well-balanced pup pleasing in outline, feminine head, good eye, good ears low set on, good neck, shoulders and forequarters, good ribs,  nice hindquarters, hocks well let down, moved well.  

2. Jones & Jones, Pengerrig Pure Heart, A nicely made bitch, feminine, Nice head, dark eye, nice neck and forequarters, good hindquarters, moved well. 

Junior Bitch (1) 

1. Pedersen, Turrich Summer Dream, good head with dark eye, and good ears, well placed shoulders and good forequarters, deep chest good ribs, and nice arch over loins, good hindquarters moved well. 

Post Graduate Bitch (3) 

1. Lacey, Bowlingbrook Makingwhoopi, pleasing in outline, feminine, good head and eye,  good ears, nice neck and shoulders, good ribs,  well made body, good hindquarters.   

2. Gillies, Rhicullan Patchwork, nicely made bitch, balanced with good outline, nice head, good quarters fore and aft, well-made body.  

3. Mcmanus, Travellerways Jessica.  

Limit Bitch (8-2a) 

1. Bannister, Miteymidgets Love In Bloom JW, nice size, feminine, nice head and eye, soundly made quarters fore and aft, pleasing in outline and overall balance. Moved well 

2. Baldwin, Woolytop Lavender Girl, nice size, pleasing in outline and overall balance, typey head, nice forequarters, deep chest, moved well.  

3. Hall, Fralex Culibra Amber.  

Open Bitch (8-2a)  

1. Davies, Ch. Honeymist Posh Dreamz, good size well-balanced with good outline and soundly made, feminine, good head, eye and ears, good neck soundly made quarters fore and aft, good ribs and body,  well presented and moves well. C. C and Best of Breed 

2. Cumming, Ch. Rocabec Gossip Girl, soundly made, good head eye and ears, good quarters, deep chest good ribs and body, good outline, moved well. Res. C. C. 

3. Bannister, Ch. Miteymidgets Going Global JW Sh.CM. 

Judge: Peter E. Bakewell