• Show Date: 09/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pete Bradshaw Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Schnauzer

This show has always been one of favourite shows so it was my great honour to accept this appointment to award CCs here for my first time. My thanks to the Committee for the invitation, to the Stewards who looked after me and of course to all the Exhibitors who took the time and expense in bringing their dogs for me to judge. I enjoyed my day immensely.  I think a few of the less experienced dogs suffered with the atmosphere and noise and didn’t show to their best today.  Afterwards I learned that two new Champions had been created (subject to KC approval) . My Dog and Bitch CC winners both picking up their 3rd CCs. Congratulations to them and their owners.

SBD. No Entries

MPD (1,0). 1 Miss D Mather’s Danelbeks Arthur Mo. 7 months old P/S. Almost square in profile, harsh coat, nice head with good proportion. Good teeth and eye. Good topline on move, good tail set. Typical happy puppy.

PD. No Entries

JD. (2,0). 1. Mrs H Lockyer’s Nichi Stradivarius At Miccosukees. Good robust 13 months old P/S. Excellent harsh coat, strong masculine head with good proportion and level plains. Dark mask. Nice neckline on to good shoulder position enough chest and correct square profile. Good angulation front and rear enabling good movement all round with good reach and powerful rear action. Reserve DCC. 2. Mrs S K Ladner’s Dalhambury Kazanjian Red. 12 months old P/S. Another strong male, not quite as square as 1 but in good proportion. Good expression, good teeth and dark eyes. A little erratic on the move today.

PGD. (1,1)

LD. (2,0) 1. Mrs J D Scholes’s Maidluns On The Bright Side. 3.5 year old P/S. A little longer than square in profile. Strong head, dark eyes. Good coat, moved better than 2 today. Level top line. OK rear angles. 2. Miss B Railton’s Odivane Master Class With Lefenix. P/S. Strong masculine head, good eyes. Reasonable bone. OK shoulder position. Unfortunately a tad erratic with his movement today.

OD. (4,0). A very close quality class. 1. Miss L Lewington’s Perry Mason Grand Calvera At Leebren. 26 month old robust black. Best profile in this class, square with good angulation. Fantastic strong well proportioned masculine head. Level head planes. Correct eyes and teeth. Strong neckline onto well placed shoulders. Enough fore chest and deep chest to elbows. Good substance throughout. Harsh coat. A little too much furnishings for me. Strong mover holding excellent topline with good reach and power from behind. Good tailset with ‘sabre’ tail held upright. Very happy to award him the DCC and Reserve Best of Breed. 2. Mrs H Lockyer’s Multi Ch Miccosukees Winning Hand. 2.5 year old P/S. A well constructed male longer in profile to 1. Head correct, excellent harsh coat, moved well all round with power from behind. Good typical schnauzer.

VD (1,0). 1. Miss D Mather’s Ch Danelbeks Cry O’Genics. 7.5 year old P/S. Robust and well boned. Strong head of good proportion. Moved freely with good reach and power.

SBB. No Entries

MPB. (3,0). 1. Mrs P Maiden’s Maidluns Amazing Grace. 7 month old P/S. This was my ‘wow’ moment when I saw this youngster bounce into the ring full of confidence. Good square profile, nice flowing neckline onto sloping topline, good angulation. Lovely feminine head with good dentition and eyes. Very happy and expressive.  Good lay of shoulder and front assembly.  Full of confidence on the move. Will watch her progression with interest. Pushed for Reserve CC award but very happy to give Best Puppy in Breed. 2. Miss D Mather’s Danelbeks A Kind of Magic. Same age and colour but slightly longer cast than 1. Again a very happy puppy with good substance, excellent head proportions and expression. Not as good as 1 on the move today.

PB. No Entries

JB (6,0) Very mixed in type. 1. Mrs J Watsons’s Miccosukees Guess Who at Jalero. P/S. As square as they come in profile with nice neckline and topline. Good angulation. Lovely harsh coat. Feminine head with correct eye and dentition. Expressive and well used ears. Correct shoulder and front angles. Moved freely with good reach and strength from behind. Good movement all round. Well angulated all round. Reserve BCC. 2. Mrs H Lockyer’s Miccosukees Sweet Melody. P/S. A lot to like. Good in profile, good substance, excellent harsh coat but not the confidence and movement of 1 today.

PGB (2,0) Two very different girls, both had issues with confidence and movement was difficult to assess today. 1. Mrs H Lockyer’s Drusilla of Cindy Land at Miccosukees. P/S. Slightly longer than square. Nice feminine head, pleasing neckline onto level topline on to good shoulder position. Angulation OK. Erratic movement today. 2. Mr and Mrs R & B Clark’s Ilashi Ticket To Ride. P/S. Smaller all round than 1 but in my opinion better in profile and conformation. Well proportioned head, good teeth and eyes, neckline and topline. Unfortunately not a happy girl today which affected her movement and confidence.

LB (3,1). A close class. 1. Miss B Railton’s Lefenix Future Majik. P/S. Excellent harsh coat with a darker colouring. Almost square, OK angles. Pleasing head, correct eyes and teeth. Enough chest and spring of rib. Moved well all round, carried tail well. 2. Mr R Atkinson’s Westbridge Henchatta. P/S. Another with a lot to like, good profile and plenty of bone. Nice head and eyes. Smaller than 1 but movement not as balanced as 1 today.

OB (4,0) Quality class. 1. Mr and Mrs S & A Fletcher’s Fivepits The Detonator. P/S. Lovely profile, square with elegant neckline and excellent balanced angulation. Harsh jacket, good shoulder position giving correct front angulation. Enough fore chest and depth of chest. Very feminine head of correct proportions. She moved effortlessly around the ring on a loose lead which showed off her lovely natural neckline to sloping topline. Good forward reach and powerful rear movement. Her movement reminded me very much of her very successful GrandMa Ch Khanate Million Dollar Baby. BCC, Best of Breed. 2. Mrs J Watson’s Ch Jalero Miss Iowher. P/S. A very successful girl with obviously a lot to like. Excellent harsh coat and presentation, well handled to get the most out her. Again a free lead to show off her powerful balanced movement. Well boned, good depth of chest and balanced angulation.

VB. No Entries